The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round One, Group 8)

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Last group is here.

8. 1905 Giants (won WS)
121. 1883 Braves (Beaneaters) (1st)

The Giants (all NY) will get 4 more shots to add to their teams who are moving forward; the 19th century gets 3 more chances not to get shut out.  A 24 year old Christy Mathewson leads New York; the future Braves have a 22 year old Charlie Buffinton.  

C Giants-Bresnahan
1B Giants-McGann
2B Braves-Burdock
SS Giants-Dahlen
3B Giants-Devlin
LF Giants-Mertes
CF Braves-Whitney
RF Braves-Buffinton
SP1 Braves-Whitney
SP2 Braves-Buffinton
SP3 Giants-Ames
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Giants 10 Braves 5 - it's never going to happen for the 19th century

57. 1985 Cardinals (lost WS)
72. 2008 Cubs (lost NLDS)

-First of two Cards/Cubs matchups in the last NL Group; can I interest you in a 30 year old Ozzie Smith against a 38 year old Jim Edmonds?  

C Cubs-Soto
1B Cubs-Lee
2B Cards-Herr
SS Cards-Smith
3B Cubs-Ramirez
LF Cubs-Soriano
CF Cards-McGee
RF Cards-Van Slyke
SP1 Cards-Tudor
SP2 Cubs-Lilly
SP3 Cubs-Zambrano
Cl Cubs-Wood
Double: Bat WAR Cards
Double: Pit WAR Cubs

Cubs 9 Cards 7 - the pitching wins it for Chicago, they get 5 out of the 6 possible points and advance.

25. 1917 Giants (lost WS)
104. 2002 Braves (lost NLDS)

Didn't we just do Giants/Braves?  A 32 year old Art Fletcher leads the Giants; Glavine and Maddux are both 36 year old Braves.  

C Giants-Rariden
1B Giants-Holke
2B Giants-Herzog
SS Giants-Fletcher
3B Giants-Zimmerman
LF Giants-Burns
CF Braves-Jones
RF Braves-Sheffield
SP1 Giants-Schupp
SP2 Braves-Millwood
SP3 Braves-Maddux
Cl Giants-Anderson
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Giants 10 Braves 6 - looked like the Giants were just going to sweep them clean off the earth, but Atlanta's pitching made it a game. Giants going on a nice run here; this is team 9 to move forward.  

40. 1908 Cubs (won WS)
89. 1931 Cardinals (won WS)

-Cubs/Cards redux; Tinker (27) to Evers (26) to Chance (31) against a 33 year old Frankie Frisch.  The Cubs have 7 moving forward, the Cards 6.  

C Cubs-Kling
1B Cubs-Chance
2B Cubs-Evers
SS Cubs-Tinker
3B Cubs-Steinfeldt
LF Cards-Hafey
CF Cards-Martin
RF Cards-Watkins
SP1 Cubs-Brown
SP2 Cubs-Reulbach
SP3 Cards-Derringer
Cl Cards-Lindsey
Double: Bat WAR Cubs
Double: Pit WAR Cards

Cubs 9 Cards 7 - Chicago's Hall of Fame infield sweeps and it moves the 8th Cub team into the next round.

9. 1905 Cubs (3rd in NL)
120. 1884 Braves (2nd in NL) (Beaneaters)

-Another Cub team comes right behind - and they face the winless 19th century.  Same infield, three years before; and it's an infield we'll be seeing a lot of in the Round of '64 (the 06'-09' clubs are all in) and they're playing basically the same club we just saw lose to the Giants earlier in the round.  

C Braves-Kling
1B Cubs-Chance
2B Braves-Burdock
SS Cubs-Tinker
3B Braves-Sutton
LF Braves-Hornung
CF Cubs-Slagle
RF Cubs-Maloney
SP1 Braves-Buffinton
SP2 Braves-Whitney
SP3 Cubs-Brown
Cl Cubs-Pfeffer
Double: Bat WAR Cubs
Double: Pit WAR Cubs

Cubs 10 Braves 6 - dead tied headed to the totals, and then the 19th century lost one more time (the deck's a little stacked)

56. 2013 Cardinals (lost WS)
73. 1919 Giants (2nd in NL)

This is it for the Cards, their last shot to get a 7th team forward; the Giants will get two chances to get that tenth team into the next round.  St Louis has a 27 year old Matt Carpenter and a 30 year old Yadier Molina. The Giants have a 34 year old Art Fletcher. 

C Cards-Molina
1B Cards-Craig
2B Cards-Carpenter
SS Giants-Fletcher
3B Giants-Zimmerman
LF Giants-Burns
CF Giants-Kauff
RF Giants-Youngs
SP1 Cards-Wainwright
SP2 Cards-Lynn
SP3 Cards-Miller
Cl Cards-Mujica
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Cards

Cards 9 Giants 7 - St Louis sweeps the pitching, that overcomes the Giants bats and St Louis moves on.

24. 1954 Giants (won WS)
105. 1883 Reds (Red Stockings) (3rd in AA)

-It's the end of the 19th century; a 23 year old Bid McPhee is about to lose to a 23 year old Willie Mays.  

C Reds-Snyder
1B Reds-Reilly
2B Reds-McPhee
SS Giants-Dark
3B Giants-Thompson
LF Giants-Irvin
CF Giants-Mays
RF Giants-Mueller
SP1 Giants-Antonelli
SP2 Giants-Gomez
SP3 Giants-Maglie
Cl Giants-Grissom
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Giants 13 Reds 3 - yup, I should have excluded the 19th century, yup - but they're all gone now.

41. 1910 Cubs (lost WS)
88. 1990 Mets (2nd in NL East)

The Cubs try to join the Giants with 10 representatives headed to the next round; the Mets look for their third. Tinker is 29, Evers 28, Chance 33.  The Mets have a 28 year old Strawberry and a 25 year old Gooden.  

C Cubs-Kling
1B Mets-Magadan
2B Cubs-Evers
SS Cubs-Tinker
3B Mets-Johnson
LF Push
CF Cubs-Hoffman
RF Mets-Strawberry
SP1 Mets-Viola
SP2 Cubs-Cole
SP3 Mets-Cone
Cl Mets-Franco
Double: Bat WAR Cubs
Double: Pit WAR Mets

Mets 8 Cubs 7 - terrific matchup, the Mets pitching advantage keeps that last Tinker/Evers/Chance team from advancing.

And that wraps up the Round of 128 in the NL - 64 teams remaining in both leagues in the greatest baseball tournament ever.

Group 1

1. 1906 Cubs (lost WS)
65. 1939 Reds (lost WS)

32. 1986 Mets (World Champions)
33. 1976 Reds (World Champions)

16. 1912 Giants (lost WS)
49. 1988 Mets (lost NLCS)

17. 1943 Cardinals (lost WS)
48. 1906 Pirates (3rd in NL-no playoffs)

Group 2

2. 1902 Pirates (1st in NL-no playoffs)
66. 1952 Dodgers (lost WS)

31. 1997 Braves (lost NLCS)
34. 1972 Pirates (lost NLCS)

15. 1975 Reds (World Champions)
50. 1977 Dodgers (lost WS)

18. 1908 Giants (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
82. 1978 Dodgers (lost WS)

Group 3

3. 1909 Cubs (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
62. 1903 Pirates (lost WS)

99. 1920 Dodgers (Robins) (lost WS)
35. 2011 Phillies (lost NLDS)

115. 2013 Braves (lost NLDS)
51. 2018 Dodgers (lost WS)

19. 1998 Braves (lost NLCS)
83. 1977 Phillies (lost NLCS)

Group 4

4. 1944 Cardinals (won WS)
61. 1929 Cubs (lost WS)

29. 1993 Braves (lost NLCS)
36. 1949 Dodgers (lost WS)

13. 1942 Dodgers (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
77. 1999 Braves (lost WS)

20. 1953 Dodgers (lost WS)
84. 1972 Reds (lost WS)

Group 5

5. 1942 Cardinals (World Champions)
60. 1934 Giants (2nd in NL-no playoffs)

28. 1941 Dodgers (lost WS)
92. 1957 Braves (World Champions)

12. 1901 Pirates (1st in NL-no playoffs)
76. 1951 Dodgers (2nd in NL-no playoffs)

21. 1974 Dodgers (lost WS)
85. 1945 Cardinals (2nd in NL-no playoffs)

Group 6

6. 1904 Giants (1st in NL-no playoffs)
70. 1948 Braves (lost WS)

102. 1967 Cardinals (World Champions)
38. 1940 Reds (World Champions)

11. 2016 Cubs (World Champions)
75. 2002 Giants (lost WS)

22. 1935 Cubs (lost WS)
43. 2017 Dodgers (lost WS)

Group 7

7. 1909 Pirates (World Champions)
71. 2009 Dodgers (lost NLCS)

103. 1958 Braves (lost WS)
39. 1924 Giants (lost WS)

10. 1907 Cubs (World Champions)
55. 1955 Dodgers (World Champions)

23. 1911 Giants (lost WS)
87. 1928 Cardinals (lost WS)

Group 8

8. 1905 Giants (World Champions)
72. 2008 Cubs (lost NLDS)

25. 1917 Giants (lost WS)
40. 1908 Cubs (World Champions)

9. 1905 Cubs (3rd in NL-no playoffs)
56. 2013 Cardinals (lost WS)

24. 1954 Giants (World Champions)
88. 1990 Mets (2nd in NL East-no playoffs)

When we come back - it will be Group 1 in the American League, our first round of 64 matchups; the top seed - the 1939 World Champion New York Yankees.  

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