Sunday, Nov 20 - NBA Picks

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I'm 5-1-1.

Sac +3.5 Tor win


Tendown, November 20, 2016

Here's 250.  This Tendown 251

The Trump hangover continues.  Just read a few pieces this week.

1. Read this one.

2. And then this one.

3. And this one.

4. And then this one.  Note, this is not a parody.


6. This one is good. Read you some this one.

Some media hacks may cover themselves by saying all Trump supporters are racists, comfortably deferring some uncomfortable questions about the situation we face. But the hardcore white nationalists nesting in the Trump camp certainly do not think that to be the case. They fear the day Trump is found out to be a fraud, who will not be bringing any factories back — but by then, they hope the window will have been cracked enough for their beliefs to have slithered into the White House, respectable and airbrushed.
Irrelevant but for their bloated sugar daddy, such white supremacists cannot be willed into non-existence. But they can be isolated and weakened and deprived of importance, their most shameful and terrifying need from the straight world. Trump’s racist followers aren’t the “alt-right,” a marketing appellation coined within that community which the media readily, regrettably adopted. If they must be thought of at all, they are “shitheads,” “anime Nazis,” or simply, “Republicans.”

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time...if there is a next time...

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