The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round Two, Group 5)

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Last group

Half the AL Round of 32 is set:

6 Yankees
2 Orioles
2 Red Sox
2 White Sox
1 A's
1 Jays
1 Mariners
1 Astros

5. 2018 Astros (lost ALCS)
69. 1997 Yankees (World Champions)

-The 2017 are moving forward, will the subsequent team join them?

Catcher: Stassi (27) v. Girardi (32) Winner: Astros-Stassi
First Base: Gurriel (34) v. Martinez (29) Winner: NYY-Martinez
Second Base: Altuve (28) v. Sojo (32) Winner: Astros-Altuve
Shortstop: Correa (23) v. Jeter (23) Winner: NYY-Jeter
Third Base: Bregman (24) v. Hayes (32) Winner: Astros-Bregman
Left Field: Gonzalez (29) v. Raines (37) Winner: Astros-Gonzalez
Center Field: Marisnick (27) v. Williams (28) Winner: Astros-Marisnick
Right Field: Reddick (31) v. O'Neill (34) Winner: NYY-O'Neill
DH: Gattis (31) v. Fielder (33) Winner: NYY-Fielder
SP1: Verlander (35) v. Pettitte (25) Winner: NYY-Pettitte
SP2: Keuchel (30) v. Wells (34) Winner: NYY-Wells
SP3: Cole (27) v. Cone (34) Winner: Push
Closer: Rondon (30) v. Rivera (27) Winner: NYY-Rivera
Team Offense: Astros
Team Pitching: Astros

Astros 9 Yankees 7 - The Astros didn't win any of the individual pitching matchups, but they edged NYY for the total and when you add that to the offensive advantage they move into the Round of 32.

28. 1995 Indians (lost WS)
37. 1938 Yankees (World Champions)

-Indians looking for their first entrant in the next round; three 1930s Yankee teams have advanced already.  

Catcher: Pena (38) v. Dickey (31) Winner: NYY-Dickey
First Base: Sorrento (29) v. Gehrig (35) Winner: NYY-Gehrig
Second Base: Baerga (26) v. Gordon (23) Winner: NYY-Gordon
Shortstop: Vizquel (28) v. Crosetti (27) Winner: NYY-Crosetti
Third Base: Thome (24) v. Rolfe (29) Winner: Cleve-Thome
Left Field: Belle (28) v. Selkirk (30) Winner: Cleve-Belle
Center Field: Lofton (28) v. DiMaggio (23) Winner: NYY-DiMaggio
Right Field: Ramirez (23) v. Henrich (25) Winner: Push
DH: Murray (39) v. Hoag (30) Winner: Cleve-Murray
SP1: Martinez (41) v. Ruffing (33) Winner: NYY-Ruffing
SP2: Nagy (28) v. Gomez (29) Winner: NYY-Gomez
SP3: Hershiser (36) v. Pearson (29) Winner: Cleve-Hershiser
Closer: Mesa (29) v. Murphy (29) Winner: Cleve-Mesa
Team Offense: Yankees
Team Pitching: Indians

Yankees 9 Indians 7 - that Yankee infield was just too much, Cleveland won the last two pitching matchups and the overall pitching, but it wasn't enough and NYY moves their 7th team into the Round of 32.  

117. 1980 Orioles (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)
53. 1921 Yankees (lost WS)

-Either the third Orioles club or the 8th Yankee squad is moving on.  

Catcher: Dempsey (30) v. Schang (31) Winner: Push
First Base: Murray (24) v. Pipp (28) Winner: Orioles-Murray
Second Base: Dauer (27) v. Ward (24) Winner: Yankees-Dauer
Shortstop: Belanger (36) v. Peckinpaugh (30) Winner: Yankees-Peckinpaugh
Third Base: DeCinces (29) v. Baker (35) Winner: Orioles-DeCinces
Left Field: Lowenstein (33) v. Ruth (26) Winner: Yankees-Ruth
Center Field: Bumbry (33) v. Mitchell (26) Winner: Orioles-Bumbry
Right Field: Singleton (33) v. Meusel (24) Winner: Yankees-Meusel
DH: Crowley (33) v. Fewster (25) Winner: Orioles-Crowley
SP1: McGregor (26) v. Mays (29) Winner: Yankees-Mays
SP2: Flanagan (28) v. Hoyt (21) Winner: Yankees-Hoyt
SP3: Stone (32) v. Shawkey (30) Winner: Orioles-Stone
Closer: Stoddard (27) v. Quinn (37) Winner: Orioles-Stoddard
Team Offense: Yankees
Team Pitching: Orioles

Orioles 9 Yankees 8 - closest matchup in the tournament to date; the tiebreaker was within the margin of error, we are talking a % point win for the Orioles.  You want two dead even teams?  Here you go.

108. 1964 Yankees (lost WS)
44.  1934 Tigers (lost WS)

-it's either the 8th Yankee team or the first Detroit representative into the next round.

Catcher: Howard (35) v. Cochrane (31) Winner: Yankees-Howard
First Base: Pepitone (23) v. Greenberg (23) Winner: Tigers-Greenberg
Second Base: Richardson (28) v. Gehringer (31) Winner: Tigers-Gehringer
Shortstop: Kubek (28) v. Rogell (28) Winner: Tigers-Rogell
Third Base: Boyer (27) v. Owen (28) Winner: Tigers-Owen
Left Field: Tresh (25) v. Goslin (33) Winner: Tigers-Goslin
Center Field: Mantle (32) v. White (25) Winner: Yankees-Mantle
Right Field: Maris (29) v. Fox (25) Winner: Yankees-Maris
SP1: Bouton (25) v. Bridges (27) Winner: Tigers-Bridges
SP2: Downing (23) v. Rowe (24) Winner: Tigers-Rowe
SP3: Ford (35) v. Marberry (35) Winner: Yankees-Ford
Closer: Mikkelson (24) v. Auker (23) Winner:Tigers-Auker
Team Offense: Tigers
Team Pitching: Yankees

Tigers 10 Yankees 6 - Detroit really dominates the matchups and cruise into the next round.

Next time we see group 5...

5. 2018 Astros (lost ALCS)
37. 1938 Yankees (World Champions)

117. 1980 Orioles (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)
44.  1934 Tigers (lost WS)

Next time I'm back, it's NL Group 5...led by the 1942 St Louis Cardinals

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