Forever Giants - 1885 New York Giants(Year 3)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

1884 is here.

My WAR calculation is a combination of Baseball-reference and Clay Davenport; I believe it to be the "best" WAR number available for historical comparison. 8 WAR is an MVP quality season. The record is pythagorean adjusted for 162 games.

1885 (122-40) 
 C Buck Ewing 5.6 
1B Roger Connor 9 
2B Joe Gerhardt -1.05
SS Monte Ward 1.4 
3B Dude Esterbrook 1.65
LF Jim O’Rourke 3
CF Patrick Gillespie 1.45 
RF Mike Dorgan 3.75 
C Pat Deasley 1.9
Uti Danny Richardson 2.2 
P Mickey Welch 7.55 
P. Tim Keefe 4.85

-Added two Hall of Famers, giving us a total of 6 with 5 under the age of 28. One of those was Tim Keefe who was shipped over from the Brooklyn team in the AA as the Giants owner was also the owner of that club.  Those 122 adjusted wins - only good for second place.

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