2013 NFL Playoff Predictions - Divisional Round

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last week is here I was 3-0-1 ATS, 1-3 SU.

(4-0 SU, 2-2 ATS for this round)

Uncomplicated for me this week - I'm taking all favorites to win outright, and 3 of the dogs to cover. If there's an outright upset, I think it's the Colts.

Colts +7 NE
SD +9.5 Denver

I'm not giving a touchdown in a playoff game this year; it's too easy to score.  Didn't I just see the Chargers beat Denver outright?  I've seen both of these lines a half point higher, but at the time of this writing, these are the lines, and that's to where I turn (the Supercontest lines being the exception) and I'd like another half point on that Colt game, but nonetheless the picks stand.

Seriously, didn't the Chargers just go into Denver and beat the Broncos?  Am I making that up?

I'll take both favorites to win the games, giving us Pats at Broncos for the right to lose this year's Super Bowl.

NO +7.5 Sea
Niners -1 Carol

For several weeks, this looked like an unlikely situation for my Niners, a divisional round that wasn't in Seattle - somehow, it worked out (we haven't lost a game since Crabtree returned, maybe that's why) and that's all I need to see us advancing here (I don't think the Panthers have enough offense to beat us). More than a touchdown for the Saints?  Yeah, I'll do that.  They might lose 27-3, but I'm not giving more than a touchdown.  If I go 3-1 ATS and that's the one I lose, I'll take it.

Favorites win the games, setting up Super Bowl 47.5 next week in Seattle.

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