50 Best Wrestlers in the World - 2016.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Here were the 50 best wrestlers in the world in 2016.

1.       Will Ospreay
2.       Tomohiro Ishii
3.       Kazuchika Okada
4.       Chris Hero
5.       Young Bucks
6.       Ricochet
7.       Tetsuya Naito
8.       Kenny Omega
9.       Kyle O’Reilly
10.   AJ Styles
11.   Katsuyori Shibata
12.   Yujiro Kushida
13.   Zack Sabre
14.   Hiroshi Tanahashi
15.   Katsuhiko Nakajima
16.    Naomichi Marufuji
17.   Akira Tozawa
18.   Sami Zayn  
19.    Kamaitachi
20.   Marty Scurll
21.   Shinsuke Nakamura
22.   Kevin Owens
23.   Shingo Takagi
24.   Michael Elgin
25.   Roderick Strong
26.   Matt Sydal
27.   Adam Cole
28.   Dean Ambrose
29.   The Revival
30.   DIY
31.   Mascara Dorada
32.   Hiroki Goto
33.   Jay Lethal
34.   Dragon Lee
35.   Fenix
36.   Tommy End
37.   Kento Miyahara
38.   Takashi Sugiura
39.  Cesaro
40.   Go Shiozaki
41.   Matt Riddle
42.   Kota Ibushi
43.   Daisuke Sekimoto
44.   ACH
45.   Tomoaki Honma
46.   Eita
47.   Pentagon 
48.   Cedric Alexander
49.   Yuji Okabayashi 
50.   Volador

Tendown December 25 2016: YearEndDown

Saturday, December 24, 2016

253 is here.  This is Tendown 254.

By decree of the next President of the United States....Merry Christmas.  Grumble.  Grumble. Grumble.

Here's the year in review.







Trump’s Pick For OMB Director Has Vowed To 'End Medicare As We Know It'


GOP Plans Major Social Security Cuts

And one more

“Let it be an arms race … we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all,” Trump said in an off-air conversation on Friday.

That's all for this time...I'll be back next time...if there is a next time...

Your pal,


The Best Wrestling Matches of 2017

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 was here.

Every match I've ever rated 5 stars is here.

Every WWF/E 4 1/4+ match I've ever rated is here.

Each year I look to record every 4 star match and up I see. 

You'll see 3 lists.  Every 4 1/2+ match, the best 4 star WWE matches of the year, and then every other 4 star match, those will be unranked, just listed as I see them. The 2017 wrestling year starts in December, 2016. 

1. Okada v. Omega (NJPW, Jan) 5
2. Okada v. Shibata (NJPW, Apr) 5

3. Ospreay v. Ricochet (NJPW, May) 4 3/4
4. Takahashi v. Dragon Lee (NJPW, Feb) 4 3/4
5. Ishii v. Omega (NJPW, Mar) 4 3/4 
6. Nakajima v. Sugiura (NOAH, Jan) 4 3/4 

7. Dragon Lee v. Takahashi (NJPW, May) 4 1/2
8. Naito v. Elgin (NJPW, Feb) 4 1/2
9. Hero v. Sabre (Evolve, Jan) 4 1/2
10. Ishii v. Shibata (NJPW, Mar) 4 1/2

11. Goto v. Shibata (NJPW, Jan) 4 1/2
12. Riddle v. Shibata (RPW, Jan) 4 1/2
13. Ospreay v. White (ROH, May) 4 1/2
14. Naito v. Tanahashi (NJPW, Jan) 4 1/2
15. Bucks v. Briscoes (ROH, Dec 2016) 4 1/2
16. Go/Taniguchi v. Kotoge/Marufuji (NOAH, Jan) 4 1/2
17. Ospreay v. Shibata (NJPW, Feb) 4 1/2
18. Dunne v. Bate (WWE, May) 4 1/2 
19. Omega v. Ishii (NJPW, May) 4 1/2 

Best WWE Matches of the Year
1. Bate v. Dunne (NXT, May) 4 1/2
2. Bate v. Andrews (UK Challenge, May) 4 1/4
3. Cena v. Styles (Royal Rumble, Jan) 4 1/4
4. Revival v. DIY v. AoP (NXT, Apr) 4 1/4
5. Chamber Match (Elimination Chamber, Feb) 4 1/4
6. Bate v. Dunne (UK Tourn, Jan) 4 1/4
7. Itami v. Strong (NXT, May) 4
8. Owens v. Reigns (Royal Rumble, Jan) 4
9. Nakamura v. Roode (NXT, Apr) 4
10. Ambrose v. AJ (TLC, Dec 2016) 4

11. DIY v. AoP (NXT, May) 4
12. Hardys v. Cesaro/Sheamus v. Anderson/Gallows v. Cass/Enzo (Wrestlemania 33, Apr) 4

Other 4 Star Matches (not ranked)
Makabe/Honma v. Tonga/Roa (NJPW, Dec 2016) 4
Williams/Yehi v. Ricochet/Kaasa (Evolve, Dec 2016) 4
Cole v. O'Reilly (ROH, Dec 2016) 4 1/4
Cage v. Texano (LU, Dec 2016) 4
Marufuji v. Sugiura (NOAH, Dec 2016) 4 1/4
Ricochet v. Ospreay (OTT, Dec 2016) 4 1/4
Harashima v. Irie (DDT, Dec 2016) 4 1/4
Takahashi v. Kushida (NJPW, Jan) 4 1/4
Ohara v. Ishimori (NOAH, Jan) 4 1/4
Sekimoto/Okabayashi v. Sato/Ishikawa (BJ, Jan ) 4
Harashima v. Bailey (DDT, Jan) 4
Volador Jr v Ultimo Guerrero (CMLL/NJPW, Jan) 4
Scurll v. Sabre (RPW, Jan) 4 1/4 
Okada v, Suzuki (NJPW, Feb) 4
Kenny Omega/Cody/Young Bucks v Kazuchika Okada/Will Ospreay/ Mark & Jay Briscoe (NJPW/ROH Feb) 4
Ultimo Guerrero v. Valiente v. Volador (CMLL, Feb) 4 1/4
Ospreay v. Galloway (Mar, What Culture) 4
Shibata v. Suzuki (Mar, NJPW) 4 1/4
Sabre v. Thatcher (Mar, Evolve) 4
Nakajima v. Go (Mar, NOAH) 4
Lethal v. Fish (Mar, ROH) 4
Rush v. Scurll (Mar, ROH) 4 1/4
Hardys v. Bucks v. RVice (Mar, ROH) 4 1/4
Walter v. Starr (WxW, Mar) 4
Ricochet v. Lee (Evolve, Mar) 4
Dunne v. Haskins (Progress, Mar) 4
SPPT v. Callihan/Strickland (Progress, Mar) 4
Trent Seven v. Riddle (Progress, Mar) 4
Okada v. Ibushi (NJPW, Mar) 4
Bucks v. Hardys (ROH, Apr) 4 1/4
Allin v. Page (Evolve, Apr) 4
O'Reilly v. Yehi (Evolve, Apr) 4
Sabre v. Rush (Evolve, Apr) 4
Ricochet v. Takahashi (NJPW, Apr) 4 1/4
Kagetora v. Yamamura (DG, May) 4
Ospreay v. Scurll (NJPW, May) 4
Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe vs. Bullet Cub (Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Cody & Kenny Omega) (ROH, Feb) 4
Ricochet v. Takahashi (NJPW, May) 4

2016-17 NBA All Star Teams (Second build)

First build was here.

We're 30 games into the 2016-17 NBA season, here are who should be the All-Stars.  I'll do this again at the halfway mark.  Wins number is combination of Hollinger/Real P-M/Win Shares.


C H.Whiteside Mia  4
F G.Antntetokounmpo Mil 6
F J.Butler Chi 6.25
K.Lowry Tor 5.5
G D.DeRozan Tor 4.5

L.James Cle 5.5
K.Love Cle 4.5
J.Wall Wash 4.25
K.Walker Char 4.25
K.Porzingis NY 4
I.Thomas Bos 4
D.Howard Atl 3.75

M.Turner Ind 3.5
O.Porter Wash 3.5
J.Teague Ind 3.5
P. Millsap Atl 3.25
B. Lopez Brook 3.25
A.Drummond Det 3.25
K.Irving Cle 3.25
B.Beal Wash 3


C R.Gobert Utah 5
F K.Durant GSW 6.75
F K.Leonard SA 6
G J.Harden Hou 7.5 - MVP
G C.Paul LAC 7

R.Westbrook OKC 6.5
A.Davis NO 5.75
S.Curry GSW 5.5
D.Cousins Sac 5.5
D.Lillard Port 5.25
M.Gasol Mem 4.5
D.Green GSW 4.25

B.Griffin LAC 4
D.Jordan LAC 3.75
L.Williams LAL 3.75
CJ McCollum Port 3.75
K-A Towns Min 3.5
G.Hayward Utah 3.5
E.Bledsoe Pho 3

2016 NFL Supercontest Week 16

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I'm 35-38-2

Phi +2.5 win
Minn +6.5 loss
Den +3.5 loss
Det +7
Cin +1 loss

2016 Athlete of the Year

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December was here.

Here, one last time, are all the nominees:

January-Von Miller
February-Lionel Messi
March - Buddy Hield
April-Breanna Stewart
May - Klay Thompson
June - LeBron James
July-Serena Williams
August-Michael Phelps
September - Lamar Jackson
October - Corey Kluber
November - Ben Zobrist
December - James Harden

And your winner of 2016 Athlete of the Year....

Michael Phelps.

The challenging decision wasn't the final one; the Cubs had a special season, but didn't have a historic year from any individual player; the Warriors had both an historic season with an all time great year by Curry, but they couldn't close out LeBron - SI gave its award to LeBron, but none of his regular season work warranted that and he winds up my runner-up (he's a two time winner, only Tiger/Jordan have three.) The challenging decision was which Olympian was going to get the August nod - Phelps or Usain Bolt, who, as you can see below, was my Athlete of the Year in '08. Either one would have cleared the field and gotten Athlete of the Year.

I've been doing this my whole life really, maybe starting as long ago as '79; I have the full records since 1990 (someplace in the blog I posted each athlete of the month+runners-up for the years prior to publication).  Here is each winner of my Athlete of the Year Award since 1990.

1990: Joe Montana
1991: Michael Jordan
1992: Mario Lemieux
1993: Michael Jordan
1994: George Foreman
1995: Hakeem Olajuwon
1996: Michael Jordan
1997: Tiger Woods
1998: Mark McGwire
1999: Tiger Woods
2000: Tiger Woods
2001: Barry Bonds
2002: Barry Bonds
2003: Lance Armstrong
2004: Peyton Manning
2005: Reggie Bush
2006: Roger Federer
2007: Tom Brady
2008: Usain Bolt
2009: Manny Pacquiao
2010: Maya Moore
2011: Aaron Rodgers
2012: LeBron James
2013: LeBron James
2014: Madison Bumgarner
2015: Serena Williams
2016: Michael Phelps

2016 Wrestling Matches of the Year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Each year I look to record every 4 star match and up I see.

You'll see 3 lists.  Every 4 1/2+ match, the best WWE matches of the year, and then every other 4 star match, those will be unranked, just listed as I see them.

The final tally was 41 matches at 4 1/2 stars or better, but no 5 star matches. WWE had a great year, probably it's best ever year in terms of number of 4 star matches.  I've got a total of 29 4 star and up WWE matches.

The besat wrestler in 2016 was Will Ospreay.

Here are the best wrestling matches of 2016.

1. Scurll v. Ospreay (Rev Pro, Jan) 4 3/4
2. Tanahashi v. Okada (NJPW, Jan) 4 3/4
3. Bucks v. Addiction v. MCMG (ROH, Oct) 4 3/4
4. Akiyama v. Suwama (AJPW, Jan) 4 1/2
5. Shibata v. Ishii (NJPW, Feb) 4 1/2
6. Ishii v. Okada (NJPW, Aug) 4 1/2
7. Bucks/Cole v. Ricochet/Sydal/Ospreay (PWG, Sep) 4 1/2
8. Omega v. Naito (NJPW, Aug) 4 1/2
9. Hero v. Sabre (Evolve, May) 4 1/2
10. Nakamura v. AJ (NJPW, Jan) 4 1/2

11. Naito v. Ishii (NJPW, May) 4 1/2
12. Tozawa v. Susumu (DG, May) 4 1/2
13. Ospreay v. Taguchi (NJPW, June) 4 1/2
14. Ospreay v. Ricochet (NJPW, May) 4 1/2
15. Ospreay v. Sabre (Evolve, Apr) 4 1/2
16. Ospreay v. Ricochet (Evolve, Apr) 4 1/2
17. Okada v. Marufuji (NJPW, Oct) 4 1/2
18. Goto v. Omega (NJPW, Oct) 4 1/2
19. Strong v. Sydal (PWG, Dec 2015) 4 1/2
20. Hero v. Sabre (WWN, Apr) 4 1/2

21. Strong v. Sabre (PWG, Mar) 4 1/2
22. Kushida v. O'Reilly (NJPW, May) 4 1/2
23. Miyahara v. Sai (AJPW, Aug) 4 1/2
24. Nakamura v. Zayn (NXT, Apr) 4 1/2
25. Revival v. DIY (Nov, NXT) 4 1/2
26. Ospreay v. Strickland (WXW, Mar) 4 1/2
27. Dragon Lee v Kamaitachi (CMLL, Mar) 4 1/2
28. Dragon Lee v Kamaitachi (CMLL, Apr) 4 1/2
29. Killshot v. Marty the Moth (LU, Sep) 4 1/2
30. Shingo v. CIMA (DG, Dec 2015) 4 1/2

31. Okada v. Tanahashi (NJPW, Aug) 4 1/2
32. Okada v. Naito (NJPW, June) 4 1/2
33. Go/Okabayashi v. Hino/Sekimoto (Fortune Dream, June) 4 1/2
34. Bucks/Omega v. Kushida/ACH/Sydal (ROH, Feb) 4 1/2
35. Lethal/Strong v. Cole/MJackson v. Okada/Ishii (ROH, May) 4 1/2
36. End/Hero v. Pentagon/Fenix (PWG, Sep) 4 1/2
37. End/Hero v. Sabre/Callihan (Evolve, Jan) 4 1/2
38. Dragon Lee v Kamaitachi (CMLL, Jan) 4 1/2
39. Volador v. Kushida (CMLL, July) 4 1/2
40. Daisuke Sasaki v. Takeshita (DDT, May) 4 1/2

41. Shibata v. Naito (NJPW, July) 4 1/2

Best WWE Matches of the Year
1. Nakamura v. Zayn (NXT, Apr) 4 1/2
2. Revival v. DIY (NXT, Nov) 4 1/2
3. Ibushi v. Alexander (CWC, Aug) 4 1/4
4. Styles v. Cena (Summerslam, Aug) 4 1/4
5. Zayn v. Owens (Battleground, July) 4 1/4
6. Tozawa v. Metalik (CWC, Aug) 4 1/4
7. Miz v. Owens v. Zayn v. Cesaro (Extreme Rules, May) 4 1/4
8. Ibushi v. Kendrick (CWC, Aug) 4 1/4
9. New Day v. Lucha Dragons v. Usos (TLC Dec, 2015) 4 1/4
10. Nakamura v. Joe (NXT, Nov) 4 1/4

11. Ibushi v. Perkins (CWC, Sep) 4 1/4
12. Ambrose v. Styles (Backlash, Sep) 4 1/4
13. Ambrose v. Steen (Royal Rumble, Jan) 4 1/4
14. Metalik v. Sabre (CWC, Sep) 4
15. Revival v. Ciampa/Gargano (NXT, Aug) 4
16. Perkins v. Metalik (CWC, Sep) 4
17. A.J. Styles & Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt & Shane McMahon v. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman (Survivor Series, Nov) 4
18. Nakamura v. Balor (NXT, July) 4
19. Balor v. Rollins (Summerslam, Aug) 4
20. Owens v. Zayn (Payback, May) 4

21. Styles v. Reigns (Extreme Rules, May) 4
22. Neville v. Balor (NXT, Feb) 4
23. Balor v. Joe (NXT, Dec 2015) 4
24. Styles v. Cena v. Ambrose (No Mercy, Oct) 4
25. Ladder Match (MITB, June) 4
26. American Alpha v. Revival (NXT, June) 4
27. Styles v. Zayn (RAW, Apr) 4
28. Miz v. Ziggler (No Mercy, Oct) 4
29. Sasha v. Charlotte (RAW, Nov) 4

Other 4 Star Matches (not ranked)
Tanahashi/Shibata v Okada/Ishii  (NJPW, Dec 2015) 4
Cole v. O'Reilly (ROH, Dec 2015) 4 1/4
Lethal v. Styles (ROH, Dec 2015) 4
Marufuji v. Suzuki (NOAH, Dec 2015) 4
Bucks v. Fish/O'Reilly v. Sydal/Ricochet v. Barretta/Romero (NJPW, Jan) 4
Shibata v. Ishii (NJPW, Jan) 4 1/4
Bucks v. Kingdom v. ReDragon (ROH, Jan) 4
Sugiura v. Marufuji (NOAH, Jan) 4 1/4
Fenix v. Cuerno (LU, Feb) 4
Kodoka v. Takanashi (DDT, Jan) 4
Bucks v. ReDragon v. Sydal/Ricochet (NJPW, Feb) 4
Omega v. Tanahashi (NJPW, Feb) 4 1/4
Hero/End v. Barretta/Romero (Evolve, Jan) 4
Galloway/Gargano v. Hero/End (Evolve, Jan) 4
Riddle v. Williams (Evolve, Jan) 4
Fenix v. Cuerno (LU, Mar) 4 1/4
Cole v. O'Reilly v. Lethal (ROH, Feb) 4
Naito v. Ishii (NJPW, Mar) 4
Fenix v. Muertes (LU, Mar) 4
Naito v. Goto (NJPW, Mar) 4
Harashima v. Kodoka (DDT, Mar) 4
Battle Royal (LU, Mar) 4
Sugiura v. Nakajima (NOAH, Mar) 4 1/4
Ishii v. Strong (ROH, Feb) 4
Ohara/Kenou v. Kotoge/Harada (NOAH, Mar) 4 1/4
Omega v. Ospreay (PWG, Dec 2015) 4 1/4
Strong/Bucks/Cole v. Hero/Bailey/LeRae/Ryan (PWG, Dec 2015) 4
Hero v Trent (PWG, Feb) 4 1/4
Ospreay v. Kushida (NJPW, Apr) 4 1/4
Okada v. Naito (NJPW, Apr) 4
Trios Final (LU, Apr) 4
Miyahara v. Mashimo (AJPW, Apr) 4 1/4
Bucks/Tonga/Loa v. Sabin/Shelley/Kushida/Sydal (ROH, May) 4
Scurll d. Sabre (Evolve, May) 4
Gulak v. Williams (Evolve, May) 4
Shimizu/T-Hawk v. DKid/Eita (DGate, May) 4 1/4
Naito v. ACH (ROH, May) 4
Sydal v. O'Reilly (NJPW, May) 4 1/4
Kushida v. Taguchi (NJPW, May) 4
Kushida v. Sydal (NJPW, June) 4
Ospreay v. Fish (NJPW, June) 4
Eita v. Tozawa (DG, June) 4 1/4
Harada/Kotoge v. Kenoh/Ohara (NOAH, May) 4
Sugiura v. Go (NOAH, May) 4 1/4
Matt v. Jeff (TNA, June) 4
Lashley v. Galloway (TNA, June) 4
Thatcher v. Hero (Evolve, June) 4
Ospreay v. Bailey (RPW, June) 4 1/4
Bucks/Cole v. Moose/Rowe/Hanson (June, ROH) 4
Scurll v. O'Reilly (PWG, Mar) 4 1/4
Sekimoto/Hino v. Go/Okabayashi (Fortune, June) 4
Cima v. Tozawa (DG May) 4 1/4
Tozawa v. Eita (DG May) 4 1/4
Cole v. Sabre (PWG, Mar) 4 1/4
Scurll v. O'Reilly (PWG, Mar) 4
Hero/Dunn v. Sydal/Ricochet (PWG, Mar) 4 1/4
Bucks v. reDragon (PWG, Mar) 4
Andrews v. Scurll (PWG, May) 4
Nakajima v. Yuji (NJPW, July) 4
Shingo v. Fuji (DG, May) 4
Omega v. Elgin (NJPW, May) 4 1/4
Sanada v. Ishii (NJPW, Aug) 4
Lethal v. O'Reilly (ROH, Aug) 4
Ospreay v. Kushida (NJPW, June) 4 1/4
Yuji v. Shibata (NJPW, June) 4 1/4
Tanahashi v. Sanada (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Marufuji v. Okada (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Marufuji v. Tanahashi (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Rey v. Puma (LU, July) 4 1/4
Nakajima v. Shibata (NJPW, July) 4
Naito v. Elgin (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Honma v. Omega (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Shibata v. Elgin (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Dorada v. Escorpion (CMLL, July) 4 1/4
Elgin v. Nakajima (NJPW, July) 4
Shibata v. Naito (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Shingo v. Yamato (DG, July) 4
Taguchi v. Harada (NJPW, July) 4
Kushida v. Ishimori (NJPW, July) 4
Honma v. Shibata (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Marufuji v. Ishii (NJPW, July) 4
Omega v. Elgin (NJPW, July) 4 1/4
Bucks v. Sabin/Shelley (Aug, NJPW) 4
End v. Riddle (Evolve, Aug) 4
Sabre v. Alexander (Evolve, Aug) 4
Omega v. Hashi (NJPW, Sep) 4
Nakajima v. Elgin (NJPW, Aug) 4 1/4
Tanahashi v. Ishii (NJPW, Aug) 4
Sabre v. Ospreay (Progress, Aug) 4 1/4
Cole v. Lethal (ROH, Aug) 4 1/4
Naito v. Elgin (NJPW, Sep) 4 1/4
Volador v. Cavernario (CMLL, Sep) 4
Sabre d. Ricochet (Evolve, Sep) 4
Shibata v. O'Reilly (NJPW, Oct) 4 1/4
Dragon Lee v. Kamaitachi (ROH, Oct) 4
Omega v. Goto (NJPW, Aug) 4 1/4
6 Man (CMLL, Sep) 4
Sydal v. Ospreay (NJPW, Aug) 4
Ricochet/Finlay/Kojima v. Cole/Bucks (NJPW, Sep) 4
Riddle v. Hero (Evolve, Oct) 4
Volador v. Valiente (CMLL, Oct) 4
Marufuji/Honma v. Makabe/Honma (NOAH, Oct) 4
Nakajima v. Sugiura (NOAH, Oct) 4 1/4
Ricochet v. Cobb (PWG, Sep) 4 1/4
Ospreay v. Fenix (PWG, Sep) 4 1/4
Sabre v. End (PWG, Sep) 4
Williams v. Hero (Evolve, Nov) 4
Hero v. Riddle (Evolve, Nov) 4
Andrews v. Dunne (PWG, Sep) 4 1/4
Haskins v. Alexander (PWG, Sep) 4
O'Reilly v. Riddle (PWG, Sep) 4
Bucks v. Fenix/Pentagon (PWG, Sep) 4
Ospreay v. Ricochet (PWG, Sep) 4
Go v. Shibata (NOAH, Oct) 4 1/4
Suwama v. Miyahara (AJPW, Nov) 4 1/4
Ishii v. Hero (RPW, Nov) 4

December, 2016 Athlete of the Month

November is here.

James Harden

Runners-up: Russell Westbrook, Le'Veon Bell, Malik Monk

That's it.  Tomorrow is the 2016 Athlete of the Year.  Here are the nominees.

January-Von Miller
February-Lionel Messi
March - Buddy Hield
April-Breanna Stewart
May - Klay Thompson
June - LeBron James
July-Serena Williams
August-Michael Phelps
September - Lamar Jackson
October - Corey Kluber
November - Ben Zobrist
December - James Harden

2016 Top 20 Television Shows

Monday, December 19, 2016

October-December, by which you can get to the quarterly top 10s, is here.

Here are the 20 best television shows for 2016.

1. Fleabag (Amazon)
2. Please Like Me (AU)
3. Better Call Saul (AMC)
4. The Americans (FX)
5. Veep (HBO)
6. Horace and Pete (
7. Atlanta (FX)
8. High Maintenance (HBO)
9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)
10. Lady Dynamite (Netflix)

11. Baskets (FX)
12. Girls (HBO)
13. Portlandia (IFC)
14. Mr. Robot (USA)
15. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
16. Billy on the Street (Tru)
17. Last Man on Earth (Fox)
18. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
19. OJ: Made in America (ESPN)
20. Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country (Esquire)

The lesson is don't make too many episodes.  There have been six episodes of Fleabag and there doesn't need to ever be a seventh.  The six best episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend might be the top show on the list, but season two has given some ground (as was the case with Mr. Robot, for example, and shows like Transparent and You're the Worst, which aren't on this list, also gave some ground in their current season.  Even Veep, a top 10 show, had it's least strong season; everyone's got six episodes, not everyone has 40).

Athletes of the Year: 2010-14

Saturday, December 17, 2016

2000-04 is

Here are the athletes of the year for 2010-15


Athlete of the Year: Maya Moore
January-Peyton Manning (Chris Johnson, Kurt Warner, Derrelle Revis)
February-Drew Brees (Alex Ovechkin, Bode Miller, Kim Yu-Na)
March-Maya Moore (LeBron James, Kalana Greene, Omar Samhan)
April-Phil Mickelson (Brian Zubek, Ubaldo Jimenez, Vernon Wells)
May-Rajon Rondo ( Floyd Mayweather, Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay)
June- John Isner ( Garrett Wittels, Rafael Nadal, Kobe Bryant.)
July - Diego Forlan ( Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Wesley Sneijder)
Aug - Josh Hamilton (Brandon Morrow, Alex Rodriguez, Adam Wainwright)
Sep - Troy Tulowitzki ( Roy Halladay, Rafael Nadal, Jose Bautista)
Oct - Matt Cain (Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cody Ross)
Nov - Tim Lincecum (Kevin Love.  Michael Vick.  Manny Pacquiao.)
December - Tom Brady (Cam Newton, LeBron James, Maya Moore)


Athlete of the Year: Aaron Rodgers
January- Nick Fairley (Aaron Rodgers, Rashard Mendenhall, Jimmer Fredette)
February - Aaron Rodgers (LeBron James, Trevor Bayne, Marshon Brooks)
March- Kemba Walker (Kevin Love, Maya Moore, Brandon Knight)
April - Danielle Adams (Charl Schwartzel, Troy Tulowitzki, Lance Berkman)
May - Dirk Nowitzki (Jose Bautista, LeBron James, Lionel Messi)
June - Rory McIlroy (Rafael Nadal, Jason Terry, Tim Thomas)
July-Novak Djokovic (Marta, Abby Wambach, Homare Sawa)
August - Justin Verlander (Dan Uggla, Justin Upton, Jim Thome)
September - Cliff Lee (Novak Djokovic, Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria)
October - David Freese (Adrian Beltre, Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols)
November - Matt Barkley (Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Robert Griffin)
December - Drew Brees (Cam Newton, Eli Manning, Keith Price)


Athlete of the Year: LeBron James
January-Courtney Upshaw (Matt Flynn, Vince Wilfork, Victor Cruz)
February-Eli Manning (Jeremy Lin, LeBron James, Kevin Durant)
March-Kevin Love (Anthony Davis,  Brittney Griner, Thomas Robinson)
April-Brittney Griner ( Bubba Watson, Matt Kemp, Philip Humber)
May-Josh Hamilton (Floyd Mayweather, Justin Verlander, Martin Brodeur)
June-LeBron James (Rafael Nadal, Matt Cain, RA Dickey)
July-Mike Trout ( Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Andrew McCutcheon)
Aug-Usain Bolt (Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps, Felix Hernandez)
Sept - Andy Murray (Serena Williams, Miguel Cabrera, Geno Smith)
Oct-Pablo Sandoval (JJ Watt, Justin Verlander, Marco Scutaro)
Nov - Johnny Manziel (Doug Martin, Marcus Mariota, Matt Schaub)
December-Lionel Messi ( Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Juan Manuel Marquez)


Athlete of the Year: LeBron James
January - Colin Kaepernick (Eddie Lacy, Julio Jones, Joe Flacco)
February - Joe Flacco (LeBron James,  Chris Paul,  Lionel Messi)
March - LeBron James (Patrick Kane, Dwyane Wade, Kyle Dake)
April - Justin Upton (Luke Hancock, Carmello Anthony, Andy Scott)
May-Clayton Kershaw (Clay Buchholz, Matt Harvey, Miguel Cabrera)
June - Patrick Kane  (Serena Williams, Yasel Puig, LeBron James)
July - Andy Murray (Inbee Park,  Chris Davis, Phil Mickelson)
August- Mike Trout (Clayton Kershaw, Chris Davis, Miguel Cabrera)
September - Peyton Manning (Serena Williams, Floyd Mayweather, Josh Donaldson)
October - David Ortiz (Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Beltran, Mike Napoli)
November - Paul George (Nick Foles,  Jack Taylor, Chris Davis)
December - Jamaal Charles (Tre Mason,  LeSean McCoy, Damian Lillard)


Athlete of the Year: Madison Bumgarner
January: Kevin Durant (Rashad Greene,  LeGarrette Blount, Peyton Manning)
February: Malcolm Smith (Yuzuru Hanyu, Ted Ligety, Adelina Sotnikova)
March: Breanna Stewart (LeBron James,  Doug McDermott, Anthony Davis)
April: Meb Keflezighi. (Shabazz Napier, Bubba Watson,  Lamarcus Aldridge)
May: Troy Tulowitzki: (Floyd Mayweather,  LeBron James, Edwin Encarnacion)
June: Lionel Messi.  (Rafael Nadal,  Kawhi Leonard, Clayton Kershaw)
July: Novak Djokovic: (Jerome Boateng, Rory McIlroy, Vincenzo Nibali)
Aug: Rory McIlroy.  (Clayton Kershaw,    Giancarlo Stanton,  Kenny Hill)
Sep: Serena Williams.  (Floyd Mayweather, Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck)
Oct: Madison Bumgarner.  (Lorenzo Cain, Travis Ishikawa, Pablo Sandoval)
Nov: Aaron Rodgers (Ben Roethlisberger,  Melvin Gordon,  Samaje Perine)
Dec: Steph Curry.  (LeVeon Bell, Marcus Mariotta, Odell Beckham)

Athletes of the Year: 2005-09

Friday, December 16, 2016

2000-04 is

These are the athletes of the year for 2005-09


Athlete of the Year: Reggie Bush
January: Matt Leinart (Corey Dillon, Jeremiah Trotter, Marat Safin)
February: Rodney Harrison (Allen Iverson, Jeff Gordon, David Toms)
March: Sean May (Tiger Woods, Andrew Bogut, Deron Williams)
April: Tiger Woods (Johan Santana, Brian Roberts, Tracey McGrady)
May: Brian Roberts (Ray Allen, Dontrelle Willis, Bobby Abreu)
June: Annika Sorenstam (Asafa Powell, Tim Duncan, Floyd Mayweather)
July: Lance Armstrong (Venus Williams, Bobby Abreu, Jermaine Taylor)
August: Felix Hernandez (Jason Giambi, Phil Mickelson, Vlad Guerrero)
September: Roger Federer (Donovan McNabb, David Ortiz, Jimmy Rollins)
October: Jermaine Dye (Reggie Sanders, Reggie Bush, Roy Oswalt)
November: Reggie Bush (Ladanian Tomlinson, Vince Young, Jermaine Taylor)
December: Peyton Manning, Allen Iverson, Elton Brand, Shaun Alexander)


Athlete of the Year: Roger Federer
January -Vince Young (Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, Roger Federer)
February - JJ Redick (Willie Parker, Shaun White, Adam Morrison)
March - Joakim Noah (Jaromir Jagr, Gerry McNamara, Tyrus Thomas)
April - Albert Pujols (Phil Mickelson, Chris Shelton, Lebron James)
May - Dirk Nowitzki (Oscar de la Hoya, Justin Gatlin, Dwyane Wade)
June - Dwyane Wade (Rafael Nadal, Bernard Hopkins, Zinedine Zidane)
July - Roger Federer (Fabio Cannavaro, Tiger Woods, Floyd Landis)
August - Tiger Woods (Chase Utley, Miguel Cabrera, Asafa Powell)
September - Maria Sharapova (Ryan Howard, Johan Santana Troy Smith)
October - Chris Carpenter (Marco Scutaro, Adrian Peterson, Jeff Suppan)
November - Ladanian Tomlinson (Chad Johnson, Troy Smith, Dwayne Jarrett)
December - Drew Brees (Reggie Bush, Greg Oden, Colt Brennan)


Athlete of the Year: Tom Brady
January: Roger Federer (Chris Leak, Deuce McAlister, Peyton Manning)
February: Bob Sanders (Dwight Howard, Kevin Harvick, Dirk Nowitzki)
March: Michael Phelps (LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Kobe Bryant)
April: Alex Rodriguez (Al Horford, Zach Johnson, Barry Bonds)
May: Floyd Mayweather (Baron Davis, Tim Duncan, Quinton Jackson)
June: Tim Duncan (LeBron James, Rafael Nadal, Magglio Ordonez)
July: Venus Williams (Bernard Hopkins, Roger Federer, Tony Stewart)
August: Barry Bonds (Tiger Woods, Brandon Webb, Tyson Gay)
September: Tom Brady (Clay Bucholtz, Justine Henin, Andre Woodson)
October: Josh Beckett (Mike Hart, Manny Ramirez, Adrian Peterson)
November: Randy Moss (Adrian Peterson, Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden)
December: Chris Johnson (Terrell Owens, Floyd Mayweather, Dwight Howard)


Athlete of the Year: Usain Bolt
January - Tom Brady (Ray Rice, Plaxico Burress, Maria Sharapova)
February - Justin Tuck (LeBron James, Ryan Newman, Vladimir Klitschko)
March - Chris Paul (LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Stephen Curry)
April - Chase Utley (Mario Chalmers, Trevor Immelman, Tim Duncan)
May - Lance Berkman (Chris Paul, Cliff Lee, Jon Lester)
June - Tiger Woods (Rafael Nadal, Paul Pierce, Steve Detweiler)
July - Rafael Nadal (Venus Williams, Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Margarito)
August - Usain Bolt (Brad Ziegler, Michael Phelps, Albert Pujols)
September - CC Sabathia (Michael Turner, Brandon Marshall, Ronnie Brown)
October - Cole Hamels (Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy, Manny Ramirez)
November - Brock Lesnar (Graham Harrell, Sam Bradford, Blake Griffin)
December - Michael Turner (Manny Pacquiao, Joe Thornton, Peyton Manning)


Athlete of the Year: Manny Pacquiao
January - Larry Fitzgerald (
February - Santonio Holmes(
March-Maya Moore(
April LeBron James(
May-Lionel Messi(
June-Roger Federer(
July-Mark Buehrle(Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Georges St. Pierre)
August-Usain Bolt(Cliff Lee, YE Yang, Albert Pujols)
September-Drew Brees(Jahvid Best, Floyd Mayweather, Jimmie Johnson)
October-Cliff Lee (Jared Allen, Andre Eithier, Alex Rodriguez)
November - Manny Pacquiao (Chase Utley, Hideki Matsui, Steve Nash)
December - Ndamukong Suh (Mark Ingram, John Wall, Brandon Marshall)

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