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Here's the thing. I'm watching one of these shows on the Cooking Channel featuring food trucks. There's a Scottish expat making fish and chips; in a thick brogue he somewhat wearily explains his irritation with Americans who habitually order a side of tartar sauce: "tartar sauce is basically gherkins." That's this blog. I claim no particular insight, no revelation. If you enjoy the flavor, great, but this blog is basically gherkins.

2010 NBA All-Star Ballot

Monday, January 11, 2010

We're just about at the halfway mark in the NBA season - here are my choices for the All-Star teams:

C Duncan                             
F  Nowitzki                                          
F Anthony                                               
G  Nash                                             
G Bryant 
G Roy
G Paul
G Williams
F Randolph
F Durant
F Landry
C Stoudemire

C Howard
F Bosh
F James (MVP)
G Rondo
G Wade
C Lopez
C Lee
F Smith
F Iguodala
F Wallace
F Pierce
G Johnson

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