2019 NCAA Tournament Picks

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hey, I'm picking Duke like everyone else.  Spoiler.  I don't have a bracket with a winner other than Duke or Virginia; I'd also not be surprised if Gonzaga won.  Any other winner would surprise.

I've got a few different brackets out there (I've entered a contest picking nothing but the higher seeds) but this will be my official bracket:

Round 1 Winners:

UCF (VCU doesn't get defensive rebounds)
Miss St. (not sure under what circumstance I'd ever pick Liberty)
Va Tech
Belmont/Temple (going to pick either of them over the Terps)
Michigan St

Round 1 Winners:

Baylor (plays well against zone defense)
Murray (this is sort of a sucker play, everyone wants to see Ja Morant so are willing this upset)
Florida St
Buffalo (if Arizona St wins that is super, super tempting)

Round 1 Winners:

Ole Miss (OU struggles vs zone defense)
Oregon (I'm a Pac 12 guy and the Ducks have been comin')
UC Irvine (going with both west coast teams in San Jose)
St Marys (I often over value California teams out of desire to root for them)
Cincinnati (another pick based on game site)

Round 1 Winners:

Utah St (Washington may struggle to score)
New Mexico St (I really like this matchup for the dog)
Iowa St (they have 2 for real NBA prospects)
Wofford (they could get bounced, which would make for a long tournament for your boy)

Round 2 Winners:

VT (VT is small, but Miss St can't take advantage)
Michigan St (I do not like picking a team with this many injuries)

Round 2 Winners:

Florida St (I'll be rooting for whomever they're playing, heck, I'm rooting for Vermont in the previous round)
Buffalo (this is a team that gets up and down the floor, you want pace? Buffalo gives you pace)
Nevada (Nevada's high intensity plus lack of depth makes this second game in the weekend a challenge, but I want that Buffalo/Nevada Sweet 16 game)

Round 2 Winners:


Round 2 Winners

Wofford (they've won 20 straight coming in and now I have them at 22, beating Kentucky)

Sweet 16 Winners
Michigan St (so many injuries)
Wofford (Does Wofford make the Elite 8?)

Final Four
Wofford (three ones and Wofford, why not)

Final Game
Duke over Virginia

2019 First Four Picks

Full bracket tomorrow. Here are my First Four picks for the 2019 NCAA Tournament:

FDU over Prairie View
Belmont over Temple
ND St over NC Central
Arizona St over St Johns

2019 Top 100 MLB Players

Thursday, March 14, 2019

MLB Network list first.  Mine second.  Top 100 players in MLB for 2019

MLB List
100. D.Price P Bos
99. M.Bumgarner P SFG
98. J.Lester P Chi
97. S.Piscotty OF Oak
96. Y.Grandal C Mil
95. A.McCutchen OF Phil
94. T.Shaw 3B Mil
93. G.Sanchez C NYY
92. B.Posey C SFG
91. M.Andujar 3B NYY
90. Y.Puig OF Cin
89. S.Doolittle RP Wash
88. K.Jansen RP LAD
87. N.Castellanos 3B Det
86. D.Peralta OF Ariz
85. O.Albies 2B Atl
84. T.Turner SS Wash
83. J.Segura SS Phi
82. M.Clevinger P Cle
81. S.Ohtani DH LAA
80. S.Strasburg P Wash
79. N.Syndergaard P NYM
78. P.Corbin P Wash
77. J.Abreu 1B CWS
76. M.Ozuna OF StL
75. M.Brantley OF Hou
74. N.Cruz DH Minn
73. A.Chapman RP NYY
72. B.Treinen RP Oak
71. Z.Greinke P Ariz
70. S.Gennett 2B Cin
69. G.Torres 2B NYY
68. A.Hicks OF NYY
67. J.Upton OF LAA
66. C.Carrasco P Cle
65. W.Buehler P LAA
64. K.Freeland P Col
63. M.Muncy 1B LAD
62. J.Aguilar 1B Mil
61. J.Donaldson 3B Atl
60. M.Conforto OF NYM
59. R.Hoskins 1B Phi
58. M.Olson 1B Oak
57. K.Davis DH Oak
56. A.Benintendi OF Bos
55. B.Nimmo OF NYM
54. R.Cano 2B NYM
53. C.Kimbrel RP
52. E.Diaz RP Sea
51. J.Hader RP Mil
50. E.Suarez 3B Cin
49. W.Merrifield 2B KC
48. C.Seager SS LAD
47. A.Simmons SS LAA
46. X.Bogaerts SS Bos
45. T.Pham OF TB
44. C.Bellinger 1B LAD
43. L.Severino SP NYY
42. G.Cole SP Hou
41. T.Bauer SP Cle
40. JT Realmuto C Phi
39. M.Haniger OF Sea
38. C.Blackmon OF Col
37. G.Springer OF Hou
36. J.Soto OF Wash
35. R.Acuna OF Atl
34. A.Rizzo 1B Chi
33. M.Carpenter 3B StL
32. K.Bryant 3B Chi
31. C.Correa SS Hou
30. T.Story SS Col
29. J.Baez SS Chi
28. L.Cain OF Mil
27. M.Chapman 3B Oak
26. B.Snell SP TB
25. C.Kershaw SP LAD
24. A.Nola SP Phi
23. C.Kluber SP Cle
22. J.Turner 3B LAD
21. A.Rendon 3B Wash
20. J.Verlander SP Hou
19. G.Stanton DH NYY
18. J.Votto 1B Cin
17. F.Freeman 1B Atl
16. P.Goldschmidt 1B StL
15. B.Harper OF Phi
14. M.Machado SS SD
13. C.Sale SP Boston
12. A.Judge OF NYY
11. JD Martinez DH Bos
10. J.DeGrom SP NYM
9. J.Ramirez 3B Cle
8. C.Yelich OF Mil
7. A.Bregman 3B Hou
6. J.Altuve 2B Hou
5. M.Scherzer SP Wash
4. F.Lindor SS Cle
3. N.Arenado 3B Col
2. M.Betts OF Bos
1. M.Trout OF LAA

My List
100. B.Treinen RP Oak
99. E.Diaz RP NYM
98. D.Price SP Bos
97. E.Rosario LF Min
96. M.Stroman SP Tor
95. G.Marquez SP Col
94. J.Berrios SP Min
93. B.Dozier 2B Wash
92. J.Flaherty SP StL
91. B.Anderson 3B Mia
90. R.Devers 3B Bos
89. S.Ohtani DH LAA
88. R.Acuna LF Atl
87. J.Taillon SP Pit
86. P.DeJong SS StL
85. R.Odor 2B Tex
84. J.Gallo LF Tex
83. S.Marte CF Pit
82. R.Hopkins 1B Phi
81. S.Strasburg SP Wash
80. E.Andrus SS Tex
79. J.Segura SS Phi
78. J.Abreu 1B CWS
77. M.Olson 1B Oak
76. C.Morton SP TB
75. T.Pham LF TB
74. E.Inciarte CF Atl
73. M.Tanaka SP NYY
72. C.Archer SP Pit
71. V.Guerrero 3B Tor
70. D.Murphy 1B Col
69. T.Shaw 2B Mil
68. P.Corbin SP Wash
67. K.Davis DH Oak
66. M.Ozuna LF StL
65. N.Cruz DH Min
64. C.Kershaw SP LAD
63. N.Syndergaard SP NYM
62. M.Semien SS Oak
61. X.Bogaerts SS Bos
60. A.Simmons SS LAA
59. W.Merrifield 2B KC
58. B.Nimmo CF NYM
57. C.Dickerson LF Pit
56. T.Bauer SP Cle
55. G.Sanchez C NYY
54. J.Paxton SP NYY
53. J.Donaldson 3B Atl
52. E.Suarez 3B Cin
51. K.Seager 3B Sea
50. B.Snell SP Tampa
49. Y.Grandal C Mil
48. R.Cano 2B NYM
47. A.Benintendi LF Bos
46. G.Springer CF Hou
45. JT.Realmuto C Phi
44. A.Eaton RF Wash
43. T.Story SS Col
42. C.Blackmon CF Col
41. A.Nola SP Phi
40. B.Posey C SFG
39. G.Cole SP Hou
38. C.Carrasco SP Cle
37. L.Severino SP NYY
36. J.Baez SS Chi
35. C.Seager SS LAD
34. M.Conforto RF NYM
33. A.Rendon 3B Wash
32. C.Bellinger 1B LAD
31. M.Haniger RF Sea
30. C.Kluber SP Cle
29. M.Machado 3B SD
28. M.Carpenter 3B StL
27. J.Upton LF LAA
26. G.Stanton DH NYY
25. J.Verlander SP Hou
24. M.Scherzer SP Wash
23. J.Turner LAD
22. L.Cain CF Mil
21. A.Rizzo 1B Chi
20. T.Turner SS Wash
19. J.Votto 1B Cin
18. M.Chapman 3B Oak
17. P.Goldschmidt 1B StL
16. C.Yelich RF Mil
15. J.Soto LF Wash
14. B.Harper RF Phi
13. F.Freeman 1B Atl
12. JD Martinez DH Bos
11. J.Altuve 2B Hou
10. C.Sale SP Bos
9. K.Bryant 3B Chi
8. J.Ramirez 3B Cle
7. J.DeGrom SP NYM
6. F.Lindor SS Cle
5. N.Arenado 3B Col
4. A.Judge RF NYY
3. A.Bregman 3B Hou
2. M.Betts RF Bos
1. M.Trout CF LAA

2019 Top 10 Starting Pitchers

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Here are the top 10 starting pitchers for the 2019 season - MLB Network Shredder is first, my list, which will go to 20, is second.

10. B.Snell TB
9. C.Carrasco Cle
8. L.Severino NYY
7. C.Kershaw LAD
6. A.Nola Phi
5. J.Verlander Hou
4. C.Kluber Cle
3. J.DeGrom NYM
2. C.Sale Bos
1. M.Scherzer Wash

20. J.Taillon Pit
19. C.Morton TB
18. C.Archer Pit
17. S.Strasburg Wash
16. M.Tanaka NYY
15. P.Corbin Wash
14. C.Kershaw LAD
13. T.Bauer Cle
12. N.Syndergaard NYM
11. J.Paxton NYY
10. B.Snell TB
9. A.Nola Phi
8. G.Cole Hou
7. C.Carrasco Cle
6. L.Severino NYY
5. C.Kluber Cle
4. J.Verlander Hou
3. M.Scherzer Wash
2. C.Sale Bos
1. J.DeGrom NYM

2019 Top 10 Relief Pitchers

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Here are the top 10 relief pitchers for the 2019 season - MLB Network Shredder is first, my list is second.

10. B.Morrow Chi
9. J.Leclerc Tex
8. A.Chapman NYY
7. C.Green NYY
6. F.Vazquez Pit
5. B.Treinen Oak
4. E.Diaz NYM
3. J.Hader Mil
2. S.Doolittle Wash
1. C.Kimbrel

10. F.Vazquez Pit
9. C.Knebel Mil
8. A.Chapman NYY
7. D.Robertson Phi
6. A.Miller StL
5. D.Betances NYY
4. J.Hader Mil
3. K.Jansen LAD
2. B.Treinen Oak
1. E.Diaz NYM

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