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Friday, June 17, 2011

All Time Chicago Bears 45 Man Roster

Part of a series.  Previous post is here. Updated through the 2012 season.

QB Jim McMahon
      QB Sid Luckman
      QB Jim Harbaugh
RB Walter Payton
RB Gale Sayers
      RB Rick Casares
      RB Neal Anderson
WR Harlon Hill
WR Johnny Morris
      WR Devin Hester
      WR Curtis Conway
TE Mike Ditka
      TE Emery Moorehead
C Ollie Kreutz
G Mark Bortz
G Stan Jones
T Keith Van Horne
T George Connor
   OL George Musso
   OL Jay Hilgenberg
   OL Joe Stydahar

DE Doug Atkins
DT Steve McMichael
DE Richard Dent
    DL Dan Hampton
    DL Fred Williams
    DL Mike Hartenstine
    DL Jim Osborne
OLB Joe Fortunato
ILB Bill George
ILB Mike Singletary
OLB Lance Briggs
   LB Brian Urlacher
   LB Dick Butkus
   LB Doug Buffone
CB Bennie McRae
S Richie Petitbon
S Gary Fencik
CB Charles Tillman
    DB Rosey Taylor
    DB Dave Duerson
    DB Mike Brown
    DB Mark Carrier
PK Robbie Gould
P Brad Maynard

QB - Fundamentally, my view is we overrate players from all previous generations, viewing them through a nostalgic prism; if I have to err, I do so on the side of today.  This is particularly so when we start seeing leather helmets.  Luckman makes this team (in a noncompetitive field) but doesn't start. Cutler is probably on the roster after 2013.

DL - How about Dan Hampton being a rotation guy in the all time Bear defensive line?  That's a good line.  

LB - No, Dick Butkus does not start for the all time Bears team.  No, he doesn't.  He's behind two other HOF'ers and Urlacher will be there one day also.  4 HOF middle linebackers.

K Gould makes the team after 2012.