1930s Intrasquad Game

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The 1920s game is here.

1930s Reserves 11
1930s Starters 7

-I'm now planning on scaling back the offense a tick, just around the periphery, extra bases taken, runners moved up on ground balls as opposed to being forced.  I'd like to see a little less scoring and games move a little more quickly.

-The star here was Stan Hack who hit 3 homers in a losing cause for the starters.  Foxx/Greenberg/Medwick also added homers for the starters, each of their runs coming via homer. The first six were scored in the first 3 innings, Carl Hubbell got knocked out after an inning and two-thirds. 

-Appling hit the only homer for the winning reserves, but Greenberg (played for both teams) reached three times and the reserves doubled five times.  Dutch Leonard was the star for the reserves, he went 7 1/3 in relief of Hubbell to get the win. 

1920s Intrasquad Game

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Progressive Era game is here.

I tweaked the pitchers cards prior to this one; the game is going to be heavily batter dependent with the differences between pitchers being relatively small, but I wanted to increase that disparity a little bit. 

Another successful game -

1920s Starters 8
1920s Reserves 5

On a team filled with Hall of Famers, Heinie Groh was the star, he hit two 2 run homers and added a double in the Starters 8-5 win.  Bill Terry and Tris Speaker both added homers for the Starters.  Walter Johnson gave up 3 in 5 1/3 for the win. Ted Lyons gave up 3 in 2 1/3 for the loss. Goose Goslin went 4-4 for the Reserves, Harry Hooper and Ernie Lombardi both had a couple of hits.  Neither Ruth-Gehrig-Hornsby were a combined 0-10 for the Starters, who still scored 8 runs. 

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 16: Active Players

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

21st Century B

This is a dynamic team, once a player retires he is off the club - either he'll stick with one of the other 21st century teams (or the late 20th century leftover team; in the same way the early 20th century team also includes 19th century players, 21st century players are eligible for the late 20th century team) or he's out of the league.  This is the only team for active players, that's a hard and fast rule - if you're active, you're either here or not playing.

11. C Joe Mauer (LH) (Platoon)
2. 1B Albert Pujols
6. 2B Robinson Cano (LH)
19. SS Troy Tulowitki
5. 3B Miguel Cabrera
15. LF Ryan Braun
9. CF Mike Trout
25. RF Ichiro Suzuki (LH) (Platoon)

18. C Buster Posey (Platoon)
17. 1B Joey Votto (LH)
12. 2B Chase Utley (LH)
41. SS Jose Reyes
8. 3B Adrian Beltre (DH)
18. LF Matt Holliday
26. CF Andrew McCutchen
36. RF Jose Bautista (Platoon)

Starting Pitchers
26. Clayton Kershaw (LH)
31. Zack Greinke
32. Justin Verlander
38. CC Sabathia (LH)

45. Felix Hernandez
54. Cole Hamels (LH)
77. Max Scherzer
85. Bartolo Colon

Francisco Rodriguez

Mgr. Bruce Bochy
Coaches: Joe Maddon, Terry Francona

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 15: 21st Century B

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

32. C Jason Kendall
14. 1B David Ortiz (LH)
27. 2B Chuck Knoblauch
23. SS Miguel Tejada (platoon)
21. 3B Robin Ventura (LH) (Platoon)
21. LF Luis Gonzalez (LH)
18. CF Andruw Jones
24. RF Sammy Sosa

34. C Javier Lopez
22. 1B Jason Giambi (LH) (DH)
37. 2B Placido Polanco
23. SS Jimmy Rollins (switch)
32. 3B Matt Williams (switch)
34. LF Carl Crawford (LH)
23. CF Torii Hunter
26. RF Jose Canseco

Starting Pitching
71. Roy Oswalt
91. Jamie Moyer (LH)
103. Cliff Lee (LH)
119. Javier Vazquez

122. Carlos Zambrano
155. Al Leiter (LH)
156. Jake Peavy
157. Josh Beckett

Closer Trevor Hoffman

Mgr. Joe Girardi
Coaches: Mike Hargrove, Felipe Alou

16 Team MLB Simulation Team 14: 21st Century A

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

7. C Mike Piazza
11. 1B Jeff Bagwell (platoon)
15. 2B Jeff Kent
2. SS Alex Rodriguez
7. 3B Chipper Jones (switch) (platoon)
4. LF Manny Ramirez
7. CF Jim Edmonds (LH) (Platoon)
12. RF Gary Sheffield

15. C Jorge Posada (switch)
12. 1B Todd Helton (LH) (Platoon)
20. 2B Craig Biggio
9. SS Derek Jeter
10. 3B Scott Rolen (platoon)
9. LF Lance Berkman (DH)
8. CF Carlos Beltran (switch)
18. RF Vlad Guerrero

Starting Pitchers
5. Randy Johnson LH
12. Mike Mussina
27. Roy Halladay
46. Andy Pettitte LH

47. Johan Santana (LH)
50. Tim Hudson
58. Mark Buehrle (LH)
73. Kenny Rogers (LH)

Joe Nathan

Mgr. Cito Gaston
Coaches: Lou Piniella, Jack McKeon

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