The Top 101 Plays in the San Francisco Giants Dynasty (Part Four of Four)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Part III is here.

The countdown of the top 101 moments in the San Francisco Giants dynasty comes to a close, the top 25 moments are here.

25. 45% September 6, 2010
Start of a three gamer in Phoenix, we came in a game out, 15 over .500. We were scoreless in the 11th with two on and two outs – Nate Schierholtz tripled off Aaron Heilman to score Huff/Posey and that 2-0 lead held up, keeping us a game behind the Padres.

24. 5% October 28, 2012
Sergio Romo strikes out Miguel Cabrera and the Giants sweep the favored Tigers.  For the second time in 3 years, San Francisco wins the World Series.  

23. 13% Oct 11 2012
NLDS Game 5 – The Giants lost the first two to the Reds, won the next two, Up 2-0, Buster Posey hits a grand slam off Mat Latos to extend our lead to 6-0 in the 5th and we will close out the Reds.

22. 17% Oct 11 2010 
NLDS Game 4 – 2 on, two out, Giants up 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth, Brian Wilson gets Melky Caberera to ground out and the Giants knock off the Braves to advance to the NLCS.   

21. 17% Oct 23 2010 
NLCS Game 6 – we're up 3-2 but the Phils had the winning run at first base in the bottom of the ninth..and Brian Wilson struck out Ryan Howard. The Giants win the pennant. Win. The. Pennant.  

20. 67% Sept 4 2010

Middle game of 3 in LA in a pennant race, we’ve spent the full season chasing the Padres and came into this one 3 back.  One out, one on, Jonathan Broxton pitching with a one run lead in the 9th against Juan Uribe – who hits a two run homer to flip the game, we go up 5-4 and that’s the final margin.

19. 19% Oct 1 2014 
 The Wild Card game – scoreless in the 4th, nobody out, bases load – BrandonCrawford hits a grand slam against Edinson Volquez, we go on to shut out the Pirates 8-0.

18. 26% Oct 16 2014 
Game 5 NLCS - Giants up 3 games to 1 but trailing 1-0 in the third Joe Panik hits a two run homer off Adam Wainwright, we’d go on to beat the Cards and win the pennant.  

17. 24% October 23, 2010
Game 6 NLCS, Giants up 3 games to 2, up 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th, Tim Lincecum put two on with one out and we brought in Brian Wilson looking for a five out save – we got the first two in one shot, Carlos Ruiz hitting a liner to first that turned into Shane Victorino getting doubled off second.  3 outs from the pennant.  

16. 20% Oct 11, 2012 
Game 5 NLDS – we’d killed two elimination games on the road in Cincinnati, this was game 5, scoreless, Gregor Blanco led off the fifth with a base hit against Mat Latos, and Brandon Crawford followed with a triple that gave us a lead we’d never relinquish, the Giants winning 6-4 to advance to the NLCS.

1529% Oct 23, 2010
Game 6 NLCS, 2-2 in the 8th inning, we’ve got a 3-2 series lead, with two outs Juan Uribe homers off Ryan Madson to break a 2-2 tie; 3-2 would be the final score and we had our first pennant in 8 years. 

14. 29% Oct 28 2012 
Game 4 World Series – we’re looking for the sweep over the Tigers, down 2-1 in the 6th Buster Posey hit a two run homer off Max Scherzer, we’d go onto win 4-3 to take our second WS in the dynasty. 

13. 2% Nov 1 2010
Game 5 World Series.  If there's one that's going to get you, it's this one.  Brian Wilson strikes out Nelson Cruz.

12. 11% Oct 29 2014
Game 7 WS – tie score in the 4th, Michael Morse singles off  Kelvin Herrera to score Pablo Sandoval, it turns out to be the winning run as we beat the Royals for our third title in five years.

11. 26% Oct 25 2014
World Series Game 4 – The Giants lost games 2 and 3 and now trailed the Series 2 games to 1 to the Royals, bases loaded, 4-4, two outs in the 6th, Pablo Sandoval, so sick he needed an IV before the game, singled home two to give us a 6-4 lead, we’d go on to even up the series 11-4. 

10. 34% Oct 10, 2010
 Game 3 NLDS, series Tied at 1. We trailed 2-1 going to the 9th with two outs and two on against Mike Dunn –who gave up the game tying single to Aubrey Huff.  We’d go on to win 3-2 to take the lead in the series over the Braves.  

9. 36% Oct 10, 2010 
Game 3 NLDS, Tied at 1 Same game as #10. We trailed 2-1, Mike Dunn on the mound in the 9th, 2 on, 2 out.   Huff singled to tie the score, and then Brooks Conrad made his third error of the game on a Buster Posey grounder to second, Freddie Sanchez scored the go ahead run and that was the final margin as we went up 2-1 on the Braves.

8. 35% Oct 4 2014
Game 2 NLDS, up 1 game to 0, the Giants and Nationals were locked into the longest playoff game ever, 6 and a half hours over 18 innings.  Brandon Belt led off the top of the 18th with a homer off of Tanner Roark to break a 1-1 tie, it was the last run scored in the game.  

7. 32% Oct 9 2012
 NLDS Game 3,  As close as we came to elimination in the dynasty; we lost the first two games of the series at home and now were in the 10th   in Cincinnati,  tied at 1, 2 on, 2 out against Jonathan Broxton, a Scott Rolen error on an Joaquin Arias ground ball scored Buster Posey with what would hold up as the game winning run that kept us in the series.  

6. 12%/13%/1% Oct 24 2012
World Series Game 1 - Ruth, Reggie, Pujols, Panda - the full list of players who have 3 homer games in the World Series.  Pablo Sandoval hitting three bombs in game one to beat Detroit, the first two off of Justin Verlander and the third off Al Alburquerque. This "moment" is all 3 of them; The Giants won 8-3.  

5. 16% October 29, 2014
The ultimate big game ---Game 7 of the World Series, on the road in KC, the Giants up 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth with the winning run at the plate following Gregor Blanco's misplay that allowed Alex Gordon to reach thirs base– Madison Bumgarner, ending a muiltiple inning relief stint on two days rest, gets Salvador Perez to pop up to third and the Giant dynasty was complete. 

4. 33% Oct 16 2014
Game 5 NLCS, Giants up 3 games to 1 on the Cards, but down 3-2 in the 8th when Michael Morse tied it with a pinch homer off of Pat Neshek. An inning later we won the pennant.

3. 31% Oct 16, 2014
Game 5 NLCS – Same game. Are you too young to remember Bobby Thomson? The Giants win the pennant on a 3 run homer by Travis Ishikawa off Michael Wacha. We beat the Cards 6-3.  

2. 36% Oct 28 2012
World Series Game 4, Giants up 3 games to 0, we were looking for the sweep over the favored Tigers, 3-3 in the top of the tenth, Ryan Theriot opened the inning with a single and was moved over on a bunt, with 2 outs, Marco Scutaro singled him home for what would turn out to be the winning run.  

And, finally, the top moment from the San Francisco Giants dynasty...

1. 36% Nov 1 2010 
World Series Game 5, Giants up 3 games to 1 on the Rangers.  Cliff Lee vs. Tim Lincecum, scoreless in the 7th – we open the inning with Ross/Uribe singles, two outs later Edgar Renteria hit a three run homer, and the Giants had a 3 run lead with only 9 outs remaining to win their first World Series since moving to San Francisco. 

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