I Pick College Football Games in 2010 - Week 14

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here's last week.  I'm 67-69-1 on the season.

Pitt +2 Cincinnati win
WVA -20.5 Rutgers win
FIU -5 Mid Tenn loss
S Florida -1 UConn loss
USC -6.5 UCLA win

Final Record: 70-71-1

(Edit, it's 4:30 eastern Saturday, I've won the first two and the last three haven't kicked yet - those wins get me to .500 on the season, I'm tempted to erase the last three, going into bowl season at level.  I will not, I will go for it, but it's a consideration.)

I Pick Every NFL Game in 2010 - Week 13

Last week, where I ripped it up, is here.

ATS: 79-76-7
SU: 101-61

Eagles -9 Texans win/win
Bills +5.5 Vikes (Vikes win game) loss/win
Skins +7 NYG (Giants win game) loss/win
Denver +9 KC (Chiefs win game) win/win
Jax +3.5 Tenn (Titans win game) win/loss
GB -9.5 Niners win/win
Browns +4.5 Miami (Dolphins win game) win/loss
Lions +3.5 Bears (Bears win game) loss/win
Bengals +7 Saints (Saints win game) win/win
Raiders +13 Chargers (SD wins game) win/loss
Seattle -6 Carolina win/win
Bucs +3 Falcons loss/loss
Arizona +3.5 Rams (StL wins game) loss/win
Dallas +5.5 Indy (Colts win game) win/loss
Steelers +3 Ravens win/win
Jets +3.5 NE (Patriots win game) loss/win

ATS - 10-6, 89-82-7
SU - 11-5, 112-66

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