The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round Two, Group 3)

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Last group

8 teams are in the round of 32, 2 Reds squads and then 6 other organizations. 

3. 1909 Cubs (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
62. 1903 Pirates (lost WS)

-there's already both turn of the century Cubs and Pirates teams in the field, one of them is about to get a buddy. 

Catcher: Archer (26) v. Phelps (24) Winner: Pit-Phelps
First Base: Chance (32) v. Bransfield (28) Winner: Chi-Chance
Second Base: Evers (27) v. Ritchey (29) Winner: Pit-Ritchey
Shortstop: Tinker (28) v. Wagner (29) Winner: Pit-Wagner
Third Base: Steinfeldt (33) v. Leach (25) Winner: Push
Left Field: Sheckard (30) v. Clarke (30) Winner: Pit-Clarke
Center Field: Hofman (26) v. Beaumont (26) Winner: Chi-Hofman
Right Field: Schulte (26) v. Sebring (21) Winner: Pit-Sebring
SP1: Brown (32) v. Phillippe (31) Winner: Chi-Brown
SP2: Overall (28) v. Leever (33) Winner: Chi-Overall
SP3: Reulbach (26) v. Doheny (29) Winner: Chi-Reulbach
Closer: Hagerman (23) v. Veil (21) Winner: Chi-Hagerman
Team Offense: Pit
Team Pitching: Chi

Cubs 8 Pirates 7 - Cubs arms overcome the Pirate bats and move on.  

99. 1920 Dodgers (Robins) (lost WS)
35. 2011 Phillies (lost NLDS)

-Dodgers and Phillies both looking for their first entrant into the next round.  

Catcher: Miller (31) v. Ruiz (32) Winner: Phi-Ruiz
First Base: Konetchy (34) v. Howard (31) Winner: Phi-Howard
Second Base: Kilduff (27) v. Utley (24) Winner: Phi-Utley
Shortstop: Olson (34) v. Rollins (32) Winner: Phi-Rollins
Third Base: Johnston (30) v. Polanco (35) Winner: Push
Left Field: Wheat (32) v. Ibanez (39) Winner: Brook-Wheat
Center Field: Myers (31) v. Victorino (30) Winner: Phi-Victorino
Right Field: Griffith (30) v. Pence (28) Winner: Phi-Pence
SP1: Grimes (26) v. Halladay (34) Winner: Phi-Halladay
SP2: Cadore (28) v. Lee (32) Winner: Phi-Lee
SP3: Pfeffer (32) v. Hamels (27) Winner: Phi-Hamels
Closer: Mamaux (26) v. Madson (30) Winner: Brook-Mamaux
Team Offense: Push
Team Pitching: Phi

Philadelphia 11 Brooklyn 2 - oof, the Phillies bust these boys up and move onto the next round.

115. 2013 Braves (lost NLDS)
51. 2018 Dodgers (lost WS)

-how about two 21st century clubs going at it?  Braves looking for their second entrant into the next round; Dodgers still looking for their first. 

Catcher: McCann (29) v. Grandal (27) Winner: LAD-Grandal
First Base: Freeman (33) v. Bellinger (22) Winner: Atl-Freeman
Second Base: Uggla (33) v. Forsythe (31) Winner: Atl-Uggla
Shortstop: Simmons (23) v. Machado (25) Winner: Atl-Simmons
Third Base: Johnson (28) v. Turner (33) Winner: LAD-Turner
Left Field: Upton (25) v. Pederson (26) Winner: Atl-Upton
Center Field: Upton (28) v. Taylor (27) Winner: LAD-Taylor
Right Field: Heyward (23) v. Puig (27) Winner: Atl-Heyward
SP1: Minor (25) v. Kershaw (30) Winner: LAD-Kershaw
SP2: Medlen (27) v. Wood (27) Winner: Atl-Medlen
SP3: Teheran (22) v. Buehler (23) Winner: LAD-Buehler
Closer: Kimbrel (25) v. Jansen (30) Winner: Atl-Kimbrel
Team Offense: LAD
Team Pitching: Atl

Atlanta 9 Dodgers 7 - woooo, boy, look at this - a 115 seed has made the final 32, the Braves put a second team into the Round of 32 and the Dodgers have failed in four attempts.  

19. 1998 Braves (lost NLCS)
83. 1977 Phillies (lost NLCS)

-the '97 Braves have already advanced, if this '98 club can join them, they'll play the 2013 Braves. 
Catcher: Lopez (27) v. Boone (29) Winner: Atl-Lopez
First Base: Galarraga (37) v. Hebner (19) Winner: Atl-Galarraga
Second Base: Graffanino (26) v. Sizemore (32) Winner: Phi-Sizemore
Shortstop: Weiss (34) v. Bowa (31) Winner: Phi-Bowa
Third Base: Jones (26) v. Schmidt (27) Winner: Phi-Schmidt
Left Field: Klesko (27) v. Luzinski (26) Winner: Phi-Luzinski
Center Field: Jones (21) v. Maddox (27) Winner: Atl-Jones
Right Field: Tucker (27) v. Johnstone (31) Winner: Phi-Johnstone
SP1: Maddux (32) v. Carlton (32) Winner: Atl-Maddux
SP2: Glavine (32) v. Christenson (23) Winner: Atl-Glavine
SP3: Neagle (29) v. Lerch (22) Winner: Atl-Neagle
Closer: Ligtenberg (27) v. Garber (29) Winner: Phi-Garber
Team Offense: Atl
Team Pitching: Atl

Atlanta 10 Philadelphia 6 - tied going into the totals, and the Phils nearly forced the tiebreak by taking the hitting - but they fell short and the Braves put their third team into the Round of 32.  

The next time we see this group...

3. 1909 Cubs (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
35. 2011 Phillies (lost NLDS)

115. 2013 Braves (lost NLDS)
19. 1998 Braves (lost NLCS)

When we return it's with the group loaded with upsets, AL Group 4 - their top remaining seed, the 1917 White Sox.

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