April 1 - Top Three Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yesterday is here.

What is this all about?

Here are the top 3 (just three today) moments on April 1 in San Francisco Giants history.

2003 at San Diego, top second, scoreless, Benito Santiago hits a two out homer off Adam Eaton; the day before Santiago beat the Padres to make the all time March 31 list; he's back the next day beating his old club again

2003 at San Diego, same game, two innings later, up 1-0 from that Santiago homer, Jose Cruz's kid hits a homer of his own off Eaton.  6 months later Cruz dropped a fly ball in Miami to lead to another crushing October loss against the Marlins.

2003 at San Diego, same game, same inning, up 2-0 from those two homers, Edgardo Alfonzo doubled home Aurilia and Bonds to put us up 4-0; we'd win 8-1.  Alfonzo was brand new as a free agent signing from the Mets; it never really came together for him in San Francisco, his 90 OPS+ in '03 was tied for his worst since '96.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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