Forever Giants: 1894 New York Giants(Year 12)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

1893 is here.

My WAR calculation is a combination of Baseball-reference and Clay Davenport; I believe it to be the "best" WAR number available for historical comparison. 8 WAR is an MVP quality season.  The record is pythagorean adjusted for 162 games.

1894 94-68
C Duke Farrell 2.55
1B Jack Doyle 4.5
2B Monte Ward -.9 (17.7) LAST SEASON
SS Shorty Fuller .15 
3B George Davis 5.25 
LF Eddie Burke -.8 
CF George Van Haltren .95
RF Mike Tiernan .4 
Uti Yale Murphy -.1
Uti Parke Wilson .45
1B Roger Connor .55 (60.9) LAST SEASON
P Amos Rusie MVPQ 11.15 
P Jouett Meekin MVPQ 8.55
P Les German .1
P Huyler Westervelt .45

Best Giants season of the decade, with two great pitching performances, by Meekin and Rusie, whose year is the new best Giants season ever.  Connor and Ward, the last connections to the original Giants of '83, finish their Giants careers, Connor leaving as the greatest ever Giant.  Through 2016, he's still in the all time top 10 Giants WAR.  Ewing/Connor/Ward/Welch were all part of that original '83 roster, Keefe joined two years later.  All gone as of the end of '94.  

I Pick Football Games, Week 11 2014

Last week was here.

Wake +16.5 NC St. loss 
WKU -10 Army win 
Neb +6.5 Wisc loss 
Tenn -8.5 UK win
Geo Tech +3.5 Clem win
Nev +2 AForce loss 
Utah +7.5 Stan win
LSU +2 Ark loss
Aub +2.5 Geo loss
FIU +5 Mid Ten win
Missouri +4.5 A&M win 
ULMonroe +6.5 ULL loss 
Ariz St -9.5 Ore St. loss


Tenn +6 Pitt win
Wash -7.5 TB loss
Carol -2 Atl loss
Det +2.5 Ariz loss
Niners -3.5 NYG win


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