Tendown August 28, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

238 is here.  This is Tendown 239.

1. The Piece to Read About Gawker.

Gawker always said it was in the business of publishing true stories. Here is one last true story: You live in a country where a billionaire can put a publication out of business. A billionaire can pick off an individual writer and leave that person penniless and without legal protection.
If you want to write stories that might anger a billionaire, you need to work for another billionaire yourself, or for a billion-dollar corporation. The law will not protect you. There is no freedom in this world but power and money.

2. Trump supporters.

If there is no economic context, and Trump’s supporters are just mired in primordial racism, then they are forever lost in the morass of right-wing politics. This bolsters the vision of the Democratic Party as comprising an alliance of affluent whites and people of color with a political agenda of multicultural neoliberalism, where economic reforms can be limited to improved educational options and after-tax redistribution. If Trump voters are just “idiots” appealed to “not at a low intellectual level but at a sub-intellectual level” (as Jonathan Chait has put it) then progressives can forget about the angry white guys.
The Bernie Sanders campaign, however, held out another possible future: a multiracial working-class movement with socialist politics, seeking a fundamental reordering of power relations. That Sanders did so well in many white working-class regions where Trump also won big, like West Virginia, made such a strategy seem feasible for the first time in decades, if not longer. This conclusion is bad news for both parties’ establishments and the interests they represent. It’s difficult to believe that it was exclusively the racism or sexism of Democratic primary voters in poor white states that motivated them to support a self-described socialist who likes to cite Denmark as a model country.
We know that Trump finds a lot of support among blue-collar men who live in communities where white people are prematurely dying at shocking rates and young people have a bleak economic outlook. Despite the ways in which he grotesquely builds upon the politics of his more conventional predecessors, Trump is a bizarre and unsettling candidate. We still know too little about what is driving his support. But it’s willful ignorance to insist that economics doesn’t play a major role.
3. I don't have a link here...
I just wanted to offer the following thought - I find the Harambe meme (Harambe was the gorilla who was killed, referencing Harambe has now become a popular meme/joke, particularly on Twitter; this week the Cincinnati Zoo asked that people stop sending it tweets using the joke, as, you know it's painful; Harambe wasn't killed in 1977, it was just a few months ago) really unpleasant.  It's premised on the idea that the death of a gorilla isn't that big a deal and so it's funny to joke about.  
I've been snarky as long as I can recall, at least since Dave started Late Night - this might be the best evidence that I've aged out of that element of the culture.
5. The end of privatization?

6. Dont Have a Student Loan in Texas

Seven armed U.S. marshals arrived at his door in Houston last Thursday, arrested him on the spot, and took him to jail. He owed all of $1,500, outstanding since 1987. Aker told Fox 26 that without any warning, his 29-year-old debt was forcibly being collected; the marshals took him to federal court and made him sign a payment plan. “It was totally mind-boggling,” Aker told Fox 26. 

Matt Paré chatted with teammates and underwent a long treatment session as other Augusta GreenJackets players exited through a clubhouse door wedged open with a broken bat. He kept himself awake with a marathon shower.
By the time Paré dressed, he had the clubhouse to himself, along with what was left of the GreenJackets' postgame buffet. "What have we got, Sarge?" he called toward clubhouse manager Kristopher Nichols, a former Army drill sergeant who appreciates - and usually rewards - Paré's resourcefulness.
Paré is the oldest player for the San Francisco Giants' Class-A affiliate, and he begins most homestands by waiting out his teammates in order to stockpile free food.

the more Clinton’s allies have worked to defend big money donations to the Clinton Foundation, the more closely they resemble the right-wing principles they once denounced.
In one telling argument in defense of the Clinton Foundation, Media Matters, another group run by David Brock, argued this week that there was “no evidence of ethics breaches” because there was no explicit quid pro quo cited by the AP. The Media Matters piece mocked press figures for focusing on the “optics” of corruption surrounding the foundation.
Such a standard is quite a reversal for the group. In a piece published by Media Matters only two years ago, the organization criticized conservatives for focusing only on quid pro quo corruption — the legal standard used to decide the Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions — calling such a narrow focus a “new perspective of campaign finance” that dismisses “concerns about institutional corruption in politics.” The piece notes that ethics laws concerning the role of money in politics follow a standard, set forth since the Watergate scandal, in which even the appearance, or in other words, the “optics” of corruption, is cause for concern.
Americans between 18 to 24 are largely snubbing the old-fashioned bar of soap, leading to sales declines for the likes of Ivory’s iconic 125-year old bar and its bar soap rivals, according to new data from consumer research firm Mintel. Consumers who still buy bar soap, it turns out, have something in common: they tend to be over 60 years old and are men.
And one more...
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Athlete of the Month, August 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

July was here.

Michael Phelps.  Runners-up: Katie Ledecky, Usain Bolt, Simone Biles

2/3 of the way through the year - here are the contenders for Best Athlete of 2016

January-Von Miller
February-Lionel Messi
March - Buddy Hield
April-Breanna Stewart
May - Klay Thompson
June - LeBron James
July-Serena Williams
August-Michael Phelps

Tendown August 21, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

237 is here.  This is Tendown 238

1. Kissinger?

2. Impractical Movements

3. A good Piece about the Campaign.

How is it “economic reductionism” to campaign on a program that seeks to unite the broad working class around concerns shared throughout the class across race, gender, and other lines? Ironically, in American politics now we have a Left for which any reference to political economy can be castigated as “economic reductionism.”
It is similarly instructive that a strain of identitarian feminists repeatedly sought to characterize support for Sanders as coming mainly from sexist men on the Left. This was an adaptation of an earlier hoax about the existence of a phalanx of misogynist “brocialist” men who threatened feminists with rape or other violence for their reluctance to subordinate feminist concerns to a male-centered class-reductionist socialism.
It’s immensely revealing, and exposing this is one contribution the campaign made that I never anticipated, that we now have a “left” in the United States for which socialism is considered a marker of backwardness. It’s good that that is now clear; it’s always good to know where people stand in relation to class struggle.
4. Papelbon's Trump Song
The line about "rap" probably gives away the game.

Now maybe players don’t, or shouldn’t, care whether the home fans like them. If a Nationals player did care, though, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to wear a T-shirt reading “Obama can’t ban these guns” to hislet’s-make-amends spring training news conference. Nor would he have, on multiple occasions, played a political anthem while reporters were inside the Nats clubhouse.
The ditty was called “Vote For Trump,” and it included promises that “the wall will get built by Mexico” and that Trump would “bring back country [and] get rid of rap,” also noting that “if you don’t like it you can all just kiss our ass.”

6. Trillions?

7. Climate Change

We’re used to war as metaphor: the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on cancer. Usually this is just a rhetorical device, a way of saying, “We need to focus our attention and marshal our forces to fix something we don’t like.” But this is no metaphor. By most of the ways we measure wars, climate change is the real deal: Carbon and methane are seizing physical territory, sowing havoc and panic, racking up casualties, and even destabilizing governments. (Over the past few years, record-setting droughts have helped undermine the brutal strongman of Syria and fuel the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria.) It’s not that global warming is like a world war. It is a world war. Its first victims, ironically, are those who have done the least to cause the crisis. But it’s a world war aimed at us all. And if we lose, we will be as decimated and helpless as the losers in every conflict--except that this time, there will be no winners, and no end to the planetwide occupation that follows.

8. Thinking about a Clinton Presidency (or why you shouldn't tell protesters at the convention that they're being ridiculous to curry favor with your fancy friends, Sarah Silverman)

The burgeoning social movements of the left should take a cue. The historical record is clear: Progress in America happens when militant social movements are willing to make life uncomfortable for liberal presidents, whether it be the sit-down strikes of the 1930s or the civil rights marches of the 1960s. Activists now have more tools in their political box, thanks to their online networks. Environmentalists, for instance, scored big by making the Keystone pipeline the target of their ire, combining targeted protests with online pressure campaigns to make it clear that Democrats—Clinton among them—couldn’t count on their vote until they landed on the right side of the issue.
Would President Clinton be annoyed by constant, nagging pressure from her left? Would her ferocious loyalists denounce the ungrateful dissidents for undercutting party unity in the face of Republican opposition? Yes, no doubt, on both counts. But if the left takes a chapter from Warren, from BLM, and from Sanders—and from the countless centrists and right wingers who have pressed their issues and images onto her for decades—Clinton may actually end up thanking them for the pressure.

Conservatives’ zeal for reining in government turns into something else when marginalized groups, or groups they disdain — people of color, women, LGBT Americans, low-income Americans — suffer under the only form of “big government” conservatives don’t seem to mind. In Baltimore and other cities, the police are essentially “big government in a blue uniform,” engaging in unchecked, arbitrary use of power against black citizens, without fear of punishment, and with the full authority of government behind them.

America is a land ruled by fear. We fear that our children will be abducted by strangers, that crazed gunmen will perpetrate mass killings in our schools and theaters, that terrorists will gun us down or blow up our buildings, and that serial killers will stalk us on dark streets. All of these risks are real, but they are minuscule in probability: taken together, these threats constitute less than three per cent of total annual homicides in the US.[9] The numerically greater threat to our safety, and the largest single category of strangers who threaten us, are the people we have empowered to use deadly force to protect us from these less probable threats. The question for Americans is whether we will continue to tolerate police violence at this scale in return for protection against the quantitatively less likely threats.

And one more...

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Last Build - 120 Games in, The Best Players in MLB, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Last build until end of season.

Current playoff projections.

AL East
1. Toronto (91)
2. Boston (89)
3. Baltimore (88)

AL Central
1. Cleveland (92)
2. Detroit (85)

AL West
1. Texas (92)
2. Seattle (87)

NL East
1. Wash (95)
2. Miami (83)

NL Central
1. Chicago (101)
2. StLouis (86)

NL West
1. LAD (91)
2. SFG (88)

WAR is B-Ref + Davenport.  The world's best WAR calculation.

1. B.Posey (SFG) 4.75
2.W.Ramos (Wash) 4.3

1st Base
1. A.Rizzo (Chi) 6.2
2. M.Cabrera (Det) 4.4
3. F.Freeman (Atl) 4.4
4. B.Belt (SFG) 4.1

2nd Base
1. J.Altuve (Hou) 6.3
2. R.Cano (Sea) 4.8
3. I.Kinsler (Det) 4.3
4. D.Murphy (Was) 4.15

1. F. Lindor (Cle) 5.25
2. C. Seager (LAD) 4.45
3. C.Correa (Hou) 4.15

Third Base
1. K. Bryant (Chi) 6.25
2. J.Donaldson (Tor) 5.35
3. M.Machado (Balt) 5.2
4. K.Seager (Sea) 5.2
5. N.Arenado (Col) 4.65

1. R. Braun (Mil) 4
2. S. Marte (Pit) 3.85

1. M. Trout (LAA) 6.45
2. J. Bradley (Bos) 4

1. M. Betts (Bos) 6
2. A.Eaton (CWS) 4.95
3. G.Springer (Hou) 4.9

1. D.Ortiz (Bos) 4.25

1. M.Bumgarner (SFG) 5.6
2. C.Kershaw (LAD) 5.1
3. J.Quintana (CWS) 4.85
4. M.Scherzer (Wash) 4.75
5. M.Fullmer (Det) 4.65
6. J.DeGrom (NYM) 4.45
7. N.Syndergaard (NYM) 4.4
8. J.Arrieta (Chi) 4.35
9. T.Roark (Was) 4.15
10. C.Martinez (StL) 4.05

1. Z. Britton (Bal) 4.05
2. A. Miller (NYY/Cle) 4
3. K. Jansen (LAD) 3.25

SummerSlam 2016 is this Sunday (+Every Summer Slam Match Ranked...1-228)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

About 2 decades ago, I started giving previews/reviews of WWF PPVs to Kirk Hiner; how did Kirk Hiner find out about the Austin 3:16 promo - I read it to him after the show.  Perhaps losing something in the translation.

That's turned into my previewing the "big 4" WWE PPVs in this space, which I've been doing since 2008.  Summer Slam is this Sunday, it's in Brooklyn, and it's going to be a happening.

WWE Title: Dean Ambrose v. Dolph Zigger
-When last we left, at Mania 32, Roman Reigns (boooo!....boooo!) was stubbornly continuing an unopular babyface title run, a couple of months ago that belt was moved to a returning Seth Rollins and then immediately to a briefcase cashing in Dean Ambrose, all 3 members of the Shield WWE Champions on the same night.

Subsequently, WWE engineered a "brand split" - making Ambrose exclusively a Smackdown wrestler.  Ziggler won a multiple man match to make him #1 contender and they've done a babyface/babyface program "they're friends, I guess, but they'll do anything to win the title, hey, that wasn't so friendly what he did - hey, they're gonna go right now, THERE'S NOT GONNA BE A SUMMERFEST!"

Neither man is at his hottest, despite the title belt, Ambrose feels more homogenized than his best historical antecedents (Pillman...Piper...) he's a kid friendly crazy man.  Ziggler, in a different timeline is 21st century Shawn Michaels as opposed to a guy seen by the promotion as just an interchangeable body.

Should be a very good match, Ambrose should keep the belt - a heel turn by Ziggler would make sense.

Edit - it was a very basic match, Ambrose kept. 15 min 3 stars

WWE Universal Title: Seth Rollins v. Finn Balor
-Given that the Olympics are in Rio - an angle claiming that this belt was created in a Brazilian tournament would have been my preference.  Since Smackdown's got the title - RAW needs one to, so this becomes the other Heavyweight belt.  Rollins was gifted this slot, Balor beat the aforementioned Reigns, in a significant shift away from the direction of the promotion given that it was Balor's debut on the main roster.

The build has focused on what...I an alternate persona of Balor's "The Demon King" - which is Balor with face paint; it's unclear if he'll be presented as having mystical powers (or if he'll eat worms; his entrance is a little too Boogeyman for me).

Should be an excellent match; it's Balor's main roster PPV debut, fair to call it his biggest ever match; lower than 4 stars would be a disappointment.  I'd expect a Balor win and a short title run.

Edit - Balor fought through a torn labrum and a crowd that wasn't really into most of the match to win the title, 19 min 4 stars

Brock Lesnar (w/Heyman) v. Randy Orton
-Intriguing match here, Orton's returning from a long injury related layoff and is apparently ready to resume a spot at the top of the card on the babyface side - it's Lesnar's return from a successful UFC fight (PED failure taking the shine of that success, admittedly).  Brock, rightly so, doesn't lose a helluva lot, given his performance and nature of the character - but a loss would be a weird way to re-debut Orton.   Lesnar's work record, up until Mania 32, was pretty unimpeachable in this run - but this is a match that might not come together.  Not sure how motivated Brock will be to put a guy like Randy Orton over - which, I think, is the more likely outcome.  Dominant Lesnar match - RKO - Orton wins.

Edit - Brock won in 11 on a brutal blood stoppage that I dug the most.  3 1/2 

AJ Styles v. John Cena
-AJ came into the promotion after a hot run with New Japan and apparently surprised some in management with his level of name recognition to a fanbase which had never been exposed to him via WWE television. He lost more than won, because that's how WWE does you, then turned heel to begin this program with Cena.  AJ's marginally had the better end of the deal, but that should come to an end here in a good match.

Edit - 23 min, it was a very good match with Syles going over clean it what seemed like a match a guy loses who is leaving the territory 4 1/4

US Title Rusev (w/Lana) v. Roman Reigns
-The masked Kalisto was the US Champ when last we left - he dropped to Rusev, who has returned to his original ass kicking Eastern European with the superhot valet (now wife) gimmick.  The honor of the US is being defended by Reigns, whose PED suspension and continued inability to get over at the level needed of a babyface world champion, has resulted in his slide down the card.  It's a solid powerhouse program; Reigns won a long, not particularly good, match on the go home RAW which would seemingly indicate the match goes the other way here; if it does, it's a screwjob, so we'll pick that and say the feud must continue.

Edit - match didn't happen, they brawled before bell.  

Tag Team Titles New Day v. The Club
Anderson and Gallows were ass kicking tag champs in Japan, so now they're doing a comedic act with lab coats and urine.  New Day is the longest reigning tag champs ever, but are (maybe) going without Kingston here, as he was storyline injured in the program.  I'm not a big New Day fan; wrestling comedy, as mentioned in this space before, is sort of like comedy in porn, even when its not terrible it's not why you're at the game.  A title change makes some sense here.

Edit - 9 min, Jon Stewart involved, there wasn't really a finish, it was bad, 1 1/4 stars

IC Title: Miz (w/Maryse) v. Apollo Crews
-Miz's wife joined the act since last we left; he took the IC from Zach Ryder, improbable winner at WM32, and now is programmed against young Crews, just up from developmental - this seems the most likely of the screwjob leading to a rematch booking scenarios.  Crews is good - Miz is Miz.

Edit - 5:30, Miz clean, nothing match. 2 stars

Women's Title: Sasha Banks v. Charlotte
-This is the new belt, launched at Mania with Charlotte winning, and switched over to Sasha since.  Ric is now out of his daughter's act and has left the promotion - Charlotte's a limited worker (all the women are sort of limited, outside of Asuka in developmental, but don't say that too loudly) Sasha's better, and she probably gives back the belt in a good match.

Edit - Charlotte did get the belt back in a 14 minute match, it was a mess. 2 3/4 

Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho v. Enzo/Cass
-Speaking of limited, lets discuss Cass and Enzo, who have become popular since coming up from developmental in spite of being...not the ring.  Owens and Jericho are a makeshift heel team that is put together to break up and feud, only question is when that happens.

Edit - 12 min, solid enough, basic but well done basic, 3 stars, heels going over.

Best of 7: Cesaro v. Sheamus
-New workrate feud, Cesaro and Sheamus are launching a Best of 7 series that should be good; Sheamus isn't at Cesaro's level as a worker but he should still be game for some good matches.

Edit - pre-show match, good, 3 1/2 stars. Sheamus went over

There's also a 6 Woman tag just made this week.

Edit - and it was 11 minutes of boring 1 star.

This is a good show; I'd go out of my way to see Rollins/Balor and there are 3-4 other matches that I'd expect to deliver.  It's a show worth the PPV money they should still be charging in a smarter business model.

Some number of these matches will be on the pre-show and not make their way to the below list - where I've ranked every one of the 228 matches in SummerSlam history.

1.       1994 WWF Title Cage: Bret Hart d. Owen Hart 32 min 4 ¾
2.       1992 IC Davey Boy Smith d. Bret Hart 25 min 4 ¾
3.       2000 Tags: TLC: Edge/Christian d. Hardys d. Dudleys 15 min 4 ½
4.       1995 IC Ladder: Shawn Michaels d. Razor Ramon 25min 4 ½ 
5.    2013 No DQ: Brock Lesnar d. CM Punk 25min 4 1/4  
6.       1991 IC: Bret Hart d. Mr. Perfect 18 min 4 ¼
7.       2009 WWE Title TLC: CM Punk d. Jeff Hardy 21:30 4 ¼ 
8.    2013 WWE Title Daniel Bryan d. John Cena 27 min 4 1/4 
9.       2011 World Title No Holds Barred: Christian d. Randy Orton 23:30 4 ¼

10.       1996 WWF Title: Shawn Michaels d. Vader 22 min 4
11.       2002 Nonsanctioned: Shawn Michaels d. HHH 27:30 4
12.   2000 2/3 Falls Chris Benoit d. Chris Jericho 13 min 4
13.   2008 HIAC: Undertaker d. Edge 26 min 4
14.   2011 WWF Title: CM Punk d. John Cena 24 min 4
15        2014 WWF Title: Brock Lesnar d. John Cena 16:30 4
16.   1989 Brainbusters d. Hart Foundation 16 min 4
17.   2004: World: Randy Orton d. Chris Benoit 20 min 3 ¾
18.   1998 IC Ladder: HHH d. Rock 26 min 3 ¾
19.   2001 WWF Title: Kurt Angle d. Steve Austin 22:30 3 ¾
20.   2003 WWF Title Kurt Angle d. Brock Lesnar 21 min 3 ¾ 
21.       2015 WWF Title: Seth Rollins d. John Cena 19 min 3 3/4
22.       2015 Kevin Owens d. Cesaro 14:30 min 3 3/4
23.   2012 Brock Lesnar d. HHH 18:30 3 ¾
24.   1999 WWF Title: Mankind d. Steve Austin/HHH 16:30 3 ¾
25.   2010 Team WWE d. Team Nexus 35:30 3 ¾
26.   1989 Rick Martel/Rougeaus d. Rockers/Tito Santana 15 min 3 ¾
27.   2004 Kurt Angle d. Eddie Guerrero 3 ½
28.   2001 Hardcore Ladder: RVD d. Jeff Hardy 16:30 3 ½
29.   2002 IC: RVD d. Chris Benoit 16:30 3 ½
30.   1997 IC: Steve Austin d. Owen Hart 16 min 3 ½
31.   1998 Lion’s Den: Ken Shamrock d. Owen Hart 9 min 3 ½
32.   2012 Chris Jericho d. Dolph Ziggler 13 min 3 ½
33.   2009 IC: Rey Mysterio d. Dolph Ziggler 12:30 min 3 ½   
34.   1997 WWF Title: Bret Hart d. Undertaker 28 min 3 ½
35.       2015 Undertaker d. Brock Lesnar 17 min 3 1/2  
36.   1990 Tags: Hart Foundation d. Demolition 15:30 3 ½
37.   1992 Ultimate Warrior d. Randy Savage 26 min 3 ½
38.   1997 Cage: Mankind d. HHH 16 min 3 ½ 
39.  2013 World: Alberto del Rio d. Christian 12:30 3 1/2
40.   2003 Eddie Guerrero d. Chris Benoit/Tajiri/Rhyno 10:30 3 ½
41.   2009 DX d. Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase, Jr. 20 min 3 ½  
42.   1993 Tatanka/Smoking Gunns d. Bam Bam Bigelow/Headshrinkers 11 min 3 ½
43.   1988 British Bulldogs draw Rougeaus 20 min. 3 ½
44.   1996 Boiler Room Brawl Mankind d. Undertaker 27 min 3 ½

45.   2005 Ladder: Rey Mysterio d. Eddie Guerrero 20:30 3 ¼ 
46.       2014 Bray Wyatt d. Chris Jericho 13 min 3 1/4 
47.   2002: Edge d. Eddy Guerrero 12 min 3 ¼
48.   2011 Wade Barrett d. Daniel Bryan 11:30 3 ¼   
49.   1995 Hakushi d. 123 Kid 9 min 3 ¼ 
50.       2015 Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose d. Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper 11 min 3 1/4 
51.   1999 Test d. Shane McMahon 12 min 3 ¼
52.   1998 Hair: 123 Kid d. Jeff Jarrett 11 min 3 ¼
53.   1998 WWF Title: Steve Austin d. Undertaker 21 min 3 ¼
54.   2000 WWF Title: Rock d. Kurt Angle/HHH 20 min 3 ¼
55.   2006 WWF Title Edge d. John Cena 15:30 3 ¼  
56.   2010 RAW Title: Randy Orton d. Sheamus 19 min 3 ¼ 
57.       2015 Sheamus d. Randy Orton 12 min 3 1/4 
58.   1993 Tags: Steiners d. Heavenly Bodies 9:30 3 ¼ 
59.   1989 IC Title: Ultimate Warrior d. Rick Rude 16 min 3 ¼
60.   2002 Kurt Angle d. Rey Mysterio 9 min 3
61.   2001 IC: Edge d. Lance Storm 11 min 3
62.   2001 Jr: XPac d. Tajiri 7 min 3
63.       2014 Seth Rollins d. Dean Ambrose 11 min 3 
64.   2006 I Quit: Ric Flair d. Mick Foley 13 min 3 
65.   2001 WCW Title: Rock d. Booker T 15 min 3
66.   2005 WWF Title John Cena d. Chris Jericho 15 min 3
67.   1988 Tags: Demolition d. Hart Foundation 10 min 3
68.   1994 IC: Razor Ramon d. Diesel 15 min 3
69.   2002 WWF Title: Brock Lesnar d. Rock 16:30 3
70.   2004 Dudleys d. Rey Mysterio/Paul London/Billy Kidman 8 min 3
71.   2011 Rey Mysterio/John Morrison/Kofi Kingston d. Miz/R Truth/Alberto del Rio 9:30 3
72.   1993 Bret Hart d. Doink 10 min 3
73.   2007 Rey Mysterio d. Chavo Guerrero 12 min 3
74.   2008 MVP d. Jeff Hardy 10 min 3
75.   1996 Owen Hart d. Savio Vega 13:30 3
76.   2008 World CM Punk d. JBL 11 min 3
77.   2012 World: Sheamus d. Alberto del Rio 11:30 3
78.   1995 Bret Hart d. Isaac Yankem 16 min 3
79.   2012 IC: Miz d. Rey Mysterio 9 min 3
80.   1992 Shawn Michaels draw Rick Martel 8 min 3
81.   1991 Virgil d. Ted DiBiase 13 min 3
82.   2007 WWF: John Cena d. Randy Orton 21 min 3
83.       2014 Roman Reigns d. Randy Orton 16:30 3
84.   2008 Batista d. John Cena 13:30 3
85.   2003 Elimination Chamber 19 min 3
86.   1999 Tag Team Gauntlet 16:30 3

87.   1997 Davey Boy Smith d. Ken Shamrock 7:30
88.   1999 Lion’s Den: Ken Shamrock d. Steve Blackman 9 min
89.   2000 Hardcore: Shane McMahon d. Steve Blackman 10 min
90.   2007 ECW: John Morrison d. CM Punk 7 min
91.      2014 IC: Dolph Ziggler d. Miz 8 min
92.   2005 Randy Orton d. Undertaker 17 min
93.   2004 IC: Edge d. Chris Jericho/Batista 8:30 min
94.   2001 Chris Jericho d. Rhyno 12:30
95.   1994 Women: Alundra Blayze d. Bull Nakano 8 min
96.   1999 IC/Euro: Jeff Jarrett d. DLo Brown 7:30
97.   1993 Razor Ramon d. Ted DiBiase 7:30
98.   1996 Goldust d. Marc Mero 11 min
99.   1998 Euro: DLo Brown d. Val Venis 15:30
100.   2005 Edge d. Matt Hardy 5 min

101.   2012 WWF Title: CM Punk d. John Cena/Big Show 14:30
102.   2006 Chavo Guerrero d. Rey Mysterio 11 min
103.   2012 Daniel Bryan d. Kane 8 min
104.       2015 Tags: New Day d.. Prime Time Players/Los Matadores/Lucha Dragons 10 min
105.       2014 Rusev d. Jack Swagger 9 min
106.   2002: Ric Flair d. Chris Jericho 10:30
107.   2004 HHH d. Eugene 14 min
108.   2010: Smackdown Title: Kane d. Rey Mysterio 12:30
109.   2003: Kane d. RVD 12:30
110.   2005 Kurt Angle d. Eugene 5 min
111.   2007 IC: Umaga d. Carlito/Ken Kennedy 7:30
112.   1989 Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake d. Randy Savage/Zeus 15 min
113.   1988 Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage d. Ted DiBiase/Andre the Giant 14:30 min
114.   1990 Power&Glory d. Rockers 6 min
115.                        2011 Mark Henry d. Sheamus 9:30
116.                        2007 Kane d. Fit Finlay 9 min
117.                        1999 Hardcore: Al Snow d. Boss Man 7:30
118.                        1999 Rock d. Billy Gunn 10 min
119.                        1993 WWF Title: Lex Luger d. Yokozuna 18 min
120.                        1991 Ricky Steamboat/Davey Boy Smith/Kerry von Erich d. Warlord/Power&Glory                                                                                                                                                 10:30
121.                        2005 Hulk Hogan d. Shawn Michaels 21:30
122.                        1993 Shawn Michaels d. Mr. Perfect 11:30
123.                        2009 Tags: Chris Jericho/Big Show d. Cryme Tyme 9:30
124.                        2012 Tags: R-Truth/Kofi Kingston d. PTP 7 min
125.                        2009 WWF Title Randy Orton d. John Cena 21 min
126.            2013 Cody Rhodes d. Damien Sandow 6:30
127.                        2008 WWF Title HHH d. Khali 9:30
128.                        2007 Booker T d. HHH 8 min
129.                        2006 DX d. Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon 13 min
130.                        2006 World Batista d. Booker 10:30
131.                        2004 JBL d. Undertaker 17:30 min
132.                        2005 World: Batista d. JBL 9 min
133.                        2002 Un-Americans d. Goldust/Booker T 9:30
134.                        1999 Tags: Undertaker/Big Show d. XPac/Kane 12 min
135.                        2001 Tags: Undertaker/Kane d. DDP/Kanyon 10 min
136.                        2006 ECW Title: Big Show d. Sabu 8:30
137.                        2009 MVP d. Jack Swagger 6 min
138.                   2015 IC: Ryback d. Miz/Show 5:30 min
139.                        1995 Barry Horowitz d. Skip 11:30
140.                        1991 Big Boss Man d. Jacques Rougeau 9:30
141.                        2001 Dudleys/Test d. APA/Spike Dudley 7 min
142.            2013 Ring of Fire: Bray Wyatt d. Kane 7:30
143.                        1997 LOD d. Godwinns 10 min
144.                        1988 Powers of Pain d. Bolsheviks 5:30
145.                        1994 Bam Bam Bigelow/IRS d. Headshrinkers 7 min
146.                        1993 Jerry Lawler d. Bret Hart 6:30
147.                        2004 Kane d. Matt Hardy 6 min
148.                        1996 Smoking Gunns d. Bodydonnas d. New Rockers d. Godwinns 12 min
149.                   2015 Neville/Stephen Amell d. Stardust/Wade Barrett 7:30 min
150.                  2014 Women: Paige d. AJ Lee 5 min

151.                        1989 Ted DiBiase d. Jimmy Snuka 6:30
152.                        1990 IC: Kerry von Erich d. Mr. Perfect 5 min
153.                        1993 IRS d. 123 Kid 6 min
154.                        1990 Hulk Hogan d. Earthquake 13 min
155.                        1990 WWF Title Cage Match: Ultimate Warrior d. Rick Rude 10 min
156.                        1991 Tags: Street Fight: LOD d. Nasty Boys 6:30
157.                        1991 Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior d. Sgt. Slaughter/Mustafa/Adnan 12:30
158.                        1995 HHH d. Sparky Plugg 7 min
159.                        2010 IC Dolph Ziggler no contest Kofi Kingston  7 min
160.                   2015 Dolph Ziggler no contest Rusev 11 min
161.                        1997 Boriquas d. DOA 9 min
162.                        2003 Tags: LaResistance d. Dudley Boys 8 min
163.                        1998 Tags: New Age Outlaws d. Mankind 5 min
164.                        2000 IC: Eddy Guerrero/Chyna d. Val Venis/Trish Stratus 7 min
165.                        2011 Women: Kelly Kelly d. Beth Phoenix 6:30
166.                        2000 XPac d. Road Dogg 4:30
167.                        2004 John Cena d. Booker T 6 min
168.                        2003 Undertaker d. A-Train 9 min
169.                        2002 Undertaker d. Test 8 min
170.                   2014 Stephanie McMahon d. Brie Bella 10 min
171.                        2010 Big Show d. CM Punk/Luke Gallows/Joey Mercury 6:30
72                   2015 Team PCB d. Team Bella d. Team BAD 15 min
173.                        1989 Mr. Perfect d. Red Rooster 3:30 
174.            2013 Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn d. Big E Langston/AJ Lee
175.                        1988 Big Boss Man d. Koko B. Ware 6 min
176.                        1990 Jake Roberts d. Bad News Brown 4:30
177.                        1990 Warlord d. Tito Santana 5:30
178.                        1993 Ludwig Borga d. Marty Janetty 5 min
179.                        1996 Sid d. Davey Boy Smith 6 min
180                        2000 Jerry Lawler d. Tazz 4:30
181.                        2000 RTC d. Rikishi/Too Cool 5 min
182.                        1992 Tags: Natural Disasters d. Beverly Brothers 10:30
183.                        1992 LOD d. Money Inc  15 min
184.                        1991 IRS d. Greg Valentine 4 min
185.                        1990 Randy Savage d. Dusty Rhodes 2 min
186.                        2005 US: Chris Benoit d. Orlando Jordan 30 sec
187.                        1988 IC Title: Ultimate Warrior d. Honky Tonk Man :30
188.                        2009 ECW Christian d. William Regal :30
189.                        2011 WWF Title: Alberto del Rio d. CM Punk :30
190.                        2008 ECW Matt Hardy d. Mark Henry :30
191.            2013 WWF Title: Randy Orton d. Daniel Bryan :30
192.                        1992 Undertaker d. Kamala 3:30
193.                        1990 Hacksaw Duggan/Nikolai Volkoff d. Orient Express 3:30
194.                        1995 Smoking Gunns d. Blu Brothers 6 min
195.                        1992 Crush d. Repo Man 5:30
196.                        1988 Dino Bravo d. Don Muraco 5:30
197.                        1989 Hacksaw Duggan/Demolition d. Andre the Giant/Boss Man/Akeem 7:30
198.                        1998 Edge/Sable d. Marc Mero/Jacqueline 8:30
199.                        2003 Shane McMahon d. Eric Bischoff 10:30
200.                        2006 Hulk Hogan d. Randy Orton 11 min

201.                        1989 Greg Valentine d. Hercules 3 min
202.                        1988 Rick Rude d. JYD 6:30
203.                        1992 Nailz d. Virgil 4 min
204.                        1997 Goldust d. Brian Pillman 7 min
205.                        1994 Tatanka d. Lex Luger 6 min
206.                        2009 Kane d. Khali 6 min
207.                        1988 Bad News Brown d. Ken Patera 6:30
208.                        1991 Natural Disasters d. Bushwackers 6:30
209.                        1998 Oddities d. Kaientai 10 min
210.                        2008 IC/Women Santino/Beth Phoenix d. Kofi Kingston/Mickie James 5:30
211.                        2000 Undertaker no contest Kane 6 min
212.                        1993 Undertaker d. Giant Gonzalez 8 min
213.                        1994 Jeff Jarrett d. Mabel 6 min
214.                        1989 Dusty Rhodes d. Honky Tonk Man 9:30
215.                        1988 Jake Roberts d. Hercules 10 min
216.                        1994 Undertaker d. Undertaker 9 min
217.                        1995 WWF Title: Diesel d. Mabel 9 min
218.            2013 Natalya d. Brie Bella 4 min
219.                        1995 Women: Bertha Faye d. Alundra Blayze 5 min
220.                        1999 Women: Ivory d. Tori 4 min
221.                        2000 Women: Kat d. Terri 3 min
222.                        2010 Women: Melina d. Alicia Fox 5:30
223.                        2007 World: Batista d. Khali 7 min
224.                        1996 Jerry Lawler d. Jake Roberts 4 min
225.                        1995 Undertaker d. Kamala 16:30
226.                        1990 Sherri d. Sapphire (forfeit)
227.                        2007 Diva Battle Royal 7 min
228.                        2004 Diva Dodge Ball 3 min

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