Tendown, June 26 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

231 is here.  This is Tendown 232.


1. Any chance I get to express incredulity that, in 2016, self identified liberals prefer Alexander Hamilton to LBJ on domestic issues, I have to take it.  It's almost unbearable.

2. Don't die if you can't pay for it. Write that down.

3. Liberals, even smart ones, have had a history problem this election cycle with the white working class.

4. Weirdly, the donor class doesn't want Warren.  Not that the liberals arguing Clinton was the real progressive will feel the need to explain that.  Nor will they explain why the neocons are on her side.

5. What the hell did Pat Haden do?

6. Sotomayor's dissent.

7. If Trump wins - just print a version of this piece.  And this one.  And then Greenwald.

8. Private prison guards.

9. Renting in San Francisco.

10. The sit in.              and here.            and here.

And one more...

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time....if there is a next time...

Your pal, Jim

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