Top 25 Baseball Teams Post 1960

Monday, January 29, 2018

MLB Network did a list of the 25 best MLB teams from 1961 forward. 

Here's my list with accompanying MLB Network ranking.

1. 1998 Yankees (MLB#1)
2. 2016 Cubs (MLB#6)
3. 1975 Reds (MLB#2)
4. 1970 Orioles (MLB#4)
5. 1976 Reds (MLB#9)
6. 1968 Tigers (MLB#8)
7. 1986 Mets (MLB#5)
8. 1961 Yankees (MLB#3)
9. 1971 Pirates
10. 2013 Cardinals
11. 2002 Angels
12. 2007 Red Sox (MLB #19)
13. 1972 A's (MLB#18)
14. 1977 Yankees
15. 1978 Yankees (MLB#17)
16. 2017 Astros
17. 1984 Tigers (MLB#7)
18. 1981 Dodgers
19. 1974 A's
20. 1967 Cardinals (MLB#10)
21. 1989 A's (MLB#16)
22. 2004 Red Sox (MLB#12)
23. 1999 Yankees (MLB#15)
24. 1966 Orioles
25. 1983 Orioles

MLB has the '63 Dodgers at 25 (I have them 37) the '79 Pirates at 24 (I'd have them 27) the '01 Diamondbacks at 23 I'd have them 29) the '93 Jays at 22 (I have them 42), the 62 Yankees at 21 (I have them 30) the 01 Mariners at 20 (I'm only considering WS winners), the '09 Yankees at 14 (I have them 28) the '69 Mets at 13 (I have them 38) the '95 Braves at 11 (I have them 33)

Super Bowl 52 Pick

Friday, January 26, 2018

My first Super Bowl was 12; I think I remember 11 but that could just be highlights.  I definitely recall 12, however, so I've seen 40 of these things in real time and been making picks nearly as long.

Patriots outright
Eagles +5

By most measures these were very evenly matched teams over the course of the regular season; the Eagles have the best offensive line in football and, in Cox/Graham, the two best front seven defenders in this game.  If the Eagles controlled both lines of scrimmage in this game it wouldn't surprise.

And yet - you can't pick them to win; the difference is the quarterback, which is the most basic of analysis - Brady is still, age age 53, the best player in football, and Nick Foles, while coming off a great NFC Championship, had as many bad games as good ones replacing Carson Wentz, and the level of variance with him is just too high to say he's more likely to beat you than Brady.

I don't love the game, as is evidenced by my splitting the difference and taking the Eagles +5, the Patriots were dead and buried just a week ago at home against the Jags, there's at least some possibility of a Gronkowski concussion issue that might manifest itself in this game, and the Eagle team that blitzed through the Vikings was the best team in football this year.

And of course, like all right thinking people, I'm rooting against the Patriots so it's more fun to be on that side of this wager.

However - if you're picking, and I am, I'll take the guy who most now say is the greatest quarterback who ever lived over Nick Foles.

2018 Royal Rumble Preview/Every Match in Royal Rumble History Ranked

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The 31st Royal Rumble is Sunday from Philadelphia; your interest in this particular card probably rests on personal investment in the idea of the first ever women's Rumble match.  I'm nestling comfortably into a middle aged white guy aversion to much of the current identity politics talk; there's a layer of WWE fandom less interested in bell to bell than they are in optics, but workrate remains more important to me than wokerate, and so much of the WWE women's revolution leaves me disinterested.

Here's the card.

Universal Title Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane
-This is the RAW title; Brock took from Goldberg at Mania and rolls on. He's going to keep it here in what will need to be a fairly short, fast paced, garbage match in order to be good.  Brock's the monster babyface champ, he's going to keep this belt into a main event match at WM34.  Strowman is also a monster babyface, booked to do ridiculous, superhuman things - similar to my thought about the women, Strowman isnt really what I do either. He's fine for this archetype, but there are big guys like Keith Lee or Jeff Cobb out there in the world who could also be in this spot and be good workers.  Kane's here to get pinned unless Strowman gets pinned because of some type of HHH interference to set up a Mania match.  Either way - it's probably not great and Brock keeps.

Brock kept in a short match no better than expected.

WWE Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
-This is the lineal WWF Champ, AJ is the 133rd WWF Champion, having taken from Jinder Mahal (who may have been the very worst wrestler ever to hold the belt...maybe Hogan's last run in 2002, he was worse, Vince had the belt for a week in '99, he was worse, if we recognize Andre in '88, he was a worse wrestler at the time than Jinder, and your mileage may vary on Stan Stasiak, but you can say Jinder's a bottom 5 all time wrestler to hold the WWF title...) back in May. He's the babyface, fighting a handicap match against heels Owens/Zayn; they are all part of a Daniel Bryan vs. Shane McMahon rival authority figure program on Smackdown. They have the ability to turn either Bryan or Shane heel in this match and switch the belts to make Owens/Zayn "co-champs" - or turn either heel in a failed attempt to screw AJ.  It's a good story, albeit limited by what still looks like WWE aversion to clear Danielson to wrestle again and by the years of WWE authority figure storylines that have just burned that trope to the ground. These are 3 of the best wrestlers in the promotion, and I am looking forward to the match, but if feels more like a set up for the angle than like a match of the year candidate.

Edit - 3 1/2 stars, 16 minutes, this was well worked given the handicap gimmick, AJ kept.

RAW Tag Titles: Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus
Smackdown Tag Titles: Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) (c) vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

-I mention this sort of incredulously every quarter when I do a preview of one of the big 4 PPVs, neither of these belts is the lineal WWF tag titles, they let that lineage die.  The RAW titles began in '02, Rollins and Jordan were thrown together when Dean Ambrose went down with a serious injury, and they took from Cesaro/Sheamus a month ago.  Jordan is Kurt Angle's son in storyline; that's fueled his heel turn as he's just not believable in that role (and maybe the role itself is just too ridiculous to believe) - Rollins remains a babyface, but it's Cesaro/Sheamus, who have been heels, who get the cheers in this program.  This should be a very good match; Rollins/Jordan dropping the titles with some sort of issue between them to start gearing toward a WM34 match would make sense.

-Jordan's previous tag partner was Gable; he's now with the returning Shelton Benjamin, challenging the Usos for the belts in what should also be a good match. The Smackdown belts are even newer than the RAW belts, they were launched in 2016 - the Usos have held them since October and there doesn't seem to be a ton of momentum for a Gable/Benjamin run.

Sheamus/Cesaro took the titles in a disappointing match; the Usos kept in a 3 1/4 match.

That's the show other than the 2 Rumble matches; my strong rooting interest is for a Nakamura win to set up Nakamura/AJ at WM, but I don't have any level of confidence it will turn out that way.  Like most Royal Rumbles, the spectacle of the Rumble match itself is enough to earn a buy.

Edit: I went 4 on the men's match, the third best Rumble match of all time. Nakamura did go over.

Edit: The women's match was 3 1/2, the format really helped cover up the work weaknesses (which were significant) - the extended late match sequence worked a little better with the men, but the layout for both matches was similarly good.  

Currently there are no other matches, they maybe do something with the Cruiser belt as it is vacant with Enzo being released this week.

It's the Royal Rumble, of course you watch it. 

I've done it for Mania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.  Here is my ranking of every match in the history of the Royal Rumble.  Times are approximate, star ratings are for the 3 and up matches.  Apologies if I missed anything.

     1.         '03 WWF Title: Kurt Angle d. Chris Benoit 20 min 5

   2     '15 WWF Title: Brock Lesnar d. Seth Rollins/John Cena 23 min 4 1/2

   3.       ’00 WWF Title HHH d. Cactus Jack 27 min 4 ¼

   4  ’01 IC Ladder: Chris Jericho d. Chris Benoit 19 min 4 ¼

   5. '17 WWF Title: John Cena d. AJ Styles 24 min 4 1/4

   6. '16 IC Falls Count Anywhere: Dean Ambrose d. Kevin Owens 21:30 4 1/4

   7  ’04 Rumble Match: (Chris Benoit) 61:30 4

   8 ’92 WWF Title: Rumble Match (Ric Flair) 62 min 4

   9 '14 Bray Wyatt d. Daniel Bryan 22 min 4

   10. '17 RAW Title: Kevin Owens d. Roman Reigns 23 min 4

   11 ’91 Rockers d. Orient Express 19 min 4

   12 ’95 WWF Title: Diesel draw Bret Hart 27 min 4


 ’ 13. '10 Rumble Match (Edge) 49:30 3 ¾

       14  ’00 Tables Hardys d. Dudleys 10:30 3 ¾

   15.  ’94 Tags: Quebecers d. Bret/Owen 16:30 3 ¾

   16. ’04 WWF Title: HHH draw HBK 22:30 3 ¾

   17   '11 World: Edge d. Dolph Ziggler 20:30 3 ½

   18  ’02 WWF Title: Chris Jericho d. Rock 19 min 3 1/2

   19 ’98 WWF Title: Casket Match: Shawn Michaels d. Undertaker 22 min 3 ½

   20 ’07 WWF Title: Last Man Standing: John Cena d. Umaga 22:30 3 ½

   21 ’99 WWF Title: I Quit Match: Rock d. Mankind 22 min 3 ½

   22 ’93 WWF Title: Bret Hart d. Razor Ramon 18 min 3 ½

   23 ’11 Rumble Match (Alberto del Rio) 69 min 3 1/2

   24 ’90 Rumble Match (Hulk Hogan) 59 min 3 ½

   25 ’97 Rumble Match(Steve Austin) 50:30 3 ½

   26. '17 Cruiser Title: Neville d. Rich Swann 13 min 3 1/2

   27 ’01 WWF Title: Kurt Angle d. HHH 24:30 3 ¼

   28 ’13 WWF Title: Rock d. CM Punk 23:30 3 ¼

   29 ’93 IC Shawn Michaels d. Marty Jannetty 14:30 3 ¼

   30 ’05 Edge d. Shawn Michaels 18:30 3 ¼

   31 ’09 WWF Title: Edge d. Jeff Hardy 19:30 3 ¼

   32  '16 WWF Title Rumble Match (HHH) 61:30 3 1/4

   33 ’12 Rumble Match (Sheamus) 55 min 3 ¼

   34 ’05 Rumble Match (Batista) 51:30 3 ¼

   35 ’03 Rumble Match(Brock Lesnar) 53:30 3 ¼

   36 ’00 Rumble Match(Rock) 52 min 3 ¼

   37 ’01 Rumble Match(Steve Austin) 62 min 3 ¼

   38 ’06 Rumble Match (Rey Mysterio) 62 min 3 ¼

   39 ’07 Rumble Match (Undertaker) 56:30 3 ¼   

   40 ’89 Rumble Match(John Studd) 64 min 3 ¼

   41 ’98 Rumble Match (Steve Austin) 55:30 3 ¼

   42 ’08 Rumble Match (John Cena) 51:30 3 ¼

   43 '14 WWF Title: Randy Orton d. John Cena 21 min 3 1/4

   44 ’10 World: Undertaker d. Rey Mysterio 11 min 3 ¼

   45 ’11 WWF: Miz d. Randy Orton 20 min 3 ¼

   46 ’05 World: HHH d. Randy Orton 21:30 3 ¼

   47 ’07 Hardys d. MNM 15:30 3 ¼

   48 ’12 WWF Title: CM Punk d. Dolph Ziggler 14 min 3

   49 ’01 Tags: Dudleys d. Edge/Christian 10 min 3

   50 ’08 WWF Title: Randy Orton d. Jeff Hardy 14 min 3

   51 ’92 Owen/Anvil d. Orient Express 17 min 3

   52 ’95 Tags: Bob Holly/123 Kid d. Tatanka/Bam Bam Bigelow 15:30 3

   53 ’02 Rumble Match(HHH) 69:30 3

   54 ’94 Rumble Match: (Bret/Lex) 55 min 3

   55 ’93 Rumble Match: (Yokozuna) 66:30 3

   56 ’91 Rumble Match (Hulk Hogan) 65 min 3

   57 ’96 Rumble Match(Shawn Michaels) 59 min 3

   58 ’99 Rumble Match (Vince McMahon) 56:30 3

   59 ’95 Rumble Match (Shawn Michaels) 39 min 3

   60 ’09 Rumble Match (Randy Orton) 58:30 3

   61 '14 Rumble Match (Batista) 55 min 3

   62 ’13 Rumble Match (John Cena) 55 min 3

   63 '15 Rumble Match (Reigns) 59 min 3

   64 '17 Rumble Match (Orton) 3

   65 ’88 Rumble Match (Jim Duggan) 33:30 3

   66 ’02 IC: William Regal d. Edge 10 min 3

   67 ’04 Eddy Guerrero d. Chavo Guerrero 8 min 3

   68 ’13 World: Last Man Standing: Alberto del Rio d. Big Show 17 min 3

   69 ’09 ECW: Jack Swagger d. Matt Hardy 10:30 3

   70 ’96 Tags: Smoking Gunns d. Bodydonnas 11 min 3

   71 ’03 Tags: Dudleys d. Regal/Storm 7:30 3

   72 '16 US: Kalisto d. Del Rio 11:30 3

   73. '17: Women's Title: Charlotte d. Bayley 13 min 3

   74 ’97 WWF Title: Shawn Michaels d. Sid 14 min 3

   75 ’89 Haku d. Harley Race 9 min 3

   76 ’97 IC: HHH d. Goldust 17 min 3


   77 ’06 Jr.: Gregory Helms d. Kash, Funaki, Noble, Nunzio, London 7:30

   78 ’88 Jumping Bomb Angels d. Glamour Girls 14 min

   79 ’89 Hart Foundation/Duggan d. Dino Bravo/Rougeaus 16 min

   80 ’96 WWF Title: Undertaker d. Bret Hart 29 min

   81 ’08 World: Edge d. Rey Mysterio 12:30

   82 ’88 Ricky Steamboat d. Rick Rude 17 min

   83 ’00 Taz d. Kurt Angle 3 min

   84 ’02 Ric Flair d. Vince McMahon 15 min

   85 ’98 IC Rock d. Shamrock 11 min

   86 ’05 WWF Title: JBL d. Big Show/Kurt Angle 12 min

   87 ’06 WWF Title: John Cena d. Edge 14

   88 ’97 Vader d. Undertaker 13 min

   89 ’13 Tags: Hell No d. Rhodes Scholars 9:30

   90 ’93 Steiners d. Beverlys 10:30

   91 ’07 World: Batista d. Ken Kennedy 10:30

   92 ’90 Ronny Garvin d. Greg Valentine 17 min

   93 '16 Women: Charlotte d. Becky 11:30

   94 ’10 ECW: Christian d. Ezekial Jackson 12 min

   95 ’88 Islanders d. Young Stallions 14 min

   96 ’02 Tags: Taz/Spike Dudley d. Dudleys 5 min

   97  '16 Tags: New Day d. Usos 11 min

   98 ’12 World: Cage: Daniel Bryan d. Big Show/Mark Henry

   99 ’00 IC: Chris Jericho d. Chyna d. Bob Holly 7:30

   100 ’08 JBL d. Chris Jericho 9:30

   101 ’10 US: Miz d. MVP 7:30

   102 ’97 Garza/Aguayo/Canek d. Estrada/Metal/.Guerrera 11 min

   103 ’04 WWF Title: Brock Lesnar d. Bob Holly 6:30

   104 '15 Tags: Usos d. Miz/Mizdow 9:30

   105 ’03 Brock Lesnar d. Big Show 6 min

   106 Euro: '99 Sean Waltman d. Gangrel 6 min

   107 ’98 Vader d. Goldust 8 min

   108 ’95 IC Jeff Jarrett d. Razor Ramon 18 min

   109 ’99 IC: Ken Shamrock d. Billy Gunn 14:30

   110 ’04 Jr. Rey Mysterio d. Jamie Noble 3:30

   111  ’91 Boss Man d. Barbarian 14 min

   112 '14 Brock Lesnar d. Big Show 2 min

   113’92 IC: Roddy Piper d. Mountie 5:30

   114 ’08 Ric Flair d. MVP 8 min

   115 ’98 Mini/Mosaic/Nova d. Battalion/Torito/Tarantula 8 min

   116 ’97 Ahmed Johnson d. Farooq 9 min

   117 ’96 Ahmed Johnson d. Jeff Jarrett 6:30

   118 ’10 WWF: Sheamus d. Randy Orton 12:30

   119 ’07 ECW: Bobby Lashley d. Test 7:30

   120 ’04 Tags: Evolution d. Dudleys 4:30

   121 ’03 World Title: Scott Steiner d. HHH 18:30

   122 ’09 World John Cena d. JBL 15:30

   123 ’99 Boss Man d. Road Dogg 12 min

   124 ’90 Hacksaw Duggan d. Big Boss Man 10:30

   125  ’91 Ted DiBiase/Virgil d. Dusty/Dustin 10 min

   126 ’00 Tags: New Age Outlaws d. Acolytes 2:30

   127 ’94 Tatanka d. Bam Bam Bigelow 8

   128  ’94 IC: Razor Ramon d. IRS 11:30

   129 ’96 IC: Goldust d. Razor 14:30

   130 ’89 Rockin Robin d. Judy Martin 6:30

   131 ’11 Women: Eve d. Natalya/Layla/Michelle McCool 5 min

   132 '15 Bellas d. Page/Natty 8 min

   133 ’12 Bellas/Beth/Natalya d. Kelly/Eve/Alicia/Tamina 5:30

   134 ’02 Women: Trish d. Jazz 4 min

   135 ’09 Women: Melina d. Beth Phoenix 6:30

   136 ’92 Tags: Natural Disasters d. LOD 9:30

   137 ’98 Tags: LOD d. New Age Outlaws 8 min

   138 ’91 Mountie d. Koko 9

   139 ’05 Casket: Undertaker d. Heidenreich 13:30

   140 ’91 WWF Title: Sgt. Slaughter d. Ultimate Warrior 12:30

   141 ’06 World: Kurt Angle d. Mark Henry 9:30

   142  ’93 Bam Bam Bigelow d. Big Boss Man 10 min

   143 ’95 Undertaker d. IRS 12:30

   144 '15 Ascension d. New Age Outlaws 5:30

   145 ’01 Women: Ivory d. Chyna 3:30

   146 ’99 Women: Sable d. Luna 4:30

   147 ’12 Brodus Clay d. Drew McIntyre 1 min

   148  ’06 Boogeyman d. JBL 2 min

   149  ’90 Bushwackers d. Rougeaus 13:30

   150 ’12 John Cena draw Kane 11

   151  ’90 Brutus Beefcake draw Lanny Poffo 11 min

   152  ’92 Beverlys d. Bushwackers 15 min

   153  ’10 Women: Mickie James d. Michelle McCool :30

   154 ’03 Torrie Wilson d. Dawn Marie 3:30

   155 ’06 Women: Mickey James d. Ashley 7:30

    156  '94 WWF Title: Yokozuna d. Undertaker 14:30

2018 NBA All Star Mock Draft

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Andre Drummond was a pretty significant snub this year; everything else is fine; I'd make a different choice here or there, but the one guy who definitely should be in this game who is not is Drummond.

LeBron picks first for the starters, when we get to the reserves Steph picks first.  It's a ping pong draft.

1. Kevin Durant - I think this is an easy pick; LeBron always shows a level of respect for Durant above the rest of the Warriors and I think he'd like to break the GSW group up.

1. Anthony Davis - I think Steph goes front count here, Giannis is sort of an obvious choice with KD gone, but there's a non-zero chance that the Warriors are in play for a free agent Davis and my guess is Steph would like to get him in the fold; he can also gamble that Giannis is still available in the next round.

2. James Harden - LeBron goes back court here as opposed to a duplicative Giannis pick.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Giannis against Durant is really an appealing matchup; hopefully, Steph decides he can let Giannis slide a round before grabbing him.

3. Kyrie Irving - my guess is LeBron doesn't want to deal with any "why didn't you pick Kyrie" questions given that Steph is unlikely to spend an early pick on a fellow PG, this will eliminate that.

3. Boogie Cousins - having Cousins/Davis on opposite sides would be more fun, but if the board falls this way, having guys who are familiar with you in the same frontcourt makes some sense.  Steph also will get the remaining guard in his next pick, so he can have his choice of front court players here.

4. Joel Embiid - last guy on the board for LeBron in round one; young guys tend to play harder than vets

4. DeMar DeRozan - a sneaky MVP possibility as  the only starter from LA.

5. Klay Thompson - Steph's definitely going to take one of his guys here, I'll say he wants Klay.

5. Draymond Green - so, Westbrook is the top player on the board among the reserves, but my bet is Steph doesn't really want to play with him and LeBron knows that, so LeBron further breaks up the Warriors by taking Draymond.  If he goes Westbrook instead, Steph takes Dray next.

6. Damian Lillard - Steph's the only PG on the roster, if he doesn't want Westbrook, he takes Lillard.

6. Russell Westbrook - LeBron's gamble pays off, he breaks up the Warriors and unites Durant and Westbrook.

7. Karl-Anthony Towns - Steph's gone guard three straight picks, he goes to get some young size here

7. Jimmy Butler - Butler's the best player available, but he has a balky knee

8. Bradley Beal - Steph grabs another shooter

8. Kristaps Porzingis - from the young guys play hard school of thought

9. Kevin Love - another LA guy, Steph's got DeRozan, Klay and now adds Love, LeBron isn't sad to see him go

9. Kyle Lowry - LeBron prevents Steph from getting the all Raptor backcourt.

10. Victor Oladipo - relishes the chance to go against Westbrook

10. LaMarcus Aldridge - 3 picks left, I'll say LeBron takes the Spur

11. Al Horford - if for no other reason than to split up Beal and Wall, who very likely do not want to play together

11. John Wall - last guy on the board.

Team LeBron
C Embiid
F James
F Durant
G Irving
G Harden

Team Steph
C Cousins
F Davis
F Giannis
G Curry
G DeRozan

Team LeBron
C Aldridge
F Green
F Porzingis
F Butler
G Westbrook
G Lowry
G Wall

Team Steph
C Towns
C Horford
F Love
F Oladipo
G Thompson
G Lillard
G Beal

All My Super Bowl Stuff

Monday, January 22, 2018

Here's my annual Super Bowl posts that I update after evey year's game and will do so again after SB52.  It's 52, right? 

Re-awarded MVP

Top 25 Individual Performances in SB History

Ten Best Super Bowls of all Time

Ten Best Teams Not to Play in the Super Bowl

SB Quarterbacks

Ten Best Teams Who Didn't Win a Super Bowl

Every SB Winner Ranked

Greatest Players in SB History

Athlete of the Month, January 2018

2017 Athlete of the Year is here.

We rev it up again, each month since January, 1990 I've awarded an Athlete of the Month on the way to an Athlete of the Year award.  Here's the January 2018 winner.

Nick Foles.

Runners-up: Tua Tagovailoa, Trae Young, Danny Amendola

1 down, 11 to go in the race for 2018 Athlete of the Year

January: Nick Foles


1930s Intrasquad Game

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The 1920s game is here.

1930s Reserves 11
1930s Starters 7

-I'm now planning on scaling back the offense a tick, just around the periphery, extra bases taken, runners moved up on ground balls as opposed to being forced.  I'd like to see a little less scoring and games move a little more quickly.

-The star here was Stan Hack who hit 3 homers in a losing cause for the starters.  Foxx/Greenberg/Medwick also added homers for the starters, each of their runs coming via homer. The first six were scored in the first 3 innings, Carl Hubbell got knocked out after an inning and two-thirds. 

-Appling hit the only homer for the winning reserves, but Greenberg (played for both teams) reached three times and the reserves doubled five times.  Dutch Leonard was the star for the reserves, he went 7 1/3 in relief of Hubbell to get the win. 

1920s Intrasquad Game

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Progressive Era game is here.

I tweaked the pitchers cards prior to this one; the game is going to be heavily batter dependent with the differences between pitchers being relatively small, but I wanted to increase that disparity a little bit. 

Another successful game -

1920s Starters 8
1920s Reserves 5

On a team filled with Hall of Famers, Heinie Groh was the star, he hit two 2 run homers and added a double in the Starters 8-5 win.  Bill Terry and Tris Speaker both added homers for the Starters.  Walter Johnson gave up 3 in 5 1/3 for the win. Ted Lyons gave up 3 in 2 1/3 for the loss. Goose Goslin went 4-4 for the Reserves, Harry Hooper and Ernie Lombardi both had a couple of hits.  Neither Ruth-Gehrig-Hornsby were a combined 0-10 for the Starters, who still scored 8 runs. 

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 16: Active Players

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

21st Century B

This is a dynamic team, once a player retires he is off the club - either he'll stick with one of the other 21st century teams (or the late 20th century leftover team; in the same way the early 20th century team also includes 19th century players, 21st century players are eligible for the late 20th century team) or he's out of the league.  This is the only team for active players, that's a hard and fast rule - if you're active, you're either here or not playing.

11. C Joe Mauer (LH) (Platoon)
2. 1B Albert Pujols
6. 2B Robinson Cano (LH)
19. SS Troy Tulowitki
5. 3B Miguel Cabrera
15. LF Ryan Braun
9. CF Mike Trout
25. RF Ichiro Suzuki (LH) (Platoon)

18. C Buster Posey (Platoon)
17. 1B Joey Votto (LH)
12. 2B Chase Utley (LH)
41. SS Jose Reyes
8. 3B Adrian Beltre (DH)
18. LF Matt Holliday
26. CF Andrew McCutchen
36. RF Jose Bautista (Platoon)

Starting Pitchers
26. Clayton Kershaw (LH)
31. Zack Greinke
32. Justin Verlander
38. CC Sabathia (LH)

45. Felix Hernandez
54. Cole Hamels (LH)
77. Max Scherzer
85. Bartolo Colon

Francisco Rodriguez

Mgr. Bruce Bochy
Coaches: Joe Maddon, Terry Francona

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 15: 21st Century B

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

32. C Jason Kendall
14. 1B David Ortiz (LH)
27. 2B Chuck Knoblauch
23. SS Miguel Tejada (platoon)
21. 3B Robin Ventura (LH) (Platoon)
21. LF Luis Gonzalez (LH)
18. CF Andruw Jones
24. RF Sammy Sosa

34. C Javier Lopez
22. 1B Jason Giambi (LH) (DH)
37. 2B Placido Polanco
23. SS Jimmy Rollins (switch)
32. 3B Matt Williams (switch)
34. LF Carl Crawford (LH)
23. CF Torii Hunter
26. RF Jose Canseco

Starting Pitching
71. Roy Oswalt
91. Jamie Moyer (LH)
103. Cliff Lee (LH)
119. Javier Vazquez

122. Carlos Zambrano
155. Al Leiter (LH)
156. Jake Peavy
157. Josh Beckett

Closer Trevor Hoffman

Mgr. Joe Girardi
Coaches: Mike Hargrove, Felipe Alou

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 14: 21st Century A

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

7. C Mike Piazza
11. 1B Jeff Bagwell (platoon)
15. 2B Jeff Kent
2. SS Alex Rodriguez
7. 3B Chipper Jones (switch) (platoon)
4. LF Manny Ramirez
7. CF Jim Edmonds (LH) (Platoon)
12. RF Gary Sheffield

15. C Jorge Posada (switch)
12. 1B Todd Helton (LH) (Platoon)
20. 2B Craig Biggio
9. SS Derek Jeter
10. 3B Scott Rolen (platoon)
9. LF Lance Berkman (DH)
8. CF Carlos Beltran (switch)
18. RF Vlad Guerrero

Starting Pitchers
5. Randy Johnson LH
12. Mike Mussina
27. Roy Halladay
46. Andy Pettitte LH

47. Johan Santana (LH)
50. Tim Hudson
58. Mark Buehrle (LH)
73. Kenny Rogers (LH)

Joe Nathan

Mgr. Cito Gaston
Coaches: Lou Piniella, Jack McKeon

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 13: Late 20th Century Leftovers

Monday, January 8, 2018

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

23. C Darrell Porter (LH)  (platoon)
15. 1B Rafael Palmeiro (LH)
23. 2B Tony Phillips
20. SS Nomar Garciaparra (platoon)
14. 3B Graig Nettles (LH)
31. LF George Foster
19. CF Kenny Lofton
19. RF Bobby Abreu (LH)

32. C Lance Parrish (platoon)
20. 1B John Olerud (DH) (LH)
30. 2B Julio Franco
22. SS Tony Fernandez (switch)
20. 3B Darrell Evans (LH)
33. LF Minnie Minoso
21. CF Bernie Williams
21. RF Brian Giles (LH)

Starting Pitchers
73. Jimmy Key (LH)
78. Dwight Gooden
108. Frank Viola LH
109. Brad Radke

Relief Pitchers
147. Steve Rogers
150. Jack Morris
151. Bob Welch
152. Fernando Valenzuela (LH)

Billy Wagner

Mgr. Davey Johnson
Coaches: Tom Kelly, Bobby Valentine

2017-18 NBA All Star Rosters - Final Build

Sunday, January 7, 2018

We're halfway through the NBA season, this is my final build for the 2018 All Star Rosters.

Format this year:

12 players/conference
Starters: 3 frontcourt/2 guards per conference
Reserves: 3 frontcourt/2 guard per conference
                2 players any position per conference

No longer east/west, the leading vote getter in each conference will draft teams from that pool. 

Here's how that should go. Based on a combination of Hollinger/RPM/Win Shares

James and Harden are the top players in each conference, James gets first pick, snake draft

Team James
F L.James MVP East  MVP1
F G.Antetokounmpo East  MVP3
F A.Davis West  
G K.Irving East  
G D.DeRozan East  

G R.Westbrook West  
G V.Oladipo East  
F L.Aldridge West  
F A.Horford East  
F N.Jokic West  

G K.Lowry East  
G T.Evans West 

Team Harden
G J.Harden West MVP2
J.Butler West 
F KA Towns West  
F D.Cousins West  F A.Drummond East  

G S.Curry West  
G B.Beal East 
F K.Durant West    
F K.Love East  
F O.Porter East  

G D.Lillard Port  
P.George OKC  



J.Tatum Bos 
J.Embiid  Phi  
N.Vucevic Orl  
T.Harris Det 
K.Middleton Mil 
K.Porzingis NY  
R.Covington Phi

K.Walker Charl  
S.Dinwiddie Brook 
B.Simmons Phi  


C.Capela Hou  
D.Jordan LAC 
S.Adams OKC  
D.Green GSW  
P.Gasol SA  

G.Harris Den 
L.Williams LAC 
J.Holliday NO 
K.Thompson GSW 
C.Paul Hou  

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 12: The 1990s

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

3. C Pudge Rodriguez
5. 1B Frank Thomas (Platoon)
10. 2B Roberto Alomar (Switch) (Platoon)
3. SS Cal Ripken
3. 3B Wade Boggs (LH)
1. LF Barry Bonds (LH)
6. CF Ken Griffey
9. RF Larry Walker (LH)

16. C Brian Downing
8. 1B Jim Thome (LH) (Platoon)
13. 2B Ryne Sandberg (Platoon)
6. SS Ozzie Smith (Switch)
6. 3B Edgar Martinez (DH)
16. LF Albert Belle
17. CF Kirby Puckett
14. RF Tony Gwynn (LH)

Starting Pitchers
2. Roger Clemens
10. Pedro Martinez
22. Curt Schilling
28. Kevin Brown

35. David Cone
48. Chuck Finley (LH)
56. Kevin Appier
62. David Wells (LH)

Mariano Rivera

Mgr. Bobby Cox
Coaches: Jim Leyland, Dusty Baker

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 11: The 1980s

Saturday, January 6, 2018

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

2. C Gary Carter
10. 1B Mark McGwire (Platoon)
5. 2B Bobby Grich
5. SS Barry Larkin
1. 3B Mike Schmidt
3. LF Rickey Henderson
14. CF Chet Lemon
11. RF Dwight Evans

6. Carlton Fisk
19. 1B Will Clark  (LH) (Platoon)
7. 2B Lou Whitaker (LH)
8. SS Alan Trammell
9. 3B Paul Molitor
6. LF Tim Raines (DH) (Switch)
16. CF Andre Dawson
20. RF Dave Winfield

Starting Pitchers
6. Greg Maddux
16. Tom Glavine (LH)
22. John Smoltz
25. Nolan Ryan

29. Bret Saberhagen
57. Dave Stieb
59. Orel Hershiser
89. Mark Langston (LH)

Dennis Eckersley

Mgr. Tony LaRussa
Coaches: Roger Craig, Don Zimmer

Progressive Era Intrasquad Game Results

Friday, January 5, 2018

The 19th C intrasquad game was here.

Progressive Era Starters 8
Progressive Era Reserves 8

Game called on account of darkness after 9 innings.

The Reserves had an 8-2 lead headed to the 9th, Nap Lajoie and Eddie Collins played for both teams and they paced the Reserve squad. Lajoie hit a grand slam off of Pete Alexander and added a run scoring double;  Collins was 3-3 and scored twice. Jimmy Collins and Roger Bresnahan each had a couple of hits.  Christy Mathewson went 5 2/3, gave up 2 runs and seemed headed for the win...


Dan Brouthers was most of the offense for the Starters through 8 innings, he homered and doubled twice off Mathewson.  Home Run Baker and the previously mentioned Eddie Collins each tripled.  But going to the 9th the Starters trailed 8-2, Joe McGinnity had only given up a hit in 2 1/3, but the Starters opened up the inning with a Wally Schang walk and a Ty Cobb single.  Doc Crandall, the Progressive Era closer, came on and gave up a base hit to Eddie Collins (his 3rd hit for the Starters to match his 3 for the Reserves) Honus Wagner singled, Brouthers and Harry Heilmann worked back to back walks. Lajoie hit a run scoring groundout, Fred Clarke a run scoring sac fly, and with 2 out Baker singled home the tying run, his 3rd hit of the game. 

When the Reserves went down in their half the intrasquad game was called. 

So - this works for me; it's a lot of hits, a lot of runs, but it's still a baseball game.  I don't want them all to be 8-8 going to extra innings, but it's a baseball game.  Lot of bats on this team, let me tell you. 

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 10: Mid 20th Century Leftovers

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

17. C Ted Simmons
21. 1B Keith Hernandez (LH)
31. 2B Davey Lopes
27. SS Bert Campaneris
15. 3B Buddy Bell
19. LF Jose Cruz (LH) (Platoon)
22. CF Cesar Cedeno
22. RF Bobby Bonds

19. C Thurman Munson
45. 1B Steve Garvey
38. 2B Bill Mazeroski
32. SS Luis Aparicio
25. 3B Ron Cey
27. LF Jim Rice
20. CF Fred Lynn (LH)
23. RF Jack Clark (DH)

Starting Pitchers
72. Ron Guidry (LH)
88. Jerry Koosman (LH)
96. Dennis Martinez
130. Vida Blue (LH)

138. Jim Kaat (LH)
139. Bobo Newsom
147. Steve Rogers
161. Catfish Hunter (LH)

Closer Dan Quisenberry

Mgr. Billy Martin
Coaches: Tommy Lasorda, Ralph Houk

2017-2018 NFL Playoff Predictions

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Here are my 2017-18 NFL playoff picks.

AFC WC: KC over Tenn
                 Jax over Buff

-Those are also the teams I'm rooting for, Montana/Allen are two of my guys and played together in KC and I've had a Chiefs soft spot since. I'd root for KC in any playoff matchup.

-I'd rather Buffalo won a Super Bowl than Jacksonville, but the Bills have zero chance in a second round game and while the Jags chance isn't great, it's better than zero and I really don't want to see either the Patriots or Steelers in this Super Bowl.

-NFC WC: Rams over Atl
                  NO over Carol

-I'm actually for the Rams, as a Niner fan, I always missed the LA Rams and have enjoyed them being back and am looking forward to having a real rivalry.  I'd like to see them advance past this round. 

-I'd like to see the Saints lose, the Niners have their pick so the sooner they exit the better, but that's really not likely in round one.

AFC Divisional:  NE over KC
                             Pitt over Jax

-I can't imagine anyone other than the fan bases for these two teams wanting anything to do with them anymore, but they've stretched their advantage over the opposition as the season closed.  A month ago if you squinted you could see a path for the Jags, that seems really unlikely now.  I'm against both and against both hard, but picking both Pats and Steelers.

NFC Divisional: NO over Phil
                            Minn over LA

-Foles has really struggled the past couple of weeks, the Eagles need a blizzard, just deathly cold conditions to throw off the Saints.  I'm for the Eagles in any matchup in this round, but picking the Saints.

-The Vikings look like the best team in the NFC and I'll be rooting for them to win the conference championship game.  I'm fine with the Rams here, but the Vikes are narrowly the better side. 

AFC Title: NE over Pitt
NFC Title: Minn over NO

-I'm heartily for the Vikings here and would root for the Rams in the same spot. 
-These are the two best teams in football; I took the Patriots at the beginning of the season because why bet against Goliath and will stick with them here.  I'd root for the Steelers in this spot and hope for the SB IX rematch

SB LII  NE over Minn
-Go Vikings. 

16 Team MLB Simulation League: Team 9 - The 1970s.

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

1. C Johnny Bench
16. 1B Eddie Murray (Switch)
4. 2B Joe Morgan (LH)
7. SS Robin Yount
4. 3B George Brett (LH)
5. LF Carl Yastrzemski (LH)
11. CF Reggie Smith (Switch)
5. RF Frank Robinson

12. C Gene Tenace
32. 1B Tony Perez
14. 2B Willie Randolph
33. SS Davey Concepcion
12. 3B Dick Allen
7. LF Pete Rose (Switch)
13. CF Jimmy Wynn
8. RF Reggie Jackson (DH) (LH)

Starting Pitchers
7. Tom Seaver
14. Bert Blyleven
19. Steve Carlton (LH)
23. Ferguson Jenkins

37. Jim Palmer
39. Rick Reuschel
55. Luis Tiant
61. Frank Tanana (LH)

Goose Gossage

Mgr. Sparky Anderson
Coaches: Whitey Herzog, Dick Howser

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