MLB 2014 Top 100 100-81

Thursday, February 20, 2014

MLB Network is beginning it's countdown of the 100 best players in baseball for the upcoming year, each time they roll out a new section, I'll do the same with mine, and add a bonus at the bottom.

MLB Network:
100. The Late Derek Jeter (not ranked on my list)
99. Brandon Phillips (unranked)
98. Torii Hunter (unranked)
97. Andrelton Simmons (ranked much higher)
96. Shane Victorino (solidly higher for me)
95. Ian Kinsler (much higher)
94. Gerrit Cole (unranked)
93. Shelby Miller (unranked)
92. Michael Wacha (unranked)
91. Trevor Rosenthal (unranked)
90. Patrick Corbin (I admire the commitment to kid pitchers, but again, unranked)
89. Clay Buchholtz (unranked)
88. Matt Cain (much higher)
87. Josh Donaldson (much higher)
86. Joe Nathan (unranked)
85. Matt Wieters (unranked)
84. Billy Butler (unranked)
83. Jon Lester (you'll find him below)
82. Koji Uehara (you'll find him below)
81. Chase Utley (a little higher on my list)

100. Angel Pagan
99. Koji Uehara
98. AJ Griffin
97. Kenley Jansen
96. Brian McCann
95. Jake Peavy
94. Carlos Santana
93. Coco Crisp
92. Matt Moore
91. Brandon Belt
90. Freddie Freeman
89. Jon Lester
88. Jason Kipnis
87. Wil Myers
86. James Shields
85. Chase Headley
84. Cole Hamels
83. Craig Kimbrel
82. Josh Hamilton
81. Chris Davis

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