AL Division Series Predictions

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sure, I hit on both Wild Card games, but who's counting?

Toronto v. Texas

The best team in baseball in 2015 is Toronto, they're the only club with a 100+ win pythagorean record and most of that occurred without Tulowitzki or Price.  They walk, they don't strike out, they mash both righties and lefties, they've got the best four position players and the best pitcher based on their 2015 numbers; it would be a sizeable upset if they lost this series.

Kansas City v. Houston

The Astros were slightly better in the regular season (3 pythagorean win advantage); this years version of last years pennant winners hits a little better, doesn't strike out much, makes good contact which is a significant plus when trying to go deep in the tournament. The big advantage in the series is the Royals pen, and given that Keuchel can't go until Game 3, what would be Houston's biggest advantage, having the best starting pitcher (but isn't Cueto better?  yeah, not this year) is mitigated.

I'd like to see Houston win - they're Team Metric and I'm digging their young talent, but you take the Royals ability to make contact, add their pen, and subtract a fully ready to go Keuchel and I have to say its the Royals.

As mentioned before the Wild Card game, the Jays are the best team in baseball and regardless of matchup, they're my pick to win the pennant.

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