The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round One, Group 5)

Thursday, November 29, 2018

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5. 2018 Astros (lost ALCS)
124. 1946 Yankees (finished 3rd)

-the '17 Astros have already advanced, a dozen Yankees squads are already in the Round of 64. Jose Altuve and George Springer are both 28, Alex Bregman's 24.  Justin Verlander leads the pitching staff for the Astros at 35.  It's a Yankees team with a half dozen Hall of Famers, a 31 year old Joe DiMaggio leading the way. 

C Yankees-Robinson
1B Astros-Gurriel
2B Astros-Altuve
SS Astros-Correa
3B Astros-Bregman
LF Yankees-Keller
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Yankees-Henrich
DH Yankees-Johnson
SP1 Astros-Verlander
SP2 Yankees-Bevens
SP3 Astros-Cole
Cl Astros-Rondon
Double: Bat WAR Yankees

Double: Pit WAR Astros

Astros 9 Yankees 8 - Looked like Houston was going to run away with it after the IF matchups, but NYY swept the OF and was up 1 until Houston took the final 2 pitching matchups; the overall totals split and Houston escapes.  

60. 1972 A's (Won WS)
69. 1997 Yankees (lost ALDS)

-we know the Yankees story, they're sitting on 12 headed to the next round; the A's only have 2 and both of those are Philadelphia clubs.  Can Oakland make it to the Round of 64?  Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter are both 26.  For New York - Derek Jeter is also 26, Bernie Williams is 28, and Andy Pettitte's 25.

C A's-Duncan
1B Yankees-Martinez
2B Yankees-Sojo
SS A's-Campaneris
3B A's-Bando
LF A's-Rudi
CF Yankees-Williams
RF Yankees-O'Neill
SP1 Yankees-Pettitte
SP2 Yankees-Wells
SP3 Yankees-Cone
Cl Yankees-Rivera
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 11 A's 6 - that New York run, swept the OF, won the DH, swept all 4 pitching matchups - just too much for the A's and the 13th NYY team has moved on.

28. 1995 Indians (Lost WC)
101. 2014 A's (lost WC)

2 A's teams and 1 Cleveland team has advanced - which of these modern clubs moves on?  Cleveland's got a 28 year old Albert Belle, a 24 year old Jim Thome, a 28 year old Kenny Lofton and a 23 year old Manny Ramirez.  Whew.  The A's counter with a 28 year old Josh Donaldson.

C A's-Norris
1B A's-Moss
2B Indians-Baerga
SS Push
3B A's-Donaldson
LF Indians-Belle
CF Indians-Lofton
RF Indians-Ramirez
SP1 Indians-Martinez
SP2 Indians-Nagy
SP3 Indians-Hershiser
Cl Indians-Mesa
Double: Bat WAR Indians
Double: Pit WAR Indians

Indians 13 A's 3 - Mercy.  After the IF matchups, Oakland led 3-1 and then they just got stampeded.  

37. 1938 Yankees (Won WS)
92. 1964 White Sox (2nd in AL)

-The Yankees have 13 teams in the Field of 64; the White Sox have 1 - the team from the season prior, 1963.  Six Hall of Famers for NYY - DiMaggio's 23, Dickey's 31, Gehrig's 35 in his last full season.  The White Sox have fewer of those guys. 

C Yankees-Dickey
1B Yankees-Gehrig
2B Yankees-Gordon
SS White Sox-Hansen
3B White Sox-Ward
LF Yankees-Selkirk
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Yankees-Henrich
SP1 Yankees-Ruffing
SP2 Yankees-Gomez
SP3 White Sox-Horlen
Cl White Sox-Wilhelm
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

Yankees 10 White Sox 6 - NY threatened to pull away sweeping the OF and taking the first 2 pitching matchups, but the ChiSox were able to keep it competitive.  

12. 1912 Red Sox (won WS)
117. 1980 Orioles (2nd in AL East)

Boston's got 4 entrants in the next round; Baltimore's got 2, including the '79 club.  The Sox are led by a 24 year old Tris Speaker and a 22 year old Smokey Joe Wood. Baltimore's got a 24 year old Eddie Murray and a 34 year old Jim Palmer.

C Orioles-Dempsey
1B Orioles-Murray
2B Orioles-Dauer
SS Sox-Wagner
3B Sox-Gardner
LF Sox-Lewis
CF Sox-Speaker
RF Orioles-Singleton
SP1 Sox-Wood
SP2 Sox-O'Brien
SP3 Sox-Bedient
Cl Orioles-Stoddard
Double: Bat WAR Orioles
Double: Pit WAR Orioles

Orioles 10 Red Sox 7 - a pretty big upset, Baltimore lost the matchups, but narrowly took all the totals and they advance.  

53. 1921 Yankees (lost WS)
76. 1955 White Sox (3rd in AL)

-Yup, another Yankees/White Sox matchup.  This is a Babe Ruth club, he's 26.  Nellie Fox is 27, Minnie Minoso 29 for the Sox. 

C Yankees-Schang
1B Yankees-Pipp
2B White Sox-Fox
SS Yankees-Peckinpaugh
3B Push
LF Yankees-Ruth
CF Yankees-Miller
RF Yankees-Meusel
SP1 White Sox-Pierce
SP2 Yankees-Hoyt
SP3 Yankees-Shawkey
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR White Sox

Yankees 10 White Sox 4 - The OF sweep just too much here, that's 15 Yankee teams moving on.

21. 1914 A's (lost WS)
108. 1964 Yankees (lost WS)

-the A's are scuffling in the bracket; the Yankees steamrolling.  Eddie Collins is 27, Home Run Baker 28 for the A's.  Mantle is 32, Maris 29 for the Yankees. 

C Yankees-Howard
1B A's-McInnis
2B A's-Collins
SS A's-Barry
3B A's-Baker
LF Yankees-Tresh
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Yankees-Maris
SP1 Yankees-Bouton
SP2 Yankees-Downing
SP3 Yankees-Ford
Cl Yankees-Pennock
Double: Bat WAR A's
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 10 A's 6 - The New York Yankees are laying waste to Group 5.  

44. 1934 Tigers (lost WS)
85. 1965 Twins (lost WS)

-3 Tigers teams have advanced, 1 Minnesota team. Gehringer and Cochrane are both 31, Greenberg's 33. For the Twins, Killebrew is 29 and Oliva is 26.

C Tigers-Cochrane
1B Tigers-Greenberg
2B Tigers-Gehringer
SS Twins-Versalles
3B Tigers-Owen
LF Twins-Allison
CF Twins-Hall
RF Twins-Oliva
SP1 Tigers-Bridges
SP2 Tigers-Rowe
SP3 Twins-Perry
Cl Tigers-Auker
Double: Bat WAR Tigers
Double: Pit WAR Tigers

Tigers 11 Twins 5 - tight until the totals, the totals were also tight, but the Tigers took them both and moved on.  

Here's the next round:

5. 2018 Astros
69. 1997 Yankees

28. 1995 Indians
37. 1938 Yankees

117. 1980 Orioles
53. 1921 Yankees

108. 1964 Yankees
44. 1934 Tigers

Back to the NL next time, led by the 1942 Cardinals.  

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