I Pick College Football Games - Week 6, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Here's last week.

I'm 16-26-2.  This is poor.

Oklahoma St. v. La/La under 62 (loss)
Arizona St. +1.5 Washington (win)
Arizona St. v. Washington under 59 (win)
Army +1 Tulane (win)
ECarolina +8 SMiss (win)
Fres St -10 Hawaii (loss)
LSU +7 Florida (win)
Mich v. Mich St. under 66 (win)
TTech -1 Baylor (win)
Minnesota +22 Wisconsin (win)

Better.  8-2, 24-28-2

14 strikeouts

It wasn't a no hitter.


Cain Friday.

We led the major leagues for the first time in SFG history in batting average against (.236); we led the NL in batting average against with runners in scoring position and runners in scoring position with two outs.

We're on this.

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