Tendown. Nov 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

200, which will take you to all 200 Tensdown, is here.

This is 201.

1. 100 Years of Solitude (actually, tax brackets)
2. Not the Cook's Kitchen Guy!
3. The Media Wants Their War.

They don't want to be the ones to go kill and die, but whatever.

Contrast the "stuff happens" response to school shootings in this country from the "there are terrorist attacks somewhere and now everyone needs to die" post-Paris reaction.

This is the problem with not having a national reconciliation about our post 9-11 failures; those responsible for Iraq didn't do apology tours - and here we are.  Half their day is spent cutting government to the bone so the quality of your life diminishes year after year and the other half is spent saying whatever the price is we must pay it to go kill brown people in the middle east.  Throw in god and guns and some "do whatever a cop says always/the President is a Muslim socialist tyrant" chatter and that's every Republican you know.

They've gotten more votes in exactly one Presidential election since 1989.  But we have to pretend that we're basically a conservative country.  About a quarter of the people in the US don't recognize they're just meat shields for millionaires and billionaires.

You want my solution?

No more states.  Do away with all of them.  End federalism.  There are more of us than them. One person-one vote.  Does that mean people in New York get to tell people in South Carolina they can't run abortion clinics out of business and that more money needs to be pumped into their schools?

Yes, yes it does.

4. What's the matter with all the Kansases.

5. I'm Pretty Close to Michelle Goldberg On This Issue

Weirds me out to be on anyone's right, but part of the lefty starter kit is a belief that the Nazis should have been allowed to march in Skokie in '77.  That allowing speech is a cornerstone of a free society.  My guess is a Nazi march three decades after the Holocaust was more triggering than a Halloween costume related email at Yale.

For example, this.

6. Every Week Until he Stops - Vote for Bernie Sanders.

7. Do We Have Sleeper Cells? Yeah - They're Run by the Koch Brothers.

8. Check Out Some War Porn.

Actually, I really like the idea of a 7% payroll tax.  We should make the financial costs of war more overt.  Okay, you really want a war - give the military this much.  Then let's see how much war cheerleading there is. Let's take a national vote.

And Proverbial Strong Horse is a good fantasy football name.

9. Whatever We Have to Do To Stop Terrorism! Enough Worrying About Rights! Except This, Obviously.

10. (the Warriors are 14-0)

And one more..

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  If there is a next time...

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