The 49 Greatest San Francisco 49ers Ever.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Probably, there should be a list of the 49 greatest San Francisco 49ers of all time.

The games played is regular and post season as a 49er. List is through 2018.

Let's start with the ten who just missed, were the gold rush to have occurred in 1859 this group would have made the list.

#59 John Ayers G 1977-86 157 games
Starter at left guard for the first 2 Super Bowl Champions

#58 Bubba Paris T 1983-90 130 games
Starter at left tackle for 3 Super Bowl Champions.

#57 Ray Brown G 1996-01 102 games
Split career pretty evenly between Niners and Redskins, 6 year starter at left guard for those Mariucci clubs.

#56 Ricky Watters RB 1992-94  50 games
I originally thought 100 games would make a good minimum, but that cuts off too many who should be considered, including Watters, who scored 32 touchdowns in his 50 games as a 49er.

#55 Tim McDonald S 1993-99 123 games
Played more games, and not by a little bit, as a Niner than a Cardinal, although probably more impactful for Cardinal history.  Starter for the 5th Super Bowl Champion

#54 Don Griffin CB 1986-93 128 games
Starter for almost his entire NFL career, including the back to back Niner Super Bowl Champions.

#53 Derrick Deese T 1994-03 146 games
Starter at left tackle for a half dozen years with the Mariucci clubs.

#52 Forrest Blue C 1968-74 101 games
Starter at center for a half dozen years for the early 70s Niners.

#51 Bruce Bosley C/G 1956-68 164 games
Starter in the interior line for a decade.

#50 Tommy Hart DE 1968-77 146 games
Defensive end starter throughout the 70s; those early 70s Niners were good all around clubs

The ten who just missed are down, here are the 49 greatest 49ers ever.

#49 Fred Quillan C 1978-87 153 games
8 season starter at the pivot, including the first two Super Bowl teams, career 49er.

#48 Ken Willard FB 1965-73 130 games
9 year starter, greatest fullback in 49er history.

#47 Dwaine Board DE 1979-88 128 games
Starter at right defensive end for the first two Niners Super Bowl Champions; double digit sacks three straight years.

#46 Merton Hanks S 1991-98 137 games
32 picks as a 49er, starter for the 5th Super Bowl Champion next to Tim McDonald.

#45 Dwight Hicks S 1979-85 105 games
34 picks as a 49er, starter for the first 2 Super Bowl Champion teams.

#44 Guy McIntyre G 1984-93 160 games
Six seasons as a starter at left guard, 3 SB rings, starter for the back to back teams

#43 Billy Wilson WR 1951-60 101 games
50 touchdowns for this career Niner.

#42 Abe Woodson KR/PR 1958-64 89 games
One of the great return men in NFL history.

#41. Jeff Garcia QB 1999-03 77 games
For a stretch of a couple of years, comparable regular seasons with any QB who has ever worn Niners uniform.

#40 Garrison Hearst RB 1997-03 79 games
Averaged 4.7 yards a carry and scored 27 touchdowns as a Niner.

#39 Ken Norton ILB 1994-00 122 games
Seven year starter, including the 5th Super Bowl Champion; played more games as a Niner than as a Cowboy.

#38 Michael Carter DT 1984-92 133 games
Three SB rings, dominant nose tackle on the third SB winner.

#37 Dana Stubblefield DT 1993-97, 01-02 121 games
One of the most dominant players in league during his first stint as a Niner, starter for 5th Super Bowl Champion team.

#36 Eric Wright CB 1981-90 118 games
2 time Super Bowl starter, dominant corner for the second World Champion team.

#35 Navorro Bowman LB 2010-2017 97 games
Arguably the best linebacker in football in his mid 20s, along with Willis had Lambert/Ham level of production for brief time.

#34 Len Rohde T 1960-74 213 games
Career Niner, starter at left tackle for a dozen seasons.

#33 Matt Hazeltine OLB 1955-70 179 games
Dozen year Niner starter.

#32 Charlie Krueger DT 1959-73 203 games
13 year starter, career Niner.

#31 Brent Jones TE 1987-97 163 games
Career Niner, starter for three Super Bowl Champions.  Greatest TE in 49er history.

#30 Keena Turner OLB 1980-90 169 games
Career Niner, starter for three Super Bowl Champions.

#29 Keith Fahnhorst T 1974-87 203 games
Career Niner, 10 year starter at RT, started for the first two SB teams,

#28 Jesse Sapolu C/G 1983-97 192 games
9 year starter, including 2 SB teams.  Greatest center in Niner history.

#27 Steve Wallace T 1986-96 181 games
8 year starter at LT, including 2 SB teams.

#26 YA Tittle QB 1951-60 114 games
A Hall of Famer, but wouldn't be for just the 6 seasons as a Niner starter.  Only 2 seasons where he threw more scores than picks as a Niner. Led league in TD passes in '55 and completion percentage in '57.

#25 Frankie Albert QB QB 1946-52 93 games
Niners first QB, led league in completion percentage twice, touchdown passes twice, quarterback rating twice.

#24 John Taylor WR 1987-94 138 games
Caught game winning score for third SB win.  52 career TDs.

#23 Joe Staley T 2007- 182 games 
Through 2018, a starter for his entire Niner career, at left tackle after his rookie season.

#22 Harris Barton T 1987-96 157 games
Career Niner, 10 year starter at right tackle, starter for 3 SB Champions

#21 Dwight Clark WR 1979-87 144 games
Scored biggest TD in NFL history.  51 career TDs.

#20 Gene Washington WR 1969-87 129 games
9 year Niner starter, 60 TDs.

#19 John Brodie QB 1957-73 206 games
Career Niner, a decade as the starter, led league in completion percentage 3 times, yards 3 times, touchdowns twice - but had more career picks than touchdowns.

#18 Justin Smith DE/DT 2008-2014  118 games
Seven year starter, 43.5 sacks as a Niner, dominant force on the line.

#17. Hugh McElhenny RB 1952-64 94 games
Hall of Famer, 52 touchdowns, 4.9 yards/carry for his Niner career.

#16 Frank Gore RB 2005-2014  156 games
80 touchdowns (rushing/receiving/regular and playoffs) 4.5 regular season yards per carry

#15 Charles Haley DE/OLB 1986-91, 98-99 116 games
Starter for the back to back SB Champs, 74 sacks for the Niners.

#14 Randy Cross G/C 1976-88 198 games
Starter for first three Niner SB teams; best interior offensive lineman in Niner history.

#13 Bob St. Clair T 1953-63 120 games
Hall of Fame career Niner, best offensive lineman in Niner history.

#12 Dave Wilcox OLB 1964-74 158 games
Career Niner, Hall of Fame starter for virtually his entire career.

#11 Bryant Young DT 1994-07 219 games
Career Niner, started every one of those 219 games.  92.5 sacks.

#10 Terrell Owens WR 1996-03 130 games
85 touchdowns, led league twice in six years as Niner starter.

#9 Patrick Willis ILB 2007-2014 120 games
Starter in every game he played in his Niner career, one of the best defensive players in league virtually since day 1.

#8 Roger Craig RB 1983-90 137 games
82 touchdowns, starter for 3 Super Bowl Champions, 3 TDs in Niners second SB win.

#7 Jimmy Johnson CB 1961-76 218 games
Hall of Fame career Niner. starter at left corner for 13 years, 47 picks

#6 Joe Perry RB 1948-60, 63 159 games
83 career touchdowns, 5 yards a carry for a Hall of Fame career.  Led league in touchdowns 3 times, yards rushing 3 times, yards/carry once.  Greatest running back in Niner history.

#5 Leo Nomellini DT 1950-63 175 games
Career Niner, Hall of Famer, 13 year starter, one of the greatest interior defensive linemen of all time.

#4 Ronnie Lott S/CB 1981-90 143 games
59 picks, starter for full decade long Niner career, including first 4 Super Bowl teams.

#3 Steve Young QB 1987-99 172 games
286 TDs, passing+rushing,  157 starts as a Niner.  Led league in completion percentage 4 times, touchdowns 4 times, quarterback rating six times.  6 TD passes in 5th SB win.

#2 Joe Montana QB 1979-92 186 games
305 TDs, passing+rushing, 158 starts as a Niner. Led league in completion percentage 5 times, touchdowns twice, quarterback rating twice.  4 Super Bowl wins, 13 TD pass+rush 0 Int.

#1. Jerry Rice WR 1985-00 261 games
14 year starter, 206 touchdowns, Led league in touchdown receptions six times.  33 super Bowl receptions, 7 TDs. Greatest football player who ever lived.

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