The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round One, Group 6)

Sunday, December 2, 2018

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6. 2001 Mariners (lost ALCS)
123. 1974 A's (won WS)

-the Mariners have a team in the next round; all of the A's reps are Philadelphia clubs.  The Mariners have a 27 year old rookie named Ichiro, a 38 year old Edgar, and a 32 year old Olerud.  For Oakland - Reggie and Catfish are 28, Fingers is 27.

C A's-Tenace
1B Mariners-Olerud
2B Mariners-Boone
SS A's-Campaneris
3B A's-Bando
LF A's-Rudi
CF Mariners-Cameron
RF Push
DH Mariners-Martinez
SP1 A's-Hunter
SP2 A's-Blue
SP3 Mariners-Moyer
Cl A's-Fingers
Double: Bat WAR Mariners
Double: Pit WAR A's

A's 9 Mariners 7 - A tough elimination for an enormous offense; that Mariner team bat total is all time great, but the A's just got by them on the mound picked up enough position matchup wins to slide by.

59. 2015 Blue Jays (lost ALCS)
70. 1928 Yankees (won WS)

-there is a Blue Jay team which has already moved on; the Yankees have 15 teams in the Round of 64 already. Josh Donaldson is 29, Jose Bautista 34. The Bombers have 9 HOFers, the Babe is 33, Gehrig's 25, Dickey's 21.

C Jays-Martin
1B Yankees-Gehrig
2B Yankees-Lazzeri
SS Yankees-Koenig
3B Jays-Donaldson
LF Yankees-Meusel
CF Push
RF Yankees-Ruth
DH Jays-Encarnacion
SP1 Yankees-Pipgras
SP2 Yankees-Hoyt
SP3 Yankees-Pennock
Cl Jays-Osuna
Double: Bat WAR Jays
Double: Pit WAR Jays

Jays 9 Yankees 8 - we haven't quite seen one like this; the Yankees dominated the matchups so much that it took the Jays to win both totals just to force a tie - and then they took the tiebreak. 

27. 1947 Yankees (won WS)
102. 1963 Twins (3rd in AL)

-a Twins team has advanced; 15 Yankee teams are in the next round.  This is a DiMaggio (32) Yankees squad.  The Twins have a 27 year old Killebrew and 28 year old Bob Allison

C Twins-Battey
1B Yankees-McQuinn
2B Yankees-Stirnweiss
SS Yankees-Rizzuto
3B Twins-Rollins
LF Twins-Killebrew
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Twins-Allison
SP1 Twins-Pascual
SP2 Twins-Stigman
SP3 Yankees-Bevens
Cl Yankees-Page
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Twins

Yankees 9 Twins 8 - NYY gets their 16 team in the field with a tiebreak win.

38. 1968 Tigers (won WS)
91. 1990 A's (lost WS)

-4 Tigers teams have advanced; 3 A's teams will join them - this is the McLain (24) Lolich (27) Detroit club - for the A's, it's Rickey (31), McGwire (26) and Canseco (25)

C Tigers-Freehan
1B A's-McGwire
2B Tigers-McAuliffe
SS A's-Weiss
3B A's-Lansford
LF A's-Henderson
CF A's-Henderson
RF A's-Canseco
DH Tigers-Kaline
SP1 Tigers-McLain
SP2 Tigers-Wilson
SP3 Tigers-Lolich
Cl A's-Eckersley
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Tigers

A's 9 Tigers 8 - the A's dominated the bats, the Tigers dominated the arms, it really couldn't have been much closer, but Eckersley's pulling out a win at the closer spot is enough to give Oakland the win.

11. 1969 Orioles (lost WS)
118. 1994 Yankees (1st in AL East)

-'94 is a shortened season, you'd think that should be enough to keep NY from team 17.  Baltimore's had three wins and is looking for a 4th.

C Yankees-Stanley
1B Orioles-Powell
2B Orioles-Johnson
SS Orioles-Belanger
3B Yankees-Boggs
LF Orioles-Buford
CF Orioles-Blair
RF Orioles-Robinson
DH  Yankees-Tartabull
SP1 Yankees-Key
SP2 Orioles-McNally
SP3 Yankees-Peliz
Cl Yankees-Howe
Double: Bat WAR Orioles
Double: Pit WAR Orioles

Orioles 11 Yankees 6 - pretty close up until the totals when Baltimore pulls away.

54. 1946 Red Sox (lost WS)
75. 1984 Tigers (won WS)

4 Red Sox teams, 4 Tigers teams - which organization will put their 5th entrant in the Round of 64?  Williams and Pesky are both 27 years old; Trammell's 26 and Whitakers 27 for the Tigers.

C Tigers-Parrish
1B Sox-York
2B Sox-Doerr
SS Sox-Pesky
3B Tigers-Johnson
LF Sox-Williams
CF Tigers-Lemon
RF Tigers-Gibson
DH Tigers-Evans
SP1 Sox-Hughson
SP2 Push
SP3 Push
Cl Tigers-Hernandez
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR Tigers

Tigers 11 Red Sox 5 - like the last game, tight until the totals when Detroit broke it open.

22. 1998 Astros (lost NLDS)
107. 1976 Yankees (lost WS)

Houston's got a couple of teams moving forward - the Yankees have a couple and 14 more than that. This is the Bagwell (32) Biggio (30) Astros. The Yankees have 21 year old Willie Randolph and a 29 year old Thurman Munson.

C Yankees-Munson
1B Astros-Bagwell
2B Astros-Biggio
SS Yankees-Stanley
3B Yankees-Nettles
LF Astros-Alou
CF Yankees-Rivers
RF Astros-Bell
DH Astros-Berry
SP1 Astros-Lima
SP2 Astros-Reynolds
SP3 Astros-Hampton
Cl Astros-Wagner
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Astros

Astros 11 Yankees 6 - sweeping all the pitching categories, Houston moves on.  

43. 1928 A's (2nd in AL)
66. 1935 Yankees (2nd in AL)

-we're ending Group 6 with another Yankee attempt to add to the 16 teams they've already placed in the next round, 4 A's squads have joined them.  This A's team is ridiculous.  Foxx (20) Simmons (26) Cochrane (25) Cobb (41) Speaker (40) Grove (28). The Yankees have a half dozen Hall of Famers on their side (13 Hall of Famers in this matchup!) Dickey's 28 and Gehrig's 32.  Let's finish off this group.

C A's-Cochrane
1B Yankees-Gehrig
2B A's-Bishop
SS Yankees-Crosetti
3B Yankees-Rolfe
LF A's-Simmons
CF Push
RF Yankees-Selkirk
SP1 A's-Grove
SP2 Yankees-Ruffing
SP3 A's-Quinn
Cl A's-Rommel
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR A's

A's 8 Yankees 5 - it's the pitching that wins it for Philly, they win three matchups and the total to advance and end Group 6.

When we see this group again:

123. 1974 A's
59. 2015 Blue Jays

27. 1942 Yankees
91. 1990 A's

11. 1969 Orioles
75. 1984 Tigers

22. 1998 Astros
43. 1928 A's

Back to the NL with Group 6 and the 1904 Giants.

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