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The 25 Best Professional Wrestling Matches in 2011

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The guts of this post are here.  You can also find my 10 best WWE matches of 2011 at that post.

The best wrestler in the world in 2011 - Kotaro Suzuki

1. Kotaro v. Nakajima - March, NOAH.
2. Go v. Sugiura - July, NOAH.
3. Sugiura v. Morishima - December, 2010. NOAH
4. Go v. Akiyama - August, NOAH
5. Akiyama v. Suwama -  October, All Japan
6. Suwama v. Nagata - June, All Japan
7. Nagata v. Tanaka - March, Zero One
8. Kotaro/Aoki v. Kenta/Kanemaru - August, NOAH
9. Kotaro v. Nakajima -September, NOAH
10. Kotaro v. Ishimori - March, NOAH
11. Richards v. Strong - April, ROH
12. Richards v. Edwards - June, ROH
13. Richards v. Daniels - March, ROH
14. Minoru v. Kondo - March, All Japan
15. Young Bucks v. Generico/Ricochet - April, PWG
16. American Wolves v. Haas/Benjamin - April, ROH
17. Kotaro/Aoki v. Kenta/Kanemaru - July, NOAH
18. Ibushi v. Taguchi - June, New Japan
19. Tanahashi v. Naito - October, New Japan
20. Tanahashi v. Goto - June, New Japan
21. Tanahashi v. Nagata - April, New Japan
22. Kenta v. Marufuji - December, 2010 - NOAH
23. Devitt v. Ibushi - January - New Japan
24. Pac v. Tozawa - March, DGUSA
25. Go v. Miyahara - February, Kensuke Office

You can find an additional 20 matches of this quality here.

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