August 24 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What is this all about?


Here are the top 5 August 24 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

Walk off 1963 home vs. Reds, we're 6.5 out, so still have a chance of making a run in September, 3-3, bases loaded, 2 out in the bottom of the 12th, Chuck Hiller singles home the winning run off of Al Worthington. Let's take a look at the career Giants OPS+ and PA of every starting second baseman.

O'Connell 82, 839
Spencer 85, 2846
Blasingame 71, 586
Amalfitano 76, 976
Hiller 70, 1650
Lanier 50, 3743 (you cannot, just, it is malpractice to give 3700 PA to someone with a 50 OPS+)
Fuentes 80, 4183
Hunt 103, 1661
Thomas 91, 1492
Perez 81, 375
Andrews 74, 873
Madlock 120, 1364 (it took us 20 years, but we finally got a second baseman who could hit)
Strain 71, 492
Stennett 64, 517
Morgan 128, 932 (he's 37-38 years old, and the best bat at second we had to that point)
Wellman 59, 706
Trillo 74, 942
Thompson 105, 5235
Patterson 58, 452
Scarsone 88, 810
Kent 136, 3903 (Kent mashed)
Durham 105, 2958
Burriss 57, 801
Sanchez 98, 847
Theriot 83, 384
Scutaro 119, 828
Panik 102, 1687

1968 at Los Angeles, 13 games out of first, so playing out the string, Ray Sadecki throws a complete game, striking out 11.  The big shot comes in the 5th, down 3-2, Ty Cline hits a 3 run homer off Don Drysdale, we're gonna win this one 9-7. We bought Cline from the Braves during the '67 season, he hit okay, enough that this year we made him our starting left fielder and he was an unmitigated disaster, with a 58 OPS+ in 310 PA.  The Expos took him (thanks, Expos) in the expansion draft following the season, and he finished his career in Cincinnati in '71.

Walk off 1983 home vs. Phillies, we're 15.5 out, Steve Carlton throws a complete game here, it's 3-3 in the 9th and Joel Youngblood hits a 2 run homer and we win this 5-3.  Lefty Carlton is a Hall of Famer and Joel Youngblood was a guy with 80 career homers - but he hit 5 against Steve Carlton. Youngblood was 27 of 82 (.329) career against Lefty with an .887 OPS.

1984 at New York, we're 24.5 out headed to a Friday doubleheader at Shea, down 6-4 in the 8th Bob Brenly hit s 3 run homer off Jesse Orosco, we win this one 7-6. This was Brenly's second homer of the game, he hit a 2 run shot in the 6th off Ron Darling. These were the 27th-28th homers of his career.  This was a hot month for Brenly, he hit 8 (and only had 91 in his career, so this was a big month).  In fact, forget the whole month - Brenly hit 6 homers in 9 days.  Against John Denny on the 20th, these two against the Mets, the next day he hits another against the Mets, off of Bruce Berenyi, then two against the Expos on the 28th and 29th.

1995 at Montreal, we're 8.5 out and still, maybe, just maybe in the race, down 3-2 in the 8th, Glenallen Hill hits a three run double off of Mel Rojas, we win this one 5-3. 3 seasons as a Giant for Hill, a 109 OPS+.  You know who Hill would rake?  Denny Naegle.  7 career homers in 32 AB, a near 1.500 OPS. He was less prolific against Chuck Finley, 4 hits in 29 at bats.     

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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