Saturday, October 17, 2015

I hit the Wild Card and split the two NLDS; I had the Dodgers going into the postseason to win the pennant but really liked whomever came out of the WC game as a close second choice.  That won't stop here - the Cubs swept the Mets this season, and while a sample size of 7 games isn't determinative I bet there aren't too many circumstances in MLB history where a team got swept in the regular season over the course of even that many games and then turned around and beat the sweepers in the playoffs.  The Cubs hit a bunch of homers, which are prone to variance and given their tendency to strike out a bunch you get concerned that the bats will go cold.  Russell's NLDS injury keeps him out here, and that hurts Chicago.

The best position players are Cubs - Rizzo and Bryant.  The best pitcher is a Cub - Arrieta, and when you add Lester to that, I'll say we are looking, albeit in 7 games, at a Chicago Cub pennant.

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