College Football Picks - Week 8

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 7 is here. I'm 27-28-1

Georgia -8 Vandy loss
Missouri +4 Florida win
Army +2.5 Temple loss
Wake +7 Mary win
Utah +5 Arizona loss


#FarewellCandlestick: The 100 Greatest Moments in Candlestick Park History #76

#77 is here.

#76 April 12, 1973 McCovey Hits 2 In 1

Why did the Giants need a new stadium?  Fewer than 4,000 paid were in attendance a week into to the season to see Willie McCovey hit two homers in the 4th inning of a win over the Astros.  Four years later, in Cincinnati, he did it again.

#75 is tomorrow.

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