World Series Pick

Monday, October 26, 2015

Royals.  I guess.  Whatever.

Look - I missed both of the championship series; I had the Jays winning the whole thing coming into the postseason and I didn't even have the Mets making the playoffs as late as Labor Day.  I'm the wrong guy this year to listen to about who is coming out on top.

I'm taking, in the narrowest way, the Royals.  Two reasons - their ability to make contact aids in minimizing the Mets young power rotation and they have an advantage with back of the pen power arms.

They also have a terrible manager and if that costs them a "tied on all sides" series, that wouldn't surprise.

I guess I'm rooting for the Mets; I'm a blue state National League fan - and having spent several years in the midwest (including a tiny amount of time in Kansas City) I don't really want to align with whatever midwestern jealousy/anti-Semitism/anti-multiculturalism sentiment still exists that manifests in a weird dislike of NYC.

I assume that's lessened over the past couple of decades, but (and this was particularly true in Kansas City) I had multiple experiences of being in a conversation in which, seemingly out of nowhere, a real animus toward NY was expressed.

Fortunately, that tension between the coasts and the flyover states has really reduced to nothing.

Or the opposite of that.

Either way.  I'm gonna lean, slightly, to the Royals and root, slightly, for the Mets and I can't claim to care all that much because I've won three titles since 2010.

Oh, and the Warriors.  That too.  Raining titles this decade.  Once Harbaugh comes back to run the Niners, everything's gonna be sweet.

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