The Occasional Tendown: January 6 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Internet:

I'd like to see an exhibit in Canton called "Legendary Head Coaches with Tattoos of their Hall of Fame Quarterbacks as Ladies" Paul Brown with a Lady Otto Graham on his neck like Breezy's beaten up Ri-Ri tat.  Landry with a Staubach tramp stamp. This..

Tattoos in Unusual Places (28 pics)

...that's Lombardi with Bart Starr's lips.  Just kissing his coach's armpit into eternity.  David Maraniss was right, pride did used to matter.

147 is here. This is Tendown 148.

1. What Should Matter to You More Than It Does - Climate Change
Pie chart of global warming denier papers

There is no controversy over climate change.  There are facts and those who reject them, either for political reasons, because those facts don't fit within a make believe religious worldview, or because the people who reject them lack critical thinking skills.

2. What Should Matter to You More Than It Does - Corporate Profits Are Extraordinarily High and Wages are Extraordinarily Low

The red line - profits. The blue line - wages.

Our biggest economic issue isn't taxes, it isn't spending, it isn't the fiscal cliff, it isn't even unemployment, as terrible as that is - you give me one economic bullet, it should be aimed here, your paycheck is too small given how much profit the company for whom you work is producing.  That's due to a lot of different factors, the right wing attack on the ability to unionize being high among them.   Conservativism is fundamentally about power, it's about authority - whether it's a made up god or daddy in the home or permanent war or everyone should have a gun or love it or leave it or you should just take whatever the boss man is generous enough to dish out.  Conservativism=Authoritarianism.

Don't listen to the people on television who say corporate taxes are too high.

3. What Should Matter to You More Than it Does - Lead
Worth your read - is Mother Jones discussing lead.:

We now have studies at the international level, the national level, the state level, the city level, and even the individual level. Groups of children have been followed from the womb to adulthood, and higher childhood blood lead levels are consistently associated with higher adult arrest rates for violent crimes [19]. All of these studies tell the same story: Gasoline lead is responsible for a good share of the rise and fall of violent crime over the past half century.

4. What Should Matter to You More than it Does - Gerrymandering
True or False: More Americans voted for the Democrat for President than the Republican in 2012?

Easy, right - true.

True or False: More Americans voted for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates in the current Senate?

Also true, good.  One more.

True or False: More Americans voted for House Republicans than Democrats - and that's why the Republicans control the House?


It's the Democrats - by almost 1.4 million votes.  Democrats need to beat Republicans by 7% of the vote to take the House.  

5. What Should Matter to You More than it Does - They Locked a Woman Up for 11 Days for Swearing at the Clerk of Courts Office.  11 Days.

She had no prior criminal record.

6. What Doesn't Really Need to Matter to You But I Dig It
Kids in the Hall Sketches never seen in the US.

7. My Favorite Piece This Week

Who Won 2012?

8. Ebert's Top Ten
From this list,  I've seen Flight and Beasts of the Southern Wild.  I'd still say Moonrise Kingdom is the best film I've seen from 2012.  I don't have a ton of interest in the most critically acclaimed films of the year.

9. I Did Enjoy Good Will Hunting
Here's an oral history.

10. Match of the Year

I've seen 4 star matches since last we spoke.

Daniels v. AJ - 4 TNA Dec
The Shield v. Danielson/Kane/Ryback - 4 WWE Dec
Edwards/Richards v. O'Reilly/Fish - 4 ROH Dec
Steen v. Generico - 4 1/4 ROH Dec
Richards v. Callihan - 4 1/4 PWG Oct
Steen v Ricochet v. Elgin - 4 PWG Oct

I think I've seen every significant 2012 wrestling match - my list of the top 25 is here.

The match of the year - Ibushi v. Omega from DDT in August

The next time we talk will be the day of the NFC Championship Game, when the 49ers will be a step away from the Super Bowl.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time, if there is a next time...

Your pal,


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