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Here's the thing. I'm watching one of these shows on the Cooking Channel featuring food trucks. There's a Scottish expat making fish and chips; in a thick brogue he somewhat wearily explains his irritation with Americans who habitually order a side of tartar sauce: "tartar sauce is basically gherkins." That's this blog. I claim no particular insight, no revelation. If you enjoy the flavor, great, but this blog is basically gherkins.

August, 2014 Athlete of the Month

Thursday, August 28, 2014

July is here.

 Rory McIlroy.  Runners-Up:  Clayton Kershaw,    Giancarlo Stanton,  Kenny Hill

8 months in and we may now have a leader in the clubhouse in the race for 2014 Athlete of the Year.  4 months to go.

January - Kevin Durant
February - Malcolm Smith
March - Breanna Stewart
April- Meb Keflezigh
May - Troy Tulowitzki
June - Lionel Messi
July -  Novak Djokovic
August - Rory McIlroy

I Pick Football Games, Labor Day Weekend 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Each week during the 2014 football season I'll pick some games, probably any number of college games and 5 NFL games, mimicking the LVH Supercontest.  This tends to go reasonably well, but better later in the year than now.  If I'm under .500 for a month that shouldn't surprise.  NCAA lines from one of the more promiment online sportsbooks; NFL lines will be the official Supercontest lines most likely.

Boise +10.5 Ole Miss loss
Colorado St. +3 Colorado win
UCF -2 Penn St. loss
Kent -2.5 Ohio loss
Utah St. +6 Tenn loss

1-4, and we're off.  

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