The San Francisco 49ers in NFC Championship Games

Thursday, January 16, 2014

That piece is here.

2014 NBA All Star Ballot

The first build is here.

This is the final build, using Win Shares, PER, WARP.

C A.Drummond
PF C.Anthony
SF L.James
PG K.Lowry
SG D.Wade

C J.Noah
PF PMillsap
SF P.George
PG J.Wall
SG A.Afflalo

C A.Horford
PG K.Irving

C A.Davis
PF K.Love
SF K.Durant MVP
PG C.Paul
SG J.Harden

C D.Cousins
PF B.Griffin
SF N.Batum
PG S.Curry
SG G.Dragic

PF D.Nowtizki
PG D. Lillard

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