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The Top 5 MLB Players at Each Position, end of 2011 ed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before the season, I offered a view as to the 10 best baseball players at each position.

The season's now over.  Here were the top five players at each position through a combination of WARP(Clay Davenport version) and WAR (Baseball-reference version).

1. Alex Avila
2. Miguel Montero
3. Mike Napoli
4. Yadier Molina
5. Matt Wieters

First Basemen
1. Adrian Gonzalez
2. Joey Votto
3. Miguel Cabrera
4. Albert Pujols
5. Prince Fielder

Second Basemen
1. Ian Kinsler
2. Dustin Pedroia
3. Ben Zobrist
4. Robinson Cano
5. Brandon Phillips

1. Troy Tulowitzki
2. Jose Reyes (come to San Francisco, Jose Reyes)
3. Jhonny Peralta
4. Erick Aybar
5. JJ Hardy

Third Basemen
1. Pablo Sandoval
2. Evan Longoria
3. Adrian Beltre
4. Alberto Callaspo
5. Aramis Ramirez

Left Field
1. Ryan Braun
2. Alex Gordon
3. Matt Holliday
4. Josh Hamilton
5. Gerardo Parra

Center Field
1. Matt Kemp
2. Jacoby Ellsbury
3. Andrew McCutcheon
4. Curtis Granderson
5. Shane Victorino

Right Field
1. Jose Bautista
2. Mike Stanton
3. Justin Upton
4. Hunter Pence
5. Carlos Beltran (if Reyes comes, my guess is Beltran stays)

Starting Pitchers
1. Justin Verlander
2. Clayton Kershaw
3. Roy Halladay
4. Cliff Lee
5. CC Sabathia

1. David Robertson
2. Jonny Venters
3. Eric O'Flaherty
4. Mariano Rivera
5. Tyler Clippard

2011 MLB Award Ballot

Still to come, my top 10 players at each position for 2011, and my 2011 post season predictions.

I'll also update my all time San Francisco Giants posts to reflect the 2011 season, and I've got a rework of my 200 greatest major league baseball players of all time to begin rolling out.  Offseason doesn't end baseball talk here at Basically Gherkins.

NL MVP: 1. Matt Kemp
                2. Ryan Braun
                3. Roy Halladay

NL Cy Young: 1. Roy Halladay
                       2. Clayton Kershaw
                       3. Cliff Lee

AL MVP: 1. Jose Bautista
                2. Justin Verlander
                3. Jacoby Ellsbury

AL Cy Young: 1. Justin Verlander
                       2. Jared Weaver
                       3. CC Sabathia

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