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The Top 10 Super Bowls of All Time(Plus - My 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Ballot)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NFL Network did a countdown of the Top 10 Super Bowls of all Time.  Here's its list:
1. SB43 Steelers d. Cardinals
2. SB42 Giants d. Patriots
3. SB32 Broncos d. Packers
4. SB25 Giants d. Bills
5. SB38 Patriots d. Panthers
6. SB13 Steelers d. Cowboys
7. SB23 Niners d. Bengals
8. SB44 Saints d. Colts
9. SB36 Patriots d. Rams
10. SB3 Jets d. Colts

I did my own list, considering two components (1) the game result had to be within a touchdown and (2) I looked for good teams, using the pythagorean+strength of schedule number that I used here.  Some games had better finishes, but what I want are good teams playing close games - this is the list.

My List:
1. SB42 Giants 17 Patriots 14
2. SB45 Packers 31 Steelers 25
3. SB13 Steelers 35 Cowboys 31
4. SB10 Steelers 21 Cowboys 17
5. SB39 Patriots 24 Eagles 21
6. SB36 Patriots 20 Rams 17
7. SB32 Broncos 31 Packers 24
8. SB7 Dolphins 14 Redskins 7
9. SB25 Giants 20 Bills 19
10. SB47 Ravens 34 Niners 31

There are 15 finalists for the Hall of Fame, the selection is announced Saturday.  Here's the order of my ballot; 4-7 get inducted each year.  I'm putting the two non players at the bottom of the list, even though one of them is one of my guys (I'm a Niner fan).

My Ballot:
1. Chris Doleman
2. Willie Roaf
3. Tim Brown
4. Curtis Martin
5. Aeneas Williams
6. Will Shields
7. Cris Carter

8. Cortez Kennedy
9. Andre Reed
10. Charles Haley
11. Kevin Greene
12. Dermontti Dawson
13. Jerome Bettis
14. Bill Parcells
15. Eddie DeBartolo

The senior candidates are Butler, who I'd vote for and Stanfel who I wouldn't.

As for the semi-finalists (just players) who didn't make the cut:

Atwater - no
Craig - yes
Davis - no
Matthews - yes
Mecklenburg - yes
Shell - yes
Tasker - no

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