The 100 Best Players in Basketball History, Part 3

Monday, May 13, 2013

The previous installment is here.

We hit the top 100 for career value.  Here’s the first ten.

100.Andre Miller 97.95 PG 1178 .083
He’ll be below Worthy and above Dumars.  Below Lewis…the career value is enough to put him above Marques Johnson.

99.   Terry Cummings 98.12 PF 1293 .076
Below PJ Brown…but ahead of the guards that come next.

98.   Hersey Hawkins 98.22 SG 1057 .093
Look at the solid per game value on Hawkins, he’s going to rank high.  Between Sharman and McAdoo?  Let’s put him there.

97.   Sidney Moncrief 98.27 SG 860 .114
-Do we have a new leader?  Moncrief gets by Bosh…but not Johnston, that per game value is really very far above any of the other contenders. 

96.   Shawn Kemp 99.01 PF 1139 .087
Below McAdoo…ahead of Jones.

95. Lenny Wilkens 99.83 PG 1141 .087
You would not have guessed that the career most similar to Lenny Wilkens was the Rainman.

94.   Mark Jackson 100.08 PG 1427 .070
The first hundred win player…ahead of Cassell , ahead of Cummings…that’s it.

93.   Bob Cousy 100.71 PG 1033 .097
On this page, not as good as Moncrief.  Sorry Celtics fans.  Below Bosh too; fourth overall.

92. Charles Oakley 100.88 PF 1426 .071
Right above Cummings in that run of power forwards. 

91.   Tony Parker 102.2 PG 1045 .098
If Parker quits right now, before Game 5 in the Warriors series, he and Cousy will have had almost identical careers.

60 players down.  90 left.  Here’s where we stand.

1.       Neil Johnston
2.       Sidney Moncrief
3.       Chris Bosh
4.       Tony Parker
5.       Bob Cousy
6.       Dave Cowens
7.       Amare Stoudemire
8.       Alonzo Mourning
9.       Vern Mikkelson
10.   Bill Sharman
11.   Hersey Hawkins
12.   Bob McAdoo
13.   Lenny Wilkens
14.   Shawn Kemp
15.   Jimmy Jones
16.   Cliff Hagan
17.   Anthony Mason
18.   Chris Mullin
19.   James Worthy
20.   Rashard Lewis
21.   Andre Miller
22.   Marques Johnson
23.   Bobby Dandridge
24.   Chris Webber
25.   Harry Gallatin
26.   Peja Stojakovic
27.   Joe Dumars
28.   Dale Davis
29.   PJ Brown
30.   Mark Jackson
31.   Charles Oakley
32.   Terry Cummings
33.   Sam Cassell
34.   Isiah Thomas
35.   Steve Smith
36.   Glen Rice
37.   Tim Hardaway
38.   Tiny Archibald
39.   Dennis Johnson
40.   Antawn Jamison
41.   Lou Hudson
42.   Dan Majerle
43.   Cedric Maxwell
44.   Michael Finley
45.   Derek Harper
46.   Calvin Murphy
47.   Marcus Camby
48.   George McGinnis
49.   Rod Strickland
50.   Lamar Odom
51.   Earl Monroe
52.   Nate Thurmond
53.   Cliff Robinson
54.   Byron Scott
55.   Dale Ellis
56.   Don Nelson
57.   Gail Goodrich
58.   Paul Silas
59.   Tom Chambers
60.   Kevin Willis



2013 MLB All Stars - At the Quarter Pole

Current All Star Starters+top reserves. I'll do this again at the 60 game mark and then do my full rosters, starters/reserves, at 80 games.

C JMauer, CSantana
1B CDavis, JLoney
2B IKinsler, RCano
SS JPeralta JLowrie
3B ELongoria MMachado
LF VWells, MTrout
CF CCrisp, MSaunders
RF SVictorino, RRaburn
P CBuchholz, FHernandez,

C BPosey, RMartin
1B PGoldschmidt, JVotto
2B CUtley, MCarpenter
SS JSegura, TTulowitzki
3B DWright, CHeadley
LF SMarte, JUpton
CF CGomez, DFowler
RF GParra, HPence
P MHarvey, CKershaw

MLB Playoff Predictions - At the Quarter Pole

We're 40 games in (38 for SFG, actually, but today's a good day to do this) time for our first look at the season.

Here are the updated picks.

AL East

AL Central
Detroit (best record)

AL West

WC - Tampa, Boston

NL East

NL Central
Cincinnati (best record)

NL West

WC - St Louis, Wash

I picked Tigers/Reds before the season, no reason to move from that.

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