Calling the Shot Again, The Warriors Are Going Back to Back

Friday, May 13, 2016

Here were my playoff predictions.

I've been talking about something for two seasons now; in NBA history, an SRS (basketball-reference) of 10+ only means two things, an NBA Title or losing to another 10+ team that wins the NBA Title.

1971 Bucks 11.92 - NBA Champs
1972 Lakers 11.65 - NBA Champs
1972 Bucks 10.70 - Lost to Lakers in Western Finals
1992 Bulls 10.07 - NBA Champs
1996 Bulls 11.60 - NBA Champs
1997 Bulls 10.70 - NBA Champs
2015 Warriors 10.01 -NBA Champs

That was true until last night.  Because in 2016 we had two teams hit 10.

2016 Warriors 10.38
2016 Spurs 10.28

OKC killed the Spurs, making that team the best to not make the conference finals.

Prior to the playoffs I noted that OKC, although a very good team, would have to do something no team had ever done and do it twice in order just to make the finals.

They've done half of that, they've beaten the Spurs, they're the first sub 10 SRS in NBA history to take out a 10 SRS in the playoffs.  But to make the finals they have to do it again.

That's not the side I'm betting.  

Warriors go back to back. 

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