This is (Not) a 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Monday, April 17, 2017

I do this every year; not a prediction, I'm selecting for each team. There's no bad pick for the Niners, I'm really hoping for a trade down.  Time permitting, I'll revisit this before the draft.  Rounds 1-2 of the 2017 NFL Draft. The Browns are going to pick Garrett.

1.       Cleveland   M.Garrett DE A&M 
2.       San Francisco J.Adams S LSU
3.       Chicago J.Allen DT Ala
4.       Jacksonville C.McCaffrey RB Stan
5.       Tennessee M.Lattimore CB Ohio St
6.       NY Jets M.Williams WR Clem
7.       LA Chargers M.Hooker S Ohio St
8.       Carolina S.Thomas DE Stan
9.       Cincinnati D.Barnett DE Tenn
10.   Buffalo C.Davis WR W Mich
11.   N Orleans R.Foster ILB Ala
12.   Cleveland  M.Trubisky QB UNC
13.   Arizona  P.Mahomes QB TTech
14.   Philadelphia M.Humphrey CB Ala
15.   Indianapolis  L.Fournette RB LSU
16.   Baltimore R.Ramczyk T Wisc 
17.   Washington J.Ross WR Wash
18.   Tennessee  H.Reddick OLB Temp
19.   Tampa D.Cook RB Fl St.
20.   Denver OJ Howard TE Ala
21.   Detroit T.White CB LSU
22.   Miami F.Lamp G WKy
23.   NY Giants D.Njoku TE Mia
24.   Oakland A.Jackson CB USC
25.   Houston D.Foster QB Clem
26.   Seattle  C.Robinson T Ala
27.   KCity J.Davis ILB  Fla
28.   Dallas C.Harris DE Missouri
29.   GBay J.Lewis CB Mich
30.   Pittsburgh J. Willis OLB K St
31.   Atlanta T.McKinley DE UCLA
32.   N Orleans T.Charlton DE Mich
       Rnd 2
33.   Cleveland J.Peppers S Mich
34.   San Francisco S.Jones CB Wash
35.   Jacksonville E.Engram TE Ole Miss
36.   Chicago K.King CB Wash
37.   LA Rams Z.Jones WR ECU
38.   LA Chargers G.Bolles T Utah
39.   NY Jets D.Kizer QB ND
40.   Carolina A.Kamara RB Tenn
41.   Cincinnati TJ Watt DE Wisc
42.   New Orleans C.Awuzie CB Col
43.   Philadelphia G.Conley CB Ohio St
44.   Buffalo M.Williams S Utah
45.   Arizona Z.Cunningham ILB Vandy
46.   Indianapolis D.Tomlinson DT Ala
47.   Baltimore C.Lawson DE Aub
48.   Minnesota J.Mixon RB OU
49.   Washington M.McDowell DT Mich St
50.   Tampa O.Melifonwu S UConn
51.   Denver E.Pocic C LSU
52.   Cleveland K.Hunt RB Tol
53.   Detroit T.Williams OLB Ala
54.   Miami D.Walker DE Fla St
55.   NY Giants S.Perine RB OU
56.   Oakland C.Wormley DT Mich
57.   Houston C.Samuel WR Oh St
58.   Seattle Q.Wilson CB Fla
59.   KCity  T.Tabor CB Fla
60.   Dallas G.Everett TE S Ala
61.   GBay  T.Moton G WMich
62.   Pittsburgh A.Witherspoon CB Col
63.   Atlanta D.Feeney G Ind
64.   Carolina D.Westbrook WR OU

April 17 - Top Five Moments in San Francisco Giants History


What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 April 17 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

Walk off 1960 home vs Cubs, 5th game of the third season of San Francisco Giants baseball, this was a 14 inning 4 hour game, with the score 3-3, Billy Loes, three innings into a relief stint, stayed in to hit for himself, led off the 14th with a single, was bunted over - and then scored on a Jimmy Davenport base hit.  Good guys win 4-3.

1964 home vs St Louis, 4th game of the season, down 3-1 in the 6th, Willie Mays hits a 3 run homer off of future Giant manager Roger Craig. It was Mays's 4th of the season (he hit two off of Spahn on opening day, I mean, it's Willie Mays). This was Mays's 410th career homer.

Walk off 1964 same game, now 4-4 in the bottom of the 10th, bases loaded, 2 out, Chuck Hiller with the literal walk off - he draws the walk off Ron Taylor to score Davenport with the winning run. Hiller was basically just a guy as the Giants starting second baseman, but even that totally collapsed in '64. He hit .180, he had an OPS+ of 37, it was really dreadful.

1988 at San Diego, 5th inning, down 2-0, 2 on, 2 out, Will Clark hits a 3 run homer off Andy Hawkins to put the good guys up 3-0.  We'd win this one 9-4.  It was Will's 50th career home run, he'd hit 126 more as a Giant.

2005 at Colorado 7th inning, down 5-3, two out, bases loaded - how about a Michael Tucker grand slam off of Byung-Hyun Kim.  We'd win the game 8-6.  Tucker was a bad Giant, a negative WAR player in over 800 plate appearances who earned 3.5 million and cost us a first round draft pick.  We moved him to the Phillies before the end of the season for a prospect who never made the bigs.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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