#FarewellCandlestick: The 100 Greatest Moments in Candlestick Park History #55

Monday, November 4, 2013

#56 is here.

#55 September 30, 1982 The Pruitt Game

There used to be pennant races (ask your dad) but we traded them for an extra dozen playoff games that leave the World Series feeling like the MLB Finals.  Then, when the ratings drop, we ask "what additional changes need to be made?" Which sounds like every place I've ever worked.  Chasing one change with another change, unaware it's the first change that was the problem.

The Giants were down 9 on September 3 but came into this game down only 2 with 4 games left in the season.

The Giants were down 5-0 in the 7th (that's a win expectancy of 2% - it's later than you think) needing a win to keep the season alive.

5 singles - the last three (Max Venable, Joe Morgan, Jack Clark) with two out, scored three runs to cut it to 5-3. The Giants tied it in the 8th, Venable again with a two out run scoring single.

Future Giant Harry Spilman homered off Rich Gale in the 9th to put Houston up 6-5.

With one on and two out in the bottom of the 9th, Jeff Leonard singled; Jim Wohlford walked to load the bases, and Ron Pruitt (who finished his Giants career with a total of two hits) pinch singled home two runs to give San Francisco a 7-6 win over Houston and cut the division lead to 1 game with 3 left.

#54 is tomorrow.

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