Tendown March 13, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tendown 216 is here. This is 217.


2. I don't really care about the transcripts.  Although, I'm not opposed to asking for them.  Really it's that Clinton has two decades of supporting policies which favor these corporations to the extent where they want to pay her more money for an hour than I see in years - and about the obvious expectation those corporations have that she'll continue to to support those policies if elected President - and about the degree to which, as Democrats like Clinton have been doing for two decades, this type of thing minimizes the degree to which Democrats can call out Republicans for being in the pocket of corporate dollars and the broader issue of concentrated political power in the hands of the very few.

She is who she's always been.  She's a Clinton.  We'll get the third Clinton term.  If the first two were what you wanted from your Democratic President, then vote for her.

3. Trumpanomics

4. The Klan Was Never Leftist. Stop.

5.Your next President had a helluva day.  White supremacists...people who stand up to them...both sides need to calm down...

And decided to give an attaboy to the Reagans on, of all things, AIDS.


6.    Michigan

 Bernie Sanders

 Hillary Clinton
1,183,840 votes, 99% reporting (4,801 of 4,830 precincts)
Winner called by A.P.

7. Clinton tried to red bait Sanders this week.  'Cause Democrats.  Will someone pin her to this?

8. Trump compared himself to Lincoln this week.  I told an okay joke, but nothing better than I tell any other week.  This one got viewed 40,000 times and it going to wind up as the most read single item I've ever written.  I started writing for public consumption with a column in my 7th grade newspaper over 30 years ago.

9. Trump.

The mistake is thinking the violence hasn't been lurking; I wrote about the guns that were a feature of the debate over health care reform in this blog 7 years ago. It was the Governor of Arizona who talked about the possibility of "second amendment remedies" if the right lost that fight. I would strongly suggest that threat of violence "cold dead hands" is central to our inability to get stronger gun control legislation despite support from the vast majority of the public.

Abortion is the canary in the coal mine - every abortion provider in the country lives with threat of violence and we don't treat that as terrorism, we treat it as debate.  And now we have a Presidential candidate encouraging violence from the stage.

In a subsequent interviewer, the Trump supporter who commits this batter said he didn't know if the protester might be "in ISIS" and said said next time, someone might have to kill him.

Neither Trump, nor any of his GOP opponents, condemned the action.

I've been talking about the possibility of fascism in this blog for years; I do not think Trump will become President and, if he does, I do not think his Administration will be objectively worse than would Ted Cruz - but the section of (by and large) disaffected white America who got emboldened by all the credibility we gave to the Tea Party is looking to hurt people if they think they can do so without consequence.  There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who view George Zimmerman as a hero because he killed a black kid and got away with it.


And one more.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  if there is a next time...

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