2018 Top 50 NBA Players

Friday, April 13, 2018

Here were the 50 best players in the NBA in the 2017-18 season

1. F A.Davis NO (1st team All NBA, MVP1)
2. F L.James Cle  (1st team all NBA)

(a coin flip MVP vote between Davis and James

3. G J.Harden Hou (1st team all NBA)

(I expect Harden to win and that's also defensible)

4. G D.Lillard Port  (1st team all NBA)
5. F G.Antetokounmpo Mil (2nd team All NBA)
6. C  K.A. Towns Minn (1st team All NBA)
7. G R.Westbrook OKC (2nd team All NBA)
8. C  N.Jokic Den (2nd Team All NBA)
9. F K.Durant GSW  (2nd Team All NBA)
10. G V.Oladipo Ind (2nd Team All NBA)
11. F L.Aldridge SA (3rd Team All NBA)
12. G J.Butler Min  (3rd Team All NBA)
13. G K.Lowry Tor (3rd team all NBA)
14. C A.Drummond Det  (3rd Team all NBA)
15. G S.Curry GSW
16. G C.Paul Hou
17. G K.Walker Charl
18. G B.Simmons Phi   (ROY)
19. G D.DeRozan Tor
20. F P.George OKC  (3rd Team all NBA)
21. C C.Capela Hou
22. F O.Porter Wash
23. G K.Irving Bos
24. C S.Adams OKC
25. G J.Holiday NO

26. C J.Embiid Phi
27. C D.Jordan LA
28. G B.Beal Wash
29. G L.Williams LAC
30. F K.Middleton Mil
31. C R.Gobert Uta
32. F A. Horford Bos
33. C D.Howard Charl
34. F T.Harris LAC
35. C D.Cousins NO
36. C J.Valanciunas Tor
37. C E.Kanter NY
38. F R.Covington Phi
39. G E.Bledsoe Mil
40. F D.Green GSW
41. CJ McCollum Por
42. F J.Ingles Uta
43. C K. Love Cle
44. D.Collison Ind
45. G K.Thompson GSW
46.  G D.Mitchell Utah
47. C M.Gasol Mem
47. C J. Nurkic Por
49.  G G.Harris Den
50. G S.Dinwiddie Brook

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