2013 NBA Draft - If I Picked the Lottery

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not a prediction; it's who I'd pick were I the GM for each team.

1. Cleveland C UK Nerlens Noel
Need a wing, but Noel's probably the best player by year 3. You've heard this isn't a very good draft; you've heard correctly. If I'm Cleveland, I don't hate the idea that Noel's a rotation guy next year and I'm back with a high lottery pick next season.

2. Orlando PG/SG Lehigh CJ McCollum
Need a guard who can fill it up; he's top non Noel on my board.

3. Washington SF George Otto Porter
Local, a need, and best available. I think Cavs go Noel; Orlando almost certainly doesn't pick McCollum, but this looks like an easy prediction.

4. Charlotte PF Indiana Cody Zeller
Everything's a need, Zeller's a high floor guy; maybe the highest floor in the draft.  That doesn't mean he's anything more than a competent rotation guy necessarily, but that's the draft we have.

5. Phoenix PF UNLV Anthony Bennett
Another high floor guy; he probably doesn't get past this spot.

6. New Orleans  SG Georgia Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
No chance he goes ahead of McLemore/Oladipo; those two guys are going in the top 6- but here's a vote that he's the better pro or at least the pro more likely not to bust.

7. Sacramento C Lucas Nogueira C Brazil
If this is me, I pair this with a Cousins trade for a point guard.

8. Detroit PG Trey Burke Michigan
Dying for a PG, Burke might be just a backup but he's probably a good backup.

9. Minnesota SF Segey Karasev Russia
They need a scorer - here's one.

10. Portland SG Victor Oladipo Indiana
He isn't getting out of the top 6, but I like he and McLemore closer to the bottom of the lottery.  Alex Len isn't on my board.

11. Philadelphia SG Ben McLemore Kansas
And here's McLemore.

12. Oklahoma City C Steven Adams Pitt
Might even be who actually gets picked

13. Dallas PG Michael Carter Williams Syracuse
Might actually be who gets picked

14. Utah PG Pierre Jackson Baylor
Might actually...

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