August 20 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Sunday, August 20, 2017

What is this all about?


Here are the top 5 August 20 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

1974 at Pittsburgh, 21.5 out, just playing out the string, it took a Chris Speier run scoring triple in the 9th to force extras, this is the 10th, 7-7, Bruce Miller draws a bases loaded walk off of Juan Pizarro to score the go ahead run.  We win 8-7. Miller spent 4 years in the bigs, every one of them in San Francisco. He had a career OPS+ of 59 as a utilityman. This was a 3 hit game for Miller who never played a big league game after the age of 29.

1982 at St Louis, we came into the month 13 games out - but now that number is 5, and since it's been 11 years since our last postseason appearance, we're a thirsty fanbase.  The Cardinals had a 7-0 lead after 4 innings, but we scored 7 in the 7th and the go ahead in the 8th.  Its now 8-7 us, one out in the bottom of the 9th, the Cards had runners on the corners and one out - Willie McGee at the plate.  Greg Minton gets him to ground back to the pitcher, we got the force at second - and then we got Keith Hernandez in a rundown, Milt May making the tag. Two days later we lost to a walk off steal of home by a backup catcher. Minton was a Giant for a looong time, 13 seasons, we got him out of the Royals system just before the '73 season for Fran Healy. Minton came up in '75, was in a handful of games through '78, and became a full time member of the pen in '79 (he had a 196 ERA+) Minton started closing in '80 - and here, in '82, was his career year, another 196 ERA+, 30 saves, he finished 6th in the Cy Young race, and had a WAR over 6 and a half - Minton's 1982 is the greatest season for a relief pitcher in Giants franchise history.  He turns 31 in '83 and starts to slide, '84 is his last season as our closer. We let him go during the season in '87, he signs with the Angels which is where he finishes his career in 1990.

1989 at Philadelphia, on May 28th we moved into a tie for first and have maintained at least a share of the lead every day since, we're 2 games up here, but with 2 out in the 9th inning trail 2-1 - until Earnie Riles hits a grand slam off Roger McDowell.  That 5-2 lead is the final score.  Riles had one season above a 100 OPS+ in his career and this was it, at 115 this was his best season at the plate as our starting third baseman, he's gone to the A's after the 1990 season.  Riles had 3 career grand slams, this was his first - his second was a year minus one day later off of Doc Gooden.

1991 at Houston, we're 8 games out in the west after dropping 3 straight to the Reds, 3-3 with 2 out in the 7th, Will Clark hits a grand slam off of Rob Mallicoat and we win this thing 9-3.  Will hit 5 career grand slams, this is the third (the second was five weeks prior) and last with the Giants.

Walk off 2013 home vs. Red Sox, we're 17 out, just playing out the string, 2-2 with 2 out in the 9th, Marco Scutaro draws a walk off walk against Brayan Villarreal for the 3-2 win.  Scutaro didn't break into the bigs until he was 26 after 8 years in the minors.  We get him a decade later, 36 year old Marco Scutaro comes to us from the Rockies at the deadline in 2012 for Charlie Culberson.  He hits, a 144 OPS+ in '12 and when his career ends after just a handful of games in 2014, his Giants career OPS+ is 119, far above his career numbers.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

August 19 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What is this all about?


Here are the top 5 August 19 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

1968 at New York, 14 games out, we play 17 innings at Shea on a Monday night (Bobby Bolin went 11, Jerry Koosman 12) it was still scoreless - scoreless - with 2 out in the top of the 17th when Ron Hunt singled home the eventual winning run in a 1-0 game. Back in '63 Hunt was second in the Rookie of the Year ballot playing for these Mets - the winner, Pete Rose.

1974 at Pittsburgh, we're 21.5 out, 3-3 in the top of the 9th, Dave Kingman doubles home the go ahead run off of Jim Rooker, we go on and win it 5-3.  This is Kingman's first appearance in the daily look at great Giants moments.  We drafted Kingman out of USC in 1970, he came up in '71 and spent 4 seasons as a backup at third and first for the Giants (Giants OPS+ 112). We sold him to the Mets prior to the '75 season for 150 grand.  Kingman played 16 years, finishing his career back in the Bay Area, with the A's, in '86.

Walk off 1984 home vs. Mets, we're 24 out, but walked off the Mets the day before - and we do it again in the front half of a doubleheader.  Down 6-5 in the bottom of the 9th - Brad Wellman hit a 2 run homer off Jesse Orosco to win the game.  Wellman came over just before the '82 season from the Royals system in the deal that sent Vida to KC for Atlee Hammaker.  Wellman was a backup infielder for five seasons with the Giants (he didn't hit at all, Giants OPS+ 59) played 3 games with the Dodgers in '87, and finished his career back in Kansas City in '89.  This was Wellman's third career homer and he'd only hit 3 more.  It is his only walk off.

1996 home vs. Mets, we're 12.5 out, so it's not going to happen this year, up 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th, Mets have 2 on and 1 out, Carlos Baerga at the plate - but Rod Beck gets him 3-6-3 to end the game.

Let's talk Giants career ERA+ for our closers, second number is Giants IP.  Closer is anyone who led Giants in saves during a season.  Through 2016. Let's work backward.

Casilla 152, 394
Romo 146, 439
Wilson 129, 320
Hennessey 94, 360
Benitez 109, 85
Walker 100, 198
Herges 101, 121
Worrell 125, 249
Nen 169, 378
Beck 129, 463
Righetti 78, 197
Brantley 110, 505
Lefferts 120, 246
Garrelts 108, 959
Minton 110, 870
Lavelle 128, 970
Moffitt 101, 682
Sosa 116, 223
Johnson 97, 247
McMahon 114, 305
Linzy 128, 531
Shaw 111, 360
Bolin 101, 1282
Miller 120, 804
Antonelli 124, 1600
Grissom 139, 543

Walk off 2003 home vs. Braves, we were a dozen up on the 8th, but had a winless road trip, swept in New York and Montreal, and now return home 8.5 games up and starting a series against the Braves, who have the best record in baseball.  Longtime Giant Russ Ortiz going for the Braves, he's long gone in the bottom of 10th when Barry Bonds breaks a 4-4 tie with a homer into the water off Ray King to get one for the good guys.  This is homer 651 for Barry, he'll get to 658 by the end of the season and, of course, retire as the greatest home run hitter of all time, despite what your Baby Boomer relative thinks.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

SummerSlam 30 (2017) Preview + All 238 SummerSlam Matches Ranked!

Friday, August 18, 2017

I do this for each of the big four WWE events annually and have for the past couple of decades, long predating this space.  But now I write words here and they can't just be about baseball.  Sunday is the 30th Summer Slam, I'm an old, I've seen every major WWF/E PPV on or around the date of its initial airing.  Here are my thoughts about the upcoming show and my rankings of every match in SummerSlam history.

WWE Universal Title: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman
-This is the RAW belt, launched a year ago after they split the roster in half again. Brock took it from Goldberg in an overly praised Mania match and doesn't need to be pinned to lose it here, as this match is one fall.  The stip is that both Lesnar and Heyman will leave (perhaps to go to UFC is the unstated element) if Brock loses.  Theoretically, Lesnar and Reigns are the babyfaces, but all four guys are really on the same corner as badass, hardhitting tweeners.  Lesnar's already successfully defended the belt against Joe, Reigns and Strowman have been in a lengthy program involving each getting shoved into an ambulance.  They've done a good job at keeping each credible while having a good amount of interaction given how similar the positioning of each man is.

Joe has been the best worker of the 4, but this is late period Joe, the guy who wrestled Kenta Kobashi ain't walking through that door, and he largely relies on presence to get by.  Lesnar had tremendous matches in the first portion of his return to wrestling, but his motivation level can come into question in any given match.  Reigns is the guy they like, the guy they've been trying to ascend to the top of superhero mountain for a couple of years now, and he's good (better than Cena was at the same point in their careers and not by a little bit) but given the amount of talent at their disposal, would not be my first, or twenty-first, choice as standardbearer.  Others like Strowman more than do I, he's super limited, sort of standard WWE big guy issue, but he's good at it.

It's been a good build and will be a good match.  I'd guess Lesnar wins 'cause he ain't leaving, but I'm rooting for Joe.

WWE Title: Jinder Mahal v. Shinsuke Nakamura
-This is the lineal belt, Jinder's recognized as the 132nd WWE Champion; I'm tempted to say he's the worst, which might be uncharitable, but he's in the discussion.  He took the belt from Orton (who needs to jump to WCW in a different timeline) back in May.  Nakamura's one of the best wrestlers in the world, certainly top 20, although that's not really evident in his time in WWE (the WWE style, deliberate, largely light, high emphasis on posing) serves to aid in the recovery of Nakamura's body from the pounding taken in New Japan, but since coming from NXT to the main roster, hasn't led to any memorable matches).

I'm not optimistic either about the quality of the match or the outcome, this looks like Jinder's keeping the belt and Nakamura's moving down the card (although maybe to a program with Styles, which is ideal).

US Title: AJ Styles v. Kevin Owens
-The IC belt is on RAW (Miz has it and it isn't being contested on the show) this is the Smackdown equivalent, Styles and Owens have traded it back and forth all summer, this run from AJ is about 3 weeks in. The wrinkle here is that Shane McMahon (he and Danielson are the figurehead leaders of Smackdown) is the special guest referee, with teases in the build that he will become physical with either guy.  I hate this build, I hate Shane McMahon (I mean, he's probably a perfectly reasonable guy and not Donald Trump Jr, but my tolerance for wrestling angles involving the McMahons ended early in the Vince/Austin program and I mean early in it) and so this match, despite being between an elite worker in Styles and a very good worker in Owens has go away heat for me.

The match quality has been a little disappointing between these two, there's a 4 star match in here somewhere, hopefully we see it Sunday.  I'd anticipate AJ keeps and they set up an Owens/Shane thing to culminate at Mania (with Shane going over).

WWE Tag Titles: Cesaro/Sheamus v. Rollins/Ambrose
-This is the RAW tag title, the tag belts on Smackdown are held by New Day, neither is the lineal WWF tag title which no longer exists, and if that sounds like a sound decision, consider applying for a job in WWE creative.  Sheamus and Cesaro regained the belts in June against the Hardys, who returned unannounced at Mania, and are the supporting players here for the real story, which is the reunion of Rollins/Ambrose, 2/3 of the The Shield, which was a dominant tag act until Rollins turned on the group.  They've done an excellent job and teasing out this reunion, giving real weight to Rollins's betrayal as opposed to just throwing the two men together out of expedience.  Everyone here is good (Sheamus) to great (Cesaro) in the ring, and when adding that to the storyline juice of reuniting Rollins/Ambrose, I'm optimistic about the match quality.  I assume the babyfaces take the belts.

So, that's a reasonable top of the card.  3 of the 4 will be good and Nakamura's in he other one, the show's worth watching on that merit.  Here come the singles midcard matches in my order of interest.

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt
Randy Orton vs. Rusev
John Cena vs. Baron Corbin
Big Show vs. Big Cass

-Balor is one of the best wrestlers in the world, this entire program has really just been prelude for Balor's Demon King entrance here at Summer Slam (WWE has...devolved seems overly critical...but certainly grown to rely, as one would on a crutch, on entrances).  Balor wins; the match is fine.

-Rusev has nothing going; Orton, as previously mentioned, is beyond stale in this territory, a Rusev win to continue the program would make sense.

-Corbin lost his briefcase match this week, so they might (should) just put the bullet in thoughts of his being an upper card wrestler by having Cena beat him fairly easily.  I'd assume this isn't that, that instead it's Corbin's big win and he remains in high profile 2 1/2 star matches a few more months.

-The big guy match is the extension of the Cass heel turn on his partner Enzo (he'll be suspended in a cage above the ring).  At some point, what makes sense is Enzo to also turn and manage Cass ('cause the bell to bell part is where Enzo falls apart) I'll say Cass goes over in a short and pretty bad match.

The middle is not great; if Balor were in the Jinder spot, we'd have a real chance at an all time great Summer Slam match such as you'll see ranked below, and while I don't hate Bray, this is unlikely to be that type of match.  Nothing else here is likely to be good.

Here are the women's matches.

RAW Women: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Smackdown Women: Naomi (c) vs. Natalya

The next 3 1/4 star match by either of the women's champions will be their first, so expectations here should be low.

Three pre-show matches.

Juniors: Akira Tozawa (c)  vs. Neville
Smackdown Tags: The New Day  vs. The Usos 
Hardys/Jason Jordan vs. Miz/Miztourage 

None are likely to get a ton of time, Neville/Tozawa, if allowed to actually turn it loose, would be the best match on the card.  That won't happen here.

So, it's 6 hours of wrestling, the main event may be a 4 star match and there's some value in the other big title matches as well.

Here's every match in SummerSlam history.

1.       1994 WWF Title Cage: Bret Hart d. Owen Hart 32 min 4 ¾
2.       1992 IC Davey Boy Smith d. Bret Hart 25 min 4 ¾
3.       2000 Tags: TLC: Edge/Christian d. Hardys d. Dudleys 15 min 4 ½
4.       1995 IC Ladder: Shawn Michaels d. Razor Ramon 25min 4 ½
5.       2013 No DQ: Brock Lesnar d. CM Punk 25min 4 1/4
6.       2016 AJ Styles d. John Cena 23 min 4 1/4
7.       1991 IC: Bret Hart d. Mr. Perfect 18 min 4 ¼
8.       2009 WWE Title TLC: CM Punk d. Jeff Hardy 21:30 4 ¼
9.       2013 WWE Title Daniel Bryan d. John Cena 27 min 4 1/4
10.     2011 World Title No Holds Barred: Christian d. Randy Orton 23:30 4 ¼

11.       1996 WWF Title: Shawn Michaels d. Vader 22 min 4
12.       2002 Nonsanctioned: Shawn Michaels d. HHH 27:30 4
13.       2016 Universal: Finn Balor d. Seth Rollins 19 min 4
14.       2000 2/3 Falls Chris Benoit d. Chris Jericho 13 min 4
15.       2008 HIAC: Undertaker d. Edge 26 min 4
16.       2011 WWF Title: CM Punk d. John Cena 24 min 4
17        2014 WWF Title: Brock Lesnar d. John Cena 16:30 4
18.       1989 Brainbusters d. Hart Foundation 16 min 4
19.   2004: World: Randy Orton d. Chris Benoit 20 min 3 ¾
20.   1998 IC Ladder: HHH d. Rock 26 min 3 ¾
21.   2001 WWF Title: Kurt Angle d. Steve Austin 22:30 3 ¾
22.   2003 WWF Title Kurt Angle d. Brock Lesnar 21 min 3 ¾
23.  2015 WWF Title: Seth Rollins d. John Cena 19 min 3 3/4
24.  2015 Kevin Owens d. Cesaro 14:30 min 3 3/4
25.   2012 Brock Lesnar d. HHH 18:30 3 ¾
26.   1999 WWF Title: Mankind d. Steve Austin/HHH 16:30 3 ¾
27.   2010 Team WWE d. Team Nexus 35:30 3 ¾
28.   1989 Rick Martel/Rougeaus d. Rockers/Tito Santana 15 min 3 ¾

29.   2004 Kurt Angle d. Eddie Guerrero 3 ½
30.   2001 Hardcore Ladder: RVD d. Jeff Hardy 16:30 3 ½
31.   2002 IC: RVD d. Chris Benoit 16:30 3 ½
32. 2016 Brock Lesnar d. Randy Orton 11min 3 1/2
33.   1997 IC: Steve Austin d. Owen Hart 16 min 3 ½
34.   1998 Lion’s Den: Ken Shamrock d. Owen Hart 9 min 3 ½
35.   2012 Chris Jericho d. Dolph Ziggler 13 min 3 ½
36.   2009 IC: Rey Mysterio d. Dolph Ziggler 12:30 min 3 ½
37.   1997 WWF Title: Bret Hart d. Undertaker 28 min 3 ½
38.  2015 Undertaker d. Brock Lesnar 17 min 3 1/2
39.   1990 Tags: Hart Foundation d. Demolition 15:30 3 ½
40.   1992 Ultimate Warrior d. Randy Savage 26 min 3 ½
41.   1997 Cage: Mankind d. HHH 16 min 3 ½
42.  2013 World: Alberto del Rio d. Christian 12:30 3 1/2
43.   2003 Eddie Guerrero d. Chris Benoit/Tajiri/Rhyno 10:30 3 ½
44.   2009 DX d. Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase, Jr. 20 min 3 ½
45.   1993 Tatanka/Smoking Gunns d. Bam Bam Bigelow/Headshrinkers 11 min 3 ½
46.   1988 British Bulldogs draw Rougeaus 20 min. 3 ½
47.   1996 Boiler Room Brawl Mankind d. Undertaker 27 min 3 ½

48.   2005 Ladder: Rey Mysterio d. Eddie Guerrero 20:30 3 ¼
49. 2014 Bray Wyatt d. Chris Jericho 13 min 3 1/4
50.   2002: Edge d. Eddy Guerrero 12 min 3 ¼
51.   2011 Wade Barrett d. Daniel Bryan 11:30 3 ¼
52.   1995 Hakushi d. 123 Kid 9 min 3 ¼
53.  2015 Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose d. Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper 11 min 3 1/4
54.   1999 Test d. Shane McMahon 12 min 3 ¼
55.   1998 Hair: 123 Kid d. Jeff Jarrett 11 min 3 ¼
56.   1998 WWF Title: Steve Austin d. Undertaker 21 min 3 ¼
57.   2000 WWF Title: Rock d. Kurt Angle/HHH 20 min 3 ¼
58.   2006 WWF Title Edge d. John Cena 15:30 3 ¼
59.   2010 RAW Title: Randy Orton d. Sheamus 19 min 3 ¼
60.  2015 Sheamus d. Randy Orton 12 min 3 1/4
61.   1993 Tags: Steiners d. Heavenly Bodies 9:30 3 ¼
62.   1989 IC Title: Ultimate Warrior d. Rick Rude 16 min 3 ¼
63.   2002 Kurt Angle d. Rey Mysterio 9 min 3
64.   2001 IC: Edge d. Lance Storm 11 min 3
65.   2001 Jr: XPac d. Tajiri 7 min 3
66. 2014 Seth Rollins d. Dean Ambrose 11 min 3
67. 2016 WWF Title: Dean Ambrose d. Dolph Ziggler 15 min 3
68.   2006 I Quit: Ric Flair d. Mick Foley 13 min 3
69.   2001 WCW Title: Rock d. Booker T 15 min 3
70.   2005 WWF Title John Cena d. Chris Jericho 15 min 3
71.   1988 Tags: Demolition d. Hart Foundation 10 min 3
72.   1994 IC: Razor Ramon d. Diesel 15 min 3
73.   2002 WWF Title: Brock Lesnar d. Rock 16:30 3
74.   2004 Dudleys d. Rey Mysterio/Paul London/Billy Kidman 8 min 3
75.   2011 Rey Mysterio/John Morrison/Kofi Kingston d. Miz/R Truth/Alberto del Rio 9:30 3
76.   1993 Bret Hart d. Doink 10 min 3
77.   2007 Rey Mysterio d. Chavo Guerrero 12 min 3
78.   2008 MVP d. Jeff Hardy 10 min 3
79.   1996 Owen Hart d. Savio Vega 13:30 3
80.   2008 World CM Punk d. JBL 11 min 3
81.   2012 World: Sheamus d. Alberto del Rio 11:30 3
82.   1995 Bret Hart d. Isaac Yankem 16 min 3
83.   2012 IC: Miz d. Rey Mysterio 9 min 3
84  2016 Owens/Jericho d. Cass/Enzo 12 min 3
85.   1992 Shawn Michaels draw Rick Martel 8 min 3
86.   1991 Virgil d. Ted DiBiase 13 min 3
87.   2007 WWF: John Cena d. Randy Orton 21 min 3
88.       2014 Roman Reigns d. Randy Orton 16:30 3
89.   2008 Batista d. John Cena 13:30 3
90.   2003 Elimination Chamber 19 min 3
91.   1999 Tag Team Gauntlet 16:30 3

92.   1997 Davey Boy Smith d. Ken Shamrock 7:30
93.   1999 Lion’s Den: Ken Shamrock d. Steve Blackman 9 min
94.   2000 Hardcore: Shane McMahon d. Steve Blackman 10 min
95.   2007 ECW: John Morrison d. CM Punk 7 min
96.  2014 IC: Dolph Ziggler d. Miz 8 min
97.     2016 Women: Charlotte d. Sasha 14 min
98.   2005 Randy Orton d. Undertaker 17 min
99.   2004 IC: Edge d. Chris Jericho/Batista 8:30 min
100.   2001 Chris Jericho d. Rhyno 12:30

101.   1994 Women: Alundra Blayze d. Bull Nakano 8 min
102.   1999 IC/Euro: Jeff Jarrett d. DLo Brown 7:30
103.   1993 Razor Ramon d. Ted DiBiase 7:30
104.   1996 Goldust d. Marc Mero 11 min
105.   1998 Euro: DLo Brown d. Val Venis 15:30
106.   2005 Edge d. Matt Hardy 5 min
107.   2012 WWF Title: CM Punk d. John Cena/Big Show 14:30
108.   2006 Chavo Guerrero d. Rey Mysterio 11 min
109.   2012 Daniel Bryan d. Kane 8 min
110.  2015 Tags: New Day d.. Prime Time Players/Los Matadores/Lucha Dragons 10 min
111.  2014 Rusev d. Jack Swagger 9 min
112.   2002: Ric Flair d. Chris Jericho 10:30
113.   2004 HHH d. Eugene 14 min
114.   2010: Smackdown Title: Kane d. Rey Mysterio 12:30
115.   2003: Kane d. RVD 12:30
116.   2005 Kurt Angle d. Eugene 5 min
117.   2007 IC: Umaga d. Carlito/Ken Kennedy 7:30
118.   1989 Hulk Hogan/Brutus Beefcake d. Randy Savage/Zeus 15 min
119.   1988 Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage d. Ted DiBiase/Andre the Giant 14:30 min
120.   1990 Power&Glory d. Rockers 6 min
121.    2011 Mark Henry d. Sheamus 9:30
122.    2007 Kane d. Fit Finlay 9 min
123.    1999 Hardcore: Al Snow d. Boss Man 7:30
124.     1999 Rock d. Billy Gunn 10 min
125.                        1993 WWF Title: Lex Luger d. Yokozuna 18 min
126.                        1991 Ricky Steamboat/Davey Boy Smith/Kerry von Erich d. Warlord/Power&Glory                                                                                                                                               10:30                
127. 2005 Hulk Hogan d. Shawn Michaels 21:30
128.                        1993 Shawn Michaels d. Mr. Perfect 11:30
129.                        2009 Tags: Chris Jericho/Big Show d. Cryme Tyme 9:30
130.                        2012 Tags: R-Truth/Kofi Kingston d. PTP 7 min
131.                        2009 WWF Title Randy Orton d. John Cena 21 min
132.            2013 Cody Rhodes d. Damien Sandow 6:30
133.                        2008 WWF Title HHH d. Khali 9:30
134.                        2007 Booker T d. HHH 8 min
135.                        2006 DX d. Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon 13 min
136.                        2006 World Batista d. Booker 10:30
137.                        2004 JBL d. Undertaker 17:30 min
138.                        2005 World: Batista d. JBL 9 min
139.                        2002 Un-Americans d. Goldust/Booker T 9:30
140.                        1999 Tags: Undertaker/Big Show d. XPac/Kane 12 min
141.                        2001 Tags: Undertaker/Kane d. DDP/Kanyon 10 min
142.                        2006 ECW Title: Big Show d. Sabu 8:30
143.                        2009 MVP d. Jack Swagger 6 min
144.            2015 IC: Ryback d. Miz/Show 5:30 min
145.                        1995 Barry Horowitz d. Skip 11:30
146.                        1991 Big Boss Man d. Jacques Rougeau 9:30
147.                        2001 Dudleys/Test d. APA/Spike Dudley 7 min
148.            2013 Ring of Fire: Bray Wyatt d. Kane 7:30
149.                        1997 LOD d. Godwinns 10 min
150.                        1988 Powers of Pain d. Bolsheviks 5:30
151.                        1994 Bam Bam Bigelow/IRS d. Headshrinkers 7 min
152.                        1993 Jerry Lawler d. Bret Hart 6:30
153.                        2004 Kane d. Matt Hardy 6 min
154.                        1996 Smoking Gunns d. Bodydonnas d. New Rockers d. Godwinns 12 min
155.            2015 Neville/Stephen Amell d. Stardust/Wade Barrett 7:30 min
156.            2014 Women: Paige d. AJ Lee 5 min
157.                        1989 Ted DiBiase d. Jimmy Snuka 6:30
158.                        1990 IC: Kerry von Erich d. Mr. Perfect 5 min
159.                        1993 IRS d. 123 Kid 6 min
160.                        1990 Hulk Hogan d. Earthquake 13 min
161.                        1990 WWF Title Cage Match: Ultimate Warrior d. Rick Rude 10 min
162.                        1991 Tags: Street Fight: LOD d. Nasty Boys 6:30
163.                        1991 Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior d. Sgt. Slaughter/Mustafa/Adnan 12:30
164.                        1995 HHH d. Sparky Plugg 7 min
165.                        2010 IC Dolph Ziggler no contest Kofi Kingston  7 min
166.            2015 Dolph Ziggler no contest Rusev 11 min
167.                        1997 Boriquas d. DOA 9 min
168.                        2003 Tags: LaResistance d. Dudley Boys 8 min
169.                        1998 Tags: New Age Outlaws d. Mankind 5 min
170.                        2000 IC: Eddy Guerrero/Chyna d. Val Venis/Trish Stratus 7 min
171.                        2011 Women: Kelly Kelly d. Beth Phoenix 6:30
172.                        2000 XPac d. Road Dogg 4:30
173.         2016 IC: Miz d. Apollo Crews 5:30
174.                        2004 John Cena d. Booker T 6 min
175.                        2003 Undertaker d. A-Train 9 min
176.                        2002 Undertaker d. Test 8 min
177.                   2014 Stephanie McMahon d. Brie Bella 10 min
178.                        2010 Big Show d. CM Punk/Luke Gallows/Joey Mercury 6:30
179                   2015 Team PCB d. Team Bella d. Team BAD 15 min
180.                        1989 Mr. Perfect d. Red Rooster 3:30
181.            2013 Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn d. Big E Langston/AJ Lee
182.                        1988 Big Boss Man d. Koko B. Ware 6 min
183.                        1990 Jake Roberts d. Bad News Brown 4:30
184.                        1990 Warlord d. Tito Santana 5:30
185.                        1993 Ludwig Borga d. Marty Janetty 5 min
186.                        1996 Sid d. Davey Boy Smith 6 min
187                        2000 Jerry Lawler d. Tazz 4:30
188.                        2000 RTC d. Rikishi/Too Cool 5 min
189.                        1992 Tags: Natural Disasters d. Beverly Brothers 10:30
190.                        1992 LOD d. Money Inc  15 min
191.                        1991 IRS d. Greg Valentine 4 min
192.                        1990 Randy Savage d. Dusty Rhodes 2 min
193           2016 US; Rusev NC. Roman Reigns 0 sec.
194.                        2005 US: Chris Benoit d. Orlando Jordan 30 sec
195.                        1988 IC Title: Ultimate Warrior d. Honky Tonk Man :30
196.                        2009 ECW Christian d. William Regal :30
197.                        2011 WWF Title: Alberto del Rio d. CM Punk :30
198.                        2008 ECW Matt Hardy d. Mark Henry :30
199.            2013 WWF Title: Randy Orton d. Daniel Bryan :30
200.                        1992 Undertaker d. Kamala 3:30

201.                        1990 Hacksaw Duggan/Nikolai Volkoff d. Orient Express 3:30
202.                        1995 Smoking Gunns d. Blu Brothers 6 min
203.                        1992 Crush d. Repo Man 5:30
204.                        1988 Dino Bravo d. Don Muraco 5:30
205.                        1989 Hacksaw Duggan/Demolition d. Andre the Giant/Boss Man/Akeem 7:30
206.                        1998 Edge/Sable d. Marc Mero/Jacqueline 8:30
207.                        2003 Shane McMahon d. Eric Bischoff 10:30
208.                        2006 Hulk Hogan d. Randy Orton 11 min
209.                        1989 Greg Valentine d. Hercules 3 min
210.                        1988 Rick Rude d. JYD 6:30
211.                        1992 Nailz d. Virgil 4 min
212.                        1997 Goldust d. Brian Pillman 7 min
213.                        1994 Tatanka d. Lex Luger 6 min
214.                        2009 Kane d. Khali 6 min
215.                        1988 Bad News Brown d. Ken Patera 6:30
216.                        1991 Natural Disasters d. Bushwackers 6:30
217.                        1998 Oddities d. Kaientai 10 min
218.          2016: Tags: Anderson/Gallows d. New Day (DQ) 9 min
219.                        2008 IC/Women Santino/Beth Phoenix d. Kofi Kingston/Mickie James 5:30
220.                        2000 Undertaker no contest Kane 6 min
221.          2016 Natalya/Nikki/Alexa d. Naomi/Carmella/Becky 11 min
222.                        1993 Undertaker d. Giant Gonzalez 8 min
223.                        1994 Jeff Jarrett d. Mabel 6 min
224.                        1989 Dusty Rhodes d. Honky Tonk Man 9:30
225.                        1988 Jake Roberts d. Hercules 10 min
226.                        1994 Undertaker d. Undertaker 9 min
227.                        1995 WWF Title: Diesel d. Mabel 9 min
228.            2013 Natalya d. Brie Bella 4 min
229.                        1995 Women: Bertha Faye d. Alundra Blayze 5 min
230.                        1999 Women: Ivory d. Tori 4 min
231.                        2000 Women: Kat d. Terri 3 min
232.                        2010 Women: Melina d. Alicia Fox 5:30
233.                        2007 World: Batista d. Khali 7 min
234.                        1996 Jerry Lawler d. Jake Roberts 4 min
235.                        1995 Undertaker d. Kamala 16:30
236.                        1990 Sherri d. Sapphire (forfeit)
237.                        2007 Diva Battle Royal 7 min
238.                        2004 Diva Dodge Ball 3 min

August 18 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History


What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 August 18 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

Walk off 1961 home vs. Dodgers, we're 8 out, so it's not white flag time yet at game 115 but you can see it from here. 1-1 in the bottom of the 10th, Orlando Cepeda leads off with a home run off of Larry Sherry to win the game. It's Cepeda's 109th career homer, his 3rd career walk off. He hits his 4th in a month, his 5th in four years, and his sixth as a member of the Red Sox in '73 against Sparky Lyle.

1978 at Philadelphia, 3 months ago we moved into first place, and either led outright or shared the lead every day - until a week ago, we're now a game back, starting a series at the Vet. 4-4 in the 9th, 2 out - Mike Ivie pinch hits a 2 run homer off of Tug McGraw, we're gonna win it 6-5 to move 20 games over first place. Ivie hit 11 homers in '78, his first Giants season, three weeks before he walked off the Cardinals with a homer off Bob Forsch.  This one was number 9 on the year.

Walk off 1985 home vs. Dodgers, the last Giants team to be as bad as the 2017 team?  The '85 Giants are 44-71, 24.5 games out of first place, but in front of nearly 30,000 on a Sunday afternoon at the Stick, they get one from LA.  1-1 with 2 out in the 10th, Dan Gladden singles home the winning run off of Tom Niedenfuer. Gladden had a 145 OPS+ as a rookie in '84 (he only played in 86 games, finished 4th in Rookie of the Year, Gooden won) and never again broke 105.

2007 at Florida, we're 17.5 out, up 4-3 in the 9th in Miami, one out and the tying run at third - Brad Hennessey gets Alfredo Amezaga to line into a 4-5 game ending double play.  Hennessey was a Purebread, played his whole career with the Giants, 5 years, 148 games, all with the good guys. We picked him 21st overall in '01 from Youngstown St. (Joe Mauer went first, Mark Teixeira 5th, David Wright 38th, 8 picks after our Hennessey selection we took Noah Lowry). Hennessey came up in '04, moved to the pen in '06, this was his best year, he closed for awhile and had a 132 ERA+.  He was pretty terrible in '08 and signed with the Orioles after the season.  He never made the club and kicked around a few organizations for the next few years, but couldn't get back to the big leagues.

2009 at Cincinnati, 5.5 games out of first in the West, only a game out of the Wild Card, we are right in it coming into game 119, 5-5 in the 10th, Ryan Garko (who had 4 RBI on the night) drove in two with a double off of Francisco Cordero.  We win this 8-5.  We got Garko in a deadline deal from Cleveland, he was a Giant for 40 games and got a lot of first base at bats down the stretch.  He didn't hit, had a 68 OPS+ and only played another 15 games in his career (in Texas next year, where he hit even more poorly).  4 days from now he'll hit 2 homers in a game we'll lose at Coors, his only 2 Giants home runs.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

August 17 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What is this all about?


Here are the top 5 August 17 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

1969 home vs. Cubs, we're 2.5 out, here's a Sunday doubleheader, 3-3 with 2 out in the 7th, Bobby Bonds singles home 2 off of Bill Hands, we're gonna win it 5-3.  Through 2016 I have Bonds as the 20th greatest RF in MLB history.

1970 at St Louis, 20.5 out, season's done, I'm less than a month and a half from birth, 2-2 in the 6th, Hal Lanier singles home the go ahead off of Reggie Cleveland.  We win this one 5-2. Lanier was all glove, no bat - in fact, given how bad his bat was (career OPS+ 50) he needed a helluva glove just to stay in the bigs, and it was pretty good.  Probably not good enough to justify 3700 Giants plate appearances.

1976 home vs. Pirates, we're 26 games out of first place, so let's just get to the end as quickly as we can, 6-6 with 2 out in the 8th (after Steve Ontiveros doubled and kept running, scoring on a 2 base Frank Taveras error) Gary Thomasson homers off Bob Moose, we're gonna win it 7-6.  Three years prior Thomasson hit his second career home run off Moose, this is his 18th.  Thomasson hit 20 more as a Giant, we sent him to Oakland just before the start of the '78 season in a 7 for 1 trade to get Vida Blue.  That deal is one of my first clear Giants memories.

1981 at Pittsburgh, we're 11 out, so it's probably too late for this club, Vida Blue pitched into the 10th inning, giving up just 6 hits, 37 year old Joe Morgan won the game with a 3 run 11th inning double that broke a 1-1 deadlock. We win the game 5-1. Through 2016 Joe Morgan is the 4th greatest second baseman who ever lived, and the greatest who played post WWII.  He never had a full MLB season with an OPS+ under 100. He played 224 games as a Giant, for those of us old enough to recall his acquisition was one of the great moments in that era of Giants baseball.

Walk off 2004 home vs. Montreal, we got walked off in back to back games in Pittsburgh a week ago, but we come into this one having won 5 straight, are 5.5 back in the west and half a game up in the wild card. Jason Schmidt goes 8, giving up just 4 hits, it's 4-4 in the bottom of the 9th, JT Snow singles home the winning run off of Luis Ayala.  Through 2016, Schmidt's the 22nd greatest San Francisco Giant of all time.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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