The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round Two, Group 4)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Last group

12 AL teams have advanced to the Round of 32:

6 Yankees
2 Orioles
2 Red Sox
1 A's
1 Jays

4 more teams join them from Group 4!

125. 2003 Mariners (2nd in AL West-no playoffs)
61. 2002 Angels (World Champions) 

-this is it for both these organizations - one is moving forward and one is totally done

Catcher: Wilson (34) v. Molina (27) Winner: Angels-Molina
First Base: Olerud (34) v. Spiezio (29) Winner: Mariners-Olerud
Second Base: Boone (34) v. Kennedy (26) Winner: Mariners-Boone
Shortstop: Guillen (27) v. Eckstein (27) Winner: Angels-Eckstein
Third Base: Cirillo (33) v. Glaus (25) Winner: Angels-Glaus
Left Field: Winn (29) v. Anderson (30) Winner: Angels-Anderson
Center Field: Cameron (30) v. Erstad (28) Winner: Mariners-Cameron
Right Field: Suzuki (29) v. Salmon (30) Winner: Mariners-Suzuki
DH: Martinez (40) v. Fullmer (27) Winner: Mariners-Martinez
SP1: Moyer (40) v. Ortiz (29) Winner: Mariners-Moyer
SP2: Franklin (30) v. Washburn (27) Winner: Angels-Washburn
SP3: Pineiro (24) v. Appier (34) Winner: Mariners-Pineiro
Closer: Hasegawa (34) v. Percival (32) Winner: Angels-Percival
Team Offense: Angels
Team Pitching: Mariners

Mariners 9 Angels 8 - the dream lives for the 125th seeded Mariners, that Mike Cameron/Ichiro/Edgar trio ripped off three straight matchup wins and Seattle makes the Round of 32.

100. 1905 A's (lost WS)
93. 2017 Astros (World Champions)

-almost a century separating these opponents, 

Catcher: Schrecongost (30) v. McCann (33) Winner: Push
First Base: Davis (31) v. Gurriel (31) Winner: A's-Davis
Second Base: Murphy (28) v. Altuve (27) Winner: Astros-Altuve
Shortstop: Cross (35) v. Correa (22) Winner: Astros-Correa
Third Base: Cross (39) v. Bregman (23) Winner: Astros-Bregman
Left Field: Hartsel (31) v. Gonzalez (28) Winner: A's-Hartsel
Center Field: Hoffman (25) v. Springer (27) Winner: Astros-Springer
Right Field: Seybold (34) v. Reddick (30) Winner: A's-Seybold
DH: Lord (21) v. Beltran (40) Winner: A's-Lord
SP1: Plank (29) v. Fiers (27) Winner: A's-Plank
SP2: Waddell (28) v. Morton (33) Winner: A's-Waddell
SP3: Coakley (22) v. Keuchel (29) Winner: Astros-Keuchel
Closer: Dygert (20) v. Giles (26) Winner: Astros-Giles
Team Offense: Astros
Team Pitching: A's

Astros 9 A's 8 - the Astros needed both of those last pitching matchup wins to force a tiebreak - and then that offensive advantage turned out to be the difference - we're going to get a fun, expected, matchup of 21st century teams in the next round.  One of them will be one of the 16 best teams in the history of the American League.  

116. 1963 White Sox (2nd in AL - no playoffs)
77. 1949 Yankees (World Champions)

-Will we see the first White Sox club to make the final 32 - or the 7th Yankee squad?

Catcher: Martin (26) v. Berra (24) Winner: NYY-Berra
First Base: McCraw (22) v. Henrich (36) Winner: NYY-Henrich
Second Base: Fox (35) v. Coleman (24) Winner: NYY-Coleman
Shortstop: Hansen (25) v. Rizzuto (31) Winner: Sox-Hansen
Third Base: Ward (25) v. Brown (24) Winner: Sox-Ward
Left Field: Nicholson (23) v. Woodling (26) Winner: Push
Center Field: Landis (29) v. DiMaggio (34) Winner: NYY-DiMaggio
Right Field: Robinson (27) v. Mapes (27) Winner: Sox-Robinson
SP1: Peters (26) v. Raschi (30) Winner: Sox-Peters
SP2: Herbert (33) v. Lopat (31) Winner: Sox-Herbert
SP3: Pizarro (26) v. Reynolds (32) Winner: Sox-Pizarro
Closer: Wilhelm (40) v. Page (31) Winner: Sox-Wilhelm
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: Sox

White Sox 9 Yankees 6 - Chicago sweeps every pitching point and that's too much for New York to overcome.  Another 100 seed has advanced to the Round of 32.  

20. 1917 White Sox (World Champions)
45. 1909 Tigers (lost WS)

-Group 4 will either see an all White Sox matchup in the next round or with Detroit's first entrant in the final 32.  

Catcher: Schalk (24) v. Schmidt (28) Winner: Sox-Schalk
First Base: Gandil (29) v. Rossman(28) Winner: Sox-Gandil
Second Base: Collins (30) v. Schaefer (33) Winner: Sox-Collins
Shortstop: Risberg (22) v. Bush (21) Winner: Tigers-Bush
Third Base: Weaver (26) v. Moriarity (23) Winner: Tigers-Moriarity
Left Field: Jackson (29) v. McIntyre (29) Winner: Sox-Jackson
Center Field: Felsch (25) v. Crawford (29) Winner: Tigers-Crawford
Right Field: Leibold (25) v. Cobb (22) Winner: Tigers-Cobb
SP1: Cicotte (33) v. Donovan (32) Winner: Sox-Cicotte
SP2: Faber (28) v. Jones (27) Winner: Sox-Faber
SP3: Williams (24) v. Killian (32) Winner: Tigers-Killian
Closer: Danforth (27) v. Works (21) Winner: Sox-Danforth
Team Offense: Tigers
Team Pitching: Sox

White Sox 9 Tigers 7 - Chicago wins nearly every pitching point and moves on, finishing group 4 and we are half way to the 32 best teams in the history of the American League.

When we see this group next...

125. 2003 Mariners (2nd in AL West-no playoffs)
93. 2017 Astros (World Champions)

116. 1963 White Sox (2nd in AL - no playoffs)
20. 1917 White Sox (World Champions)

When I'm back next, it's NL Group 4 - led by the 1944 St Louis Cardinals

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