The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round One, Group 5)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Last group is here.

5. 1942 Cardinals (Won WS)
124. 1890 Dodgers (tied WS) (Bridegrooms)

-Only one Cardinals team has advanced, none of the 19th century clubs have moved forward. Musial's 21, Slaughter's 26 for the Cards. The Dodgers have a 26 year old Bob Caruthers.

C Cards-Cooper
1B Dodgers-Foutz
2B Dodgers-Collins
SS Cards-Marion
3B Dodgers-Pinkney
LF Cards-Musial
CF Dodgers-O'Brien
RF Cards-Slaughter
SP1 Cards-Cooper
SP2 Dodgers-Terry
SP3 Cards-Lanier
Cl Cards-Gumbert
Double: Bat WAR Cards
Double: Pit WAR Cards

Cards 11 Dodgers 5 - All tied up headed to the third pitching matchup - and then the Cards ran them out of the tournament. 

60. 1934 Giants (2nd in NL)
69. 1970 Pirates (lost NLCS)

2 Giants clubs have advanced, the Bucs have 4 in the Field of 64. The Giants have Ott (25) and Terry (35) and Hubbell (31).  Pittsburgh's got a 35 year old Clemente and a 30 year old Stargell.

C Pirates-Sanguillen
1B Giants-Terry
2B Push 
SS Giants-Jackson
3B Pirates-Hebner
LF Giants-Moore
CF Giants-Watkins
RF Giants-Ott
SP1 Giants-Hubbell
SP2 Giants-Schumacher
SP3 Giants-Fitzsimmons
Cl Pirates-Giusti
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR Push

Giants 8 Pirates 3 - the Giants swept the OF and the SP, that did it, they advance.

28. 1941 Dodgers (lost WS)
101. 2016 Nationals (lost NLDS)

-a half dozen Dodgers teams have moved on - this is it for the Nats, either they advance or they are done.  The Dodgers are Medwick (29) Reiser (22) Camilli (34) and Walker (30).  Bryce Harper is 23 for the Nats, Max Scherzer is 31.

C Nats-Ramos
1B Dodgers-Camilli
2B Nats-Murphy
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Push
LF Dodgers-Medwick
CF Dodgers-Reiser
RF Dodgers-Walker
SP1 Nats-Scherzer
SP2 Dodgers-Wyatt
SP3 Dodgers-Davis
Cl Dodgers-Casey
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Nats

Dodgers 10 Nats 5 - the OF sweep propels Brooklyn into the next round.  

37. 1999 Diamondbacks (lost NLDS)
92. 1957 Braves (won WS)

-5 Braves clubs are on their ways forward, like the Nationals, if the DBacks don't win here, you won't see them again.  Randy Johnson is 35, Luis Gonzalez 31 and Matt Williams is 33 for the Snakes - for the Braves it's Aaron (23) and Mathews (25)

C Braves-Crandall
1B Braves-Torre
2B DBacks-Bell
SS Braves-Logan
3B Braves-Mathews
LF Dbacks-Gonalez
CF Dbacks-Finley
RF Braves-Aaron
SP1 DBacks-Johnson
SP2 DBacks-Daal
SP3 Braves-Buhl
Cl Braves-McMahon
Double: Bat WAR Braves
Double: Pit WAR DBacks

Braves 9 DBacks 7 - we've seen this a few times in recent matchups, deadlocks broken up with a team taking the last two pitching matchups; Milwaukee's win in those and solid advantage with the offensive totals get them home.

12. 1901 Pirates (finished 1st)
117. 1897 Braves (Beaneaters) (finished 1st)

-we've seen a few Honus Wagner clubs move on, we haven't seen anyone from the 19th century advance.  Wagner's 27, Fred Clarke's 28. The Braves have 4 HOFamers, a 27 year old Kid Nichols and Jimmy Collins, a 30 year old Hugh Duffy and 31 year old Billy Hamilton. 

C Push
1B Pirates-Bransfield
2B Pirates-Ritchey
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Braves-Collins
LF Pirates-Clarke
CF Braves-Hamilton
RF Pirates-Davis
SP1 Braves-Nichols
SP2 Pirates-Chesbro
SP3 Pirates-Tannehill
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Pirates 7 Braves 5 - man, that is close, the individual matchups were close, the team totals were close, these are two really evenly matched clubs, but Pittsburgh managed to squeeze it out.  

53. 1921 Giants (Won WS)
76. 1951 Dodgers (2nd in NL)
-this is the Dodgers team that lost to the most famous home run ever hit, Jackie and Pee Wee are 32, Campy's 29, Hodges is 27, Snider's 24. The Giants have Frisch (23) and Bancroft (30).

C Dodgers-Campanella
1B Dodgers-Hodges
2B Dodgers-Robinson
SS Giants-Bancroft
3B Giants-Frisch
LF Giants-Burns
CF Dodgers-Snider
RF Dodgers-Furillo
SP1 Dodgers-Newcombe
SP2 Dodgers-Roe
SP3 Dodgers-Branca
Cl Giants-King
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 12 Giants 4 - had I known how much the Giants were going to struggle I might have reconsidered this tournament.  Man.  

21. 1974 Dodgers (lost WS)
108. 1885 Cubs (tied WS) (White Stockings)

8 Dodgers teams have advanced, no one from the 19th century is thusfar headed forward.  Garvey's 25, Lopes is 29, Cey is 26 and Jimmy Wynn is 32 for LA. For the future Cubs it's Anson (33) John Clarkson (23) and King Kelly (27)

C Dodgers-Yeager
1B Dodgers-Garvey
2B Dodgers-Lopes
SS Push
3B Cubs-Williamson
LF Push
CF Dodgers-Wynn
RF Cubs-Kelly
SP1 Cubs-Clarkson
SP2 Dodgers-Sutton
SP3 Dodgers-Rau
Cl Dodgers-Marshall
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 11 Cubs 3 - the Dodgers get their 8th team into the next round.  

44. 1945 Cardinals (2nd in NL)
85. 1929 Giants  (3rd in NL)

-3 Giants teams/3 Cardinals teams have advanced - who picks up the quartet? Marty Marion's 28 for the Cards, the Giants have 7 Hall of Famers, there's a 26 year old Carl Hubbell and a 25 year old Travis Jackson, and a 20 year old Mel Ott and a 30 year old Bill Terry.

C Cards-O'Dea
1B Giants-Terry
2B Cards-Verban
SS Giants-Jackson
3B Cards-Kurowski
LF Cards-Schoendienst
CF Cards-Adams
RF Giants-Ott
SP1 Cards-Barrett
SP2 Cards-Burkhart
SP3 Giants-Fitzsimmons
Cl Cards-Dockins
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Cards

Cards 10 Giants 6 - it's St Louis, the arms are just too strong

Here's the next round:

5. 1942 Cardinals
60. 1934 Giants

28. 1941 Dodgers
92. 1957 Braves

12. 1901 Pirates
76. 1951 Dodgers

21. 1974 Dodgers
85. 1945 Cardinals

When we return, it's with AL Group 6 led by the 2001 Seattle Mariners.

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