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Here's the thing. I'm watching one of these shows on the Cooking Channel featuring food trucks. There's a Scottish expat making fish and chips; in a thick brogue he somewhat wearily explains his irritation with Americans who habitually order a side of tartar sauce: "tartar sauce is basically gherkins." That's this blog. I claim no particular insight, no revelation. If you enjoy the flavor, great, but this blog is basically gherkins.

TBOR Athlete of The Month - August 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Josh Hamilton

Runners-up: Brandon Morrow, Alex Rodriguez, Adam Wainwright

Hamilton joins the other 7 monthly winners in the race for TBOR Athlete of the Year.  You can get to them here.

Back in '97, that winner was Tiger Woods.  He won the AP award as well.

Jan - Desmond Howard (Natrone Means, Dorsey Levens, Desmond Howard)
Feb - Dominic Hasek (Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Mark Jackson)
Mar - Mike Bibby (Keith Van Horne, Tony Gonzalez, Bobby Jackson)
Apr - Tiger Woods (Larry Walker, Kenny Lofton, Wayne Gretzky)
May - Roger Clemens (Tino Martinez, Tim Hardaway, Karl Malone)
June - Michael Jordan (Mike Vernon, Ernie Els, Tony Gwynn)
July - Martina Hingis (Pete Sampras, Roger Clemens, Justin Leonard)
Aug - Jeff Gordon (Roy Jones, Davis Love, Mark McGwire)
Sept - Barry Bonds (Ken Griffey, Charles Johnson, Mark McGwire)
Oct - Livan Hernandez (Gary Sheffield, Orel Hershiser, Charles Johnson)
Nov - Charles Woodson (Nick Van Exel, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis)
Dec - Barry Sanders (Corey Dillon, Jerry Rice, Brian Griese)

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