2007 NBA Draft Recap

Monday, June 30, 2014

I do recaps of old NBA drafts when they air on NBA TV.  Here's 2007.

Portland takes Oden within seconds of the telecast’s beginning – just ripping the band aid right off those poor Portland fans.  Lot of high fives in the Blazer war room by people who should never make any decisions ever again.

2007-2014 Win Shares
Durant 100.7
Oden .6

Al Horford goes third, Mike Tirico comments that his back to back NCAA Champion Gator teammates Noah and Brewer will go soon.

2007-14 Win Shares
Horford 49.6
Noah 55.6
Brewer 13.9

Noah’s been better, but not by as much as you thought and the jury is still out.  

Mike Conley was a ball boy for the ’94 Razorback team that won the title, they’re best NBA player was Corliss Williamson, his last season in the association had just ended before this draft

Win Shares through 2014
Williamson 36.5
Conley 44.2

Conley’s now passed that entire squad – cumulatively, I feel confident. 

Jeff Green, drafted by a Celtics team that immediately traded him and would then subsequently get him back, goes next.  Yi Jianlian is next – not every Chinese player turned out to be Yao Ming. 

Career Win Shares
Yao 69.1
Yi 3.1

Corey Brewer’s next; then Brandan Wright, who Jay Bilas says was a “steal” at number 8. 

Win Shares Through 2014:

More than Brewer, I guess, so Bilas was onto something.

Noah’s next, with his hair and bowtie – his grandfather in attendance, he has Yannick’s dreadlocked hair.  Stu Scott reveals Bumble & Bumble is Noah’s shampoo of choice.  Hard hitting as always.  Spencer Hawes is next, Stu tells us he “loves political debates”, which would turn out to be owning Obama toilet paper, not exactly reaching the substantive levels of Lincoln-Douglas.

Acie Law is next
Career Win Shares:
Not quite as much of a steal as was Wright, maybe more of a petty theft.

Thaddeus Young was a 4.0 student in high school and goes next. 
Career Win Shares through 2014

I was in the National Honor Society too, my career win shares are slightly less than Oden’s, does Young have the most?  Probably not – I’d like to see an all time NBA Team made up of National Honor Society members. 

Julian Wright goes 13th. He owns his own bowling ball.  He was 4.1 win shares and out of the league.

Al Thornton ends the lottery as the second senior selected.  He’s 24 years old, bringing a level of maturity to the NBA locker room worthy of 6.1 career win shares. 

Rodney Stuckey goes to the Pistons; still there 7 seasons and 23.4 win shares later. 

Swaggy P goes 16th; his 2014 girlfriend, Iggy Azalea, would have just turned 17 as of draft day 2007; she wasn’t yet beefing with Nikki Minaj. 

My Warriors take Marco Belinelli; he’s got 17.9 win shares through 2014 and an NBA Championship.  Not earned with Golden St. 

Kobe Bryant, consummate team guy, was demanding a trade as of draft day. 

We then clip our way through multiple picks – Crittendon, Jason Smith, Cook, Dudley.

Spike Lee in the house criticizes Knick fans who booed the Renaldo Balkman pick the year before, “Zeke knows how to pick players in the draft!” Balkman had 7.3 win shares and out of the league.  Spike suggests the Knicks pick “the brother from DePaul” next.  They did – and Wilson Chandler’s got 16.3 win shares through 2014. 

Stephen A loves the pick.  Loves it!

Chandler says “Isiah’s a great coach” which, given that Oden was picked first tonight, is only the second most wrong anyone was in the 2007 draft.

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