2016 NFL Playoff Predictions

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here are my picks for the 2016 NFL Playoffs.  As a bonus, the 1-12 ranking of who, as a Niners fan, I'm rooting for.


Oakland over Houston
Pittsburgh over Miami

New England over Oakland
Pittsburgh over KC

AFC Title
New England over Pittsburgh

Seattle over Detroit
Green Bay over New York

Dallas over Green Bay
Atlanta over Seattle

NFC Title
Atlanta over Dallas

SB New England over Atlanta

1. Oakland - more likely to be bounced in the Wild Card game given the issues at QB than to win the whole thing, but I always go Bay Area loyalty when my team's not in play.
2. Kansas City - Alex Smith was taking the Niners to a conference title game not too many years ago, I'd get some enjoyment out of his getting back to that spot.
3. Detroit - now we've hit the "long-suffering" portion of the rankings; Lions fans qualify.
4. Miami - I live down there; so a bunch of bandwagon hopping Dolphin fans would be fun to witness.
5. Atlanta - I see a scenario where I'm investing a little money in the Falcons to upset the Cowboys.
6. Houston - we're scraping bottom here of teams I wouldn't hate rooting for.  This is probably the cut off line

7. Green Bay - I like Aaron Rodgers, I like Olivia Munn; I like the Packers community ownership.
8. New York - Eli wasn't mediocre this year, he was bad - actively bad, one of the worst quarterbacks in football - that he would be a 3 time SB Champion is kinda bonkers.
9. Pittsburgh - No one really needs another Steelers title.
10. Seattle - The Niner/Seahawk rivalry is over; they won, we lost, and I like Pete Carroll, but I can skip their stomping on our graves with a second ring.
11. New England - No one really needs another Patriots title.
12. Dallas - Nope.  "Hey, this isn't the old Cowboys, they're young and it's so much fun to have the..."  Nope.  You want a Trump/Jerry Jones 2017?  Do you?  Nope.

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