Top 10 Television Shows 2017 (October-December)

Friday, December 8, 2017

July-September is here.

I almost made it.  I didn't get to Mindhunter.  I will before year's end, but didn't want to wait to finish this exercise.

Here are the 10 best television shows from October-December of 2017.  This inevitably winds up being the most loaded quarter of the year given that shows I've missed slide into this slot.  Except Mindhunter, which I haven't gotten to yet.

And Black Mirror, which comes out in three weeks, but that's just going to have to be a 2018 thing.

1. The Deuce (HBO)
2. American Vandal (Netflix)
3. Ozark (Netflix)
4. Nathan for You (Comedy Central)
5. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
6. Mr. Robot (USA)
7. I Love Dick (Amazon)
8. Casual (Hulu)
9. Last Chance U (Netflix)
10. Transparent (Amazon)

David Simon built another world; Maggie Gyllenhaal should win all the prizes, the Deuce isn't quite an elite, premium, peak TV drama, but it can see it from here.  American Vandal might be the best mockumentary since Spinal Tap. Ozark's just fun - it's crash TV, three seasons of plot packed into a handful of episodes. The single best episode of television in 2018 is the series finale of Nathan For You (and the Kimmel episode isn't far behind).  Curb was good - critics don't want to see a grumpy white guy in 2017, David's insufficiently challenging the patriarchy to draw good reviews, but this was a representative season of Curb.  Mr. Robot is never going to be season one Mr. Robot, but rebounded from some of the lower notes of season two.  Jill Soloway's best show in 2017 was I Love Dick; Casual still remains consistently interesting.  I'm a sucker for a "year in the life of a sports team" documentary and Last Chance is the best currently running.  Jeffrey Tambour is a tremendous actor but Moira has become the most dreary element of Transparent and it's probably a better show absent that character. 

Coming soon - the Top 20 Television Shows of 2017!

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