10 Best Television Shows of 2015 (April-June)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

January-March was here.

1. Mad Men (AMC)
2. Veep (HBO)
3. Louie (FX)
4. The Americans (FX)
5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
6. Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central)
7. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
8. Silicon Valley (HBO)
9. The Late Show With David Letterman (CBS)
10. All In With Chris Hayes (MSNBC)

I went in with an open mind on dethroning Mad Men given its limited number of episodes; that didn't really come close to happening.  It went out a cut above everything else on television and were you to make me pick one, I'd say it's the best drama in TV history.

For a year I've had most of a piece written tracing the lineal sitcom champ from 1970 through present day, I don't know when time's going to permit me to finish it.  Right now, Veep is the best sitcom on television.  3-4 could be ordered either way; I mentioned in the first quarter of the year that Kimmy Schmidt would be carried over to here, it wound up being better than had I anticipated, a real worthy successor to 30 Rock and it certainly might challenge Veep next season.  The back half could be ordered in any way; the 12 Angry Men episode of Schumer is enough to get it here, as is the ending Everlong montage for Letterman's run.  Oliver is good every week; Hayes has the best news program on television, despite some concessions he's had to make in an attempt to find an audience.

Orange is the New Black and Bloodline carry over to the next quarter, although I don't know that either makes it.

The 100 Best Players in the NFL (2015 edition)

NFL Network rank first, my ranks are second.  2015 best players in the NFL

NFL Net List:
100. Randall Cobb WR GB
99. Calais Campbell DE Ari
98. Adam Vinatieri PK Indy (really?)
97. Joe Flacco QB Balt
96. Jurrell Casey DE Tenn
95. Emmanuel Sanders WR Denver
94. CJ Mosley ILB Balt
93. Jason Witten TE Dall
92. Aaron Donald DT StL
91. Julian Edelman WR NE
90. Michael Bennett DE Sea
89. Greg Olsen TE Carol
88. Glover Quin S Det
87. DeMarcus Ware OLB Den
86. Eric Weddle S SD
85. Golden Tate WR Det
84. Terrell Suggs OLB Balt
83. Maurkice Pouncey C Pitt
82. Haloti Ngata DT Det
81. Darren Sproles RB Phil
80. Arian Foster RB Hou
79. Marshal Yanda G Balt
78. Ryan Kerrigan OLB Wash
77. Matt Ryan QB Atl
76. Sen'Derricks Marks DT Jax
75. Mike Evans WR TB
74. Muhammad Wilkerson DE NYJ
73. Cam Newton QB Carol
72. Kyle Williams DT Buff
71. Julius Peppers OLB GB
70. Tamba Hali OLB KC
69. Bobby Wagner ILB Sea
68. Larry Fitzgerald WR Ari
67. Tashaun Gipson S Cle
66. DeAndre Levy ILB Det
65. Justin Forsett RB Balt
64. Charles Woodson S Oak
63. Jerry Hughes DE Buff
62. Adrian Peterson RB Minn
61. Jeremy Maclin WR Phil
60. Eddie Lacy RB GB
59. Vontae Davis CB Ind
58. Connor Barwin LB Phi
57. Brandon Marshall WR NYJ
56. Lavonte David OLB TB
55. Shelton Richardson DE NYJ
54. Steve Smith WR Balt
53. Marcel Dareus DT Buff
52. Antonio Gates TE SD (the players know this is 2015, right?)
51. Clay Matthews LB GB
50. DeSean Jackson WR Wash
49. Khalil Mack OLB Buff
48. Matt Forte RB Chi
47. Trent Williams OT Wash
46. Elvis Dumervil OLB Balt
45. Julius Thomas TE Jax
44. Robert Quinn DE StL
43. Philip Rivers QB SD
42. Mario Williams OLB Buff
41. Kam Chancellor S Sea
40. Jason Peters T Phi
39. Cameron Wake DE Mia
38. Brent Grimes CB Mia
37. AJ Green WR Cin
36. Tyron Smith T Dall
35. TY Hilton WR Indy
34. Tony Romo QB Dall
33. Von Miller OLB Den
32. Odell Beckham WR NYG
31. Jimmy Graham TE Sea
30. Drew Brees QB NO
29. LeSean McCoy RB Buff
28. Gerald McCoy DT TB
27. Justin Houston OLB KC
26. Ben Roethlisberger QB Pit
25. Joe Thomas T Cle
24. N.Suh DT Mia
23. Joe Haden CB Cleve
22. Russell Wilson QB Sea
21. Earl Thomas S Sea
20. DeMaryius Thomas WR Den
19. Patrick Peterson CB Ari
18. Jordy Nelson WR GB
17. Darrelle Revis CB NYJ
16. Le'veon Bell RB Pitt
15. Dez Bryant WR Dall
14. Luke Kuechly ILB Carol
13. Julio Jones WR Atl
12. Jamaal Charles RB KC
11. Richard Sherman CB Sea
10. Rob Gronkowski TE NE
9. Marshawn Lynch RB Sea
8. Antonio Brown WR Pit
7. Andrew Luck QB Ind
6. Calvin Johnson WR Det
5. Peyton Manning QB Den
4. DeMarco Murray RB Phil
3. Tom Brady QB NE
2. Aaron Rodgers QB GB
1. JJ Watt DE Hou

Jividen List-Top 150!
1. A.Rodgers QB GB
2. JJ Watt DE Hou
3. J.Houston OLB KC
4. R.Sherman CB Sea
5. G.McCoy DT TB
6. M.Dareus DT Buff
7. C.Johnson WR Det
8. D.Revis CB NYJ
9. V.Miller OLB Den
10. L.Kuechly ILB Car
11. D.Brees QB NO
12. B.Roethlisberger QB Pit
13 .D.Bryant WR Dall
14. A.Brown WR Pit
15. E.Thomas S Sea
16. A.Peterson RB Min
17. M.Lynch RB Sea
18. T.Davis OLB Car
19. AJ Green WR Cin
20. J.Thomas T Cle
21. A.Whitworth T Cin
22. J.Peters T Phi
23. T.Brady QB NE
24. R.Gronkowski TE NE
25. S.Richardson DT NYJ
26. C.Wake DE Mia
27. C.Campbell DE Ari
28. K.Williams DE Buff
29. N.Suh DT Mia
30. P.Rivers QB SD
31. A.Luck QB NE
32. P.Manning QB Den
33. R.Wilson QB Sea
34. V.Davis CB Ind
35. C.Harris CB Den
36. L.David OLB TB
37. D.McCourty S NE
38. A.Donald DT StL
39. J.Jones WR Atl
40. J.Charles RB KC
41. L.McCoy RB Buff
42. D.Murray RB Phi
43. E.Lacy RB GB
44. L.Bell RB Pit
45. N.Bowman ILB Niners
46. J.Graham TE Sea
47. J.Staley T Niners
48. M.Yanda G Balt
49. O.Beckham WR NYG
50. E.Weddle S SD

51. R.Cobb WR GB
52. J.Nelson WR GB
53. J.Sitton G GB
54. H.Smith S Min
55. C.Matthews ILB GB
56. A.Smith OLB Niners
57. D.Johnson ILB KC
58. K.Mack OLB Oak
59. T.Romo QB Dall
60. G.Hardy DE Dall
61. G.Atkins DT Cin
62. R.Quinn DE StL
63. J.Casey DE Tenn
64. M.Williams OLB Buff
65. A.Jeffery WR Chi
66. D.Hightower OLB NE
67. C.Johnson DE Car
68. J.Veldheer T Ari
69. P.Peterson CB Ari
70. M.Ryan QB Atl
71. O.Scandrick CB Dall
72. T.Smith T Dall
73. D.Brown T Hou
74. T.Williams T Wash
75. S.Floyd DT Min
76. K.Chancellor S Sea
77. E.Mathis G____
78. N.Mangold C NYJ
79. F.Cox DE Phi
80. M.Jackson DE Den
81. D.Harrison DT NYJ
82. M.Wilkerson DE NYJ
83. D.Thomas WR Den
84. M.Evans WR TB
85. D.Rodgers-Cromartie CB NYG
86. C.Hayward CB GB
87. B.Grimes CB Mia
88. B.Albert T Mia
89. CJ Anderson RB Den
90. D.Jackson WR Wash
91. TY Hilton WR Ind
92. G.Tate WR Det
93. G.Quin S Det
94. D.Trufant CB Atl
95. J.Galette DE NO
96. M.Bennett DE Sea
97. E.Griffen DE Min
98. K.Short DT Car
99. M.Daniels DE GB
100. C.Avril DE Sea

101. Z.Ansah DE Det
102. C.Heyward DE Pit
103. L.Warford G Det
104. J.Bitonio G Cle
105. A.Mack C Cle
106. R.Wagner T Balt
107. J.Byrd S NO
108. Z.Strief G NO
109. L.Vasquez G Den
110. K.Beachum T Pit
111. K.Osemele G Balt
112. B. Graham OLB Phi
113. T.Suggs OLB Balt
114. R.Kerrigan OLB Wash
115. S.Lee OLB Dall
116. V.Burfict OLB Cin
117. D.Ware OLB Den
118. S.Tulloch ILB Det
119. K.Alonso ILB Phi
120. B.Wagner ILB Sea
121. J.Collins OLB NE
122. C.Dunlap DE Cin
123. D.Poe DT KC
124. K.Zeitler G Cin
125. J.Hatcher DE Wash
126. J.Hankins DT NYG
127. B.Williams DT Balt
128. R.Mathis OLB Ind
129. E.Dumervill OLB Balt
130. J.Peppers OLB GB
131. KJ Wright OLB Sea
132. CJ Mosley ILB Balt
133. B.Boykin CB Phi
134. T. Mathieu S Ari
135. D.Whitner S Cle
136. J.Haden CB Cle
137. TJ Ward S Cle
138. K.Dansby ILB Cle
139. D.Smith OLB Balt
140. E.Sanders WR Den
141. J.Kelce C Phi
142. J.Sullivan C Min
143. M.Unger C NO
144. T.Frederick C Dall
145. M.Stafford QB Det
146. R.Tannehill QB Mia
147. J.Flacco QB Balt
148. E.Manning QB NYG
149. C.Newton QB Carol
150. C.Kaepernick QB Niners

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