Mt. Rushmore: AFC West

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Part 7 is here.

Denver Broncos
1. John Elway
2. Randy Gradishar
3. Rod Smith
4. Louis Wright

Kansas City Chiefs
1. Bobby Bell
2. Johnny Robinson
3. Len Dawson
4. Buck Buchanan

Oakland/LA Raiders
1. Gene Upshaw
2. Jim Otto
3. Willie Brown
4. Tim Brown

San Diego Chargers
1. Dan Fouts
2. LaDainian Tomlinson
3. Junior Seau
4. Lance Alworth

Mt. Rushmore: AFC South

Part 6 is here.

Houston Texans
1. Andre Johnson
2. Matt Schaub
3. Arian Foster
4. Owen Daniels

Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts
1. Peyton Manning
2. Johnny Unitas
3. Gino Marchetti
4. Marvin Harrison

Jacksonville Jaguars
1. Jimmy Smith
2. Mark Brunell
3. Fred Taylor
4. Maurice Jones Drew

Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans
1. Bruce Matthews
2. Warren Moon
3. Steve McNair
4. Ray Childress

Mt. Rushmore: AFC North

Part 5 is here.

Baltimore Ravens
1. Ray Lewis
2. Ed Reed
3. Jonathan Ogden
4. Hiloti Ngata

Cincinnati Bengals
1. Anthony Munoz
2. Ken Anderson
3. Ken Riley
4. Boomer Esiason

Cleveland Browns
1. Jim Brown
2. Len Ford
3. Lou Groza
4. Dick Schafrath

Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Jack Ham
2. Joe Greene
3. Jack Lambert
4. Ernie Stautner

My Favorite Athlete: Barry Bonds

The great Joe Posnanski has a project where writers are submitting 100 word biographies of their favorite athlete.

I decided to write one:

You missed the show.

The Bad Guy said that in 2001, previewing the first line of a Hall of Fame induction speech he’d never get to give.

He wore Ruth’s swag.  Mays’s magic. Williams’s surly. And Better than all of them.

All that purple prose about homers for sick kids and stickball in the street once turned ballplayers into Gods, sold papers like the Spanish-American War.  Mantle was Batman; his card in your wallet like DC Comics on your shelf. 

None of that now. Nope. More homers than Babe? Than the Hammer of Hank?  Nope. Not The Bad Guy. He ain’t Jeter.

They saw the magic pills and not the 688 intentional walks.  They saw the condescending and not the 1.994 World Series OPS.  They saw what they wanted. Or not at all. It was an out of town show.

The Bad Guy’s the best who ever lived.  You should have watched.   

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