Tendown. Nov 15, 2015: TwoHundredDown!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hey, It's Tendown 200.

Tendown, my look at the previous week in culture/politics/sports basically whatever is on my mind, started 6 years ago.  This is the 200th edition.  I used to write; now, as you see, I do not.

I tweet a lot, for what that's worth.  The world moves on.

Here's 1-50.

Here's 51-100.

101. Jerry Sandusky.

102. Paul Ryan Doesn't Know What Moral Relativism Means.

103. The Bush Tax Cuts Weren't Good.

104. Remember How Newt Was Going to Be the Nominee?

105. David Frum Turns on his Own.

106. Back When I Was Looking for a Job in Alabama

107. Tebow.

108. Top 5 Williams's - just this week I tweeted Top 5 Baileys, see I do still write, it's just on twitter.

109. I Had 4 Jobs. Which Was Not Enough Jobs.

110. We Beat the Saints.

111. We Went to the NFC Championship.

112. We lost. But it'll be okay. We'll be back.

113. I Picked the Super Bowl Incorrectly.

114. Remember when I didn't have health insurance?

115. Freddie Solomon and Gary Carter Died the same week.

116. I really wanted to talk about Santorum.

117. Charlie Pierce Understands What the PED Thing is About.

118. Magic v. Bird on Broadway.

119. Remember When We Almost Signed Peyton Manning?

120. Atheist Rally!

121. Mad Men Talk.

122. Easter. So I Go After Christians.

123. I Didn't Get the Job I Wanted.

124. The Start of the 2012 Baseball Season...I Was Optimistic.

125. Someone Was Right About AJ Jenkins.

126. After a 15 Hour Day I Got Locked in the Garage.

127. I Got A Job. Whew.

128. Citizens United.

129. I'm 500 Months!

130. Obama's Kill List.

131. Lonely Virgil.

132. Cain

133. Im in Phoenix

134. Obamacare upheld.

135. I'm In Utah.

136. 2012 Olympic Team vs. The Dream Team.

137. Octoloan

138. Hitler wine.

139. Eastwood talks to a chair.

140. The Best Law Review Article Ever.

141. 47%

142. Hey, my team's still playing baseball in October.

143. World Champion Giants

144. 2012 election results

145. It's hot.

146. Bob Costas Sucks.

147. Year End 2012, my Favorite Year.

148. Profits up. But not Wages.

149. I've Been Telling You About Lance Armstrong for years.

150. Remember How My Team Played in the Super Bowl?

So, I didn't need to redo all those links.  They're in Tendown 150.  Irritating.

151. We lost the Super Bowl. But we'll be back. Right?

152. I Wrote a Widely Read Piece That Sort of Sucked, Honestly.

153. A Good Piece About Jennifer Lawrence

154. Step on Jesus.

155. Ebert Dies.

156. Boston bombing.  Tendown Dies.

157. Tendown Returns (just without the writing part)

158. My HOF Ballot.

159. We Hired Tomsula?

160. The Warriors Are Killing It.

161. Watch Some Super Bowl 24 Clips.

162. Seattle lost the Super Bowl.

163. Jon Stewart's Quitting.

164. SNL 40.

165. 30 Survivors vs. 30 Real Worlds v. 30 Wrestlemanias

166. Willis Retires. Gore Leaves.

167. Wrestling Isn't Wrestling...I mean, it is, but it's worth watching anyway.

168. Let's Revisit the End of the 2014 Series.

169. Watch this Steph Curry play.

170. A new National holiday.

171. Remember Lawrence Phillips?

172. Bonds Wins Appeal

173. Remember the baseball game without fans?

174. Paying for Patriotism

175. Letterman.

176. Mad Men

177. Western Conference Champion  Warriors

178. Caitlyn Jenner

179. Another no hitter

180. World Champion Warriors

181. We killed the Confederate Flag.

182. I go to baseball. We lose.

183. Jeb Tells You to Work Harder.

184. Bloom County came back.

185. Brooke Hogan's Poem.

186. Manute Bol's son.

187. Jon Stewart Stops.

188. Why Does Jeb Have a Black hand?

189. The 200 Best Songs from the 80s.

190. The Kelly Clarkson Covers.

191. Let Ted Cruz Pass!

192. Republicans Are Cool with a Coup

193. Hollywood's Favorite Shows

194. A Shooting. Hard to Remember Which.

195. Animals Have Inner Lives. Unlike Fetuses.

196. Speidi

197. #Benghazi

198. They Killed Grantland

199. Warriors/Clippers History.

And here's the piece about 9-11 you'll go read for this issue, Tendown 200

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