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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prime 9 - Second Basemen. The 9 Greatest Second Basemen of All Time

MLB has a Prime 9 series in which it ranks the top 9 players at each position.  Second base was today.  Here's my list in comparison to that list. My ranking of the 200 greatest players in history is here.

MLB Network List:

1. Hornsby
2. Collins
3. Morgan
4. Lajoie
5. Carew
6. Gehringer
7. Alomar
8. Sandberg
9. Grich

-I was prepared to yell about Grich not being included - and then he led off the show.  They set a 1000 game minimum for positional inclusion, which is reasonable and why Robinson isn't on the list.  Here's my list.

1. Hornsby
2. Lajoie
3. Collins
4. Morgan

I don't think it's particularly close between Hornsby and the other three (his OPS+ was 175) where it's really not close is between these four and everyone else; I don't know if anyone has anyone else in a top four second basemen ever group.

5. Robinson
6. Grich
7. Gehringer
8. Carew
9. Gordon

If I had the same 1000 games played positional rule, my guy Kent would be number nine and everyone would slide up one to take Jackie's slot.